Archero Chapter 2 Guide (Storm Desert)

archero chapter 2 monsters

Complete list of all Chapter 2 Monsters, Bosses guide in Archero and how to deal with them!

Chapter 2 Monsters


(Range Attacker)

They usually hide underground, rise and fire three red projectiles with small spread then they burrow down again. After they pop up, they will stay still for a little moment then shoot you in the current position. In able to dodge this, you just need to let them aim at you, move a few steps to the side and start shooting them.

    • Their projectiles can always hit you while traveling the wall won’t block them so be careful.
    • They don’t have a collision hitbox so you can walk right through them. Can be very useful to dodge things in some circumstances.


(Melee Attacker)

They move fast but move only in straight lines (any direction). Their movement is quite hard to predict (They can aggressively move toward to your position after seeing you, but it just a little bit before they are getting distracted like stopping or moving somewhere else) so you need to keep a distance from them, and you will be fine.

Cacti Casters

(Range Attacker)

They are like archers in chapter 1, immediately aim at you at the beginning with red lines and then fire fast projectiles. But they can’t track you, so it’s easy to dodge their attack.

Tornado Wizards

(Range Attacker): Very interesting one, their projectiles move in a zigzag pattern and fast so they can’t outrun them, just need to move up and down to dodge. Or you can stay behind the wall since tornado would disappear after hitting the wall.


(Melee Attacker): They have fast movement speed. After getting close to you, they will stop for a moment and then charge toward you. So, always moving around them or try to stay away from them as far as possible.


(Melee Attacker): This one has no special ability rather than a normal attack, but they can be very annoying by keeping chasing you until they are all dead. So just need to play shoot and run.

Fire-breathing Crocodiles

(Range Attacker): They are quite tanky and fire flame once they lock on you. The key here is to stay as far from them as possible cause their flame has a limited range, and it can go through wall and water.

Red Skeleton Bombers

(Range Attacker): They are quite dangerous when you are distracted by other monsters, they like to keep a distance from you and throw a firebomb toward you. If you get closer to them, they will quickly throw a bomb, and their attack hurts. So you need to keep moving, try to kill them first if you can.

Electric Tower

(Range Attacker): This one is very easy to deal with. It always stays at the center of the map and doesn’t move, and its attack is to place little yellow lightning circles randomly around the map. You can stand in inside a tower since they didn’t deal collision damage.

Chapter 2 Bosses

Red Spiders

(Melee attacker): This boss will move around you, once you dealt a certain amount of damage it will split into multiple spiders. Its attack is firing a circular spray of slow red projectiles, so its easy to dodge if you keep a distance from them.

2 Red Owls

(Melee Attacker): Just like in chapter one but this time we have two. Just need to focus on smaller owls and avoid corners.

Big Tornado Wizard

(Range Attacker): It bigger than the normal one and fire four tornadoes toward you. The trick here is to stand in a corner, left or right up to you, and you will able to dodge most of its attacks.

trick vs tornado
Trick to deal with Tornado Boss – Image shared by u/C0SHIN

Big Red Sandworm

(Range Attacker): It has four types of attacks:

  • Fireball: It will launch a big slow fireball toward you and leave a large burning area once they hit the ground. So you need to move as far as you can to dodge it.
  • Four red projectiles: The sandworm will fire four red projectiles at medium speed but not directly to your position, so just need to stay still to dodge them.
  • Three red projectiles: Three fast red projectiles are launched, but only the middle one will aim at you, so you need to move out of the way quick.
  • Massive red projectiles: This attack is difficult to dodge because there are too many projectiles. But if you fast enough then this one is doable.
  • There is one cool trick shared by hamsterrx: You can stand inside the boss since they dealt no collision damage, but you need to move constantly don’t stand still, or you will be hit.

Big Cactus Caster

It is the final boss. It has three types of attacks:

  • Tornado spam: It will shoot a single tornado multiple times but not directly to you, just need to move a little bit to a side if that shot goes toward you.
  • Three Tornadoes: Fast attack, only middle one aim at you.
  • Charge: The boss will charge in a fast speed to you, after landing it will fire four projectiles in its front, back, left and right. So you need to move constantly, don’t need to stand in a place for too long.

Hopefully, you have found this Archero Chapter 2 Guide helpful. If you have any question, please comment down below!

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