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RAID: Shadow Legends Game Review

Over the years, mobile gaming has evolved into a completely different beast from its humble beginnings, to put this into perspective, the first mobile game was Tetris and it was available on the Hagenuk MT-2000(google that to see the atrocity of 1990s phones). This was back in 1994, now it’s 2020, and there are mobile MMORPGs.

Yes, you read that correctly, we have mobile MMORPGs that can compete with classics such as WoW. As a result, dozens of companies have been frantically trying to create top-notch mobile MMORPGs.

Have you ever thought, “gee I really wish there was a mobile MMORPG out there that featured team quests, a detailed plot, and an open-world setting?”

Well, now there is, thanks to Plarium and their latest release: RAID: Shadow Legends. What exactly makes thí game stand out though from the rest of the crowd? Let me school you on the matter!


To begin with, the game separates itself from the majority of mobile MMORPGs with an atmosphere that is more sinister and ominous.

The game’s setting takes place in Teleria, a planet crippled by an evil overlord. Users play the game through the eyes of an ancient Telerian warrior who must defeat this evil overlord and save the planet.

The game is a simple game, just two objectives, collect resources and battle. Many reviewers describe Raid as an action-packed, intense game, with a dramatic and entertaining storyline. The player must collect items such as crystal shards, and they must assemble armies to fight off the waves of evil.

However, the real fun is not in just the battles, it is the sense of community and the building up of your own ability and the abilities of your army. The wins that result from your dedication will feel amazing.

Visuals and Experience

The visuals are breathtaking will stun you to say the least. When you play this game it will not feel like you are playing a mobile game with how insane the graphics are and the detail of the scenery.

How was Plarium able to create such a masterpiece? Well, they are a heavyweight in the mobile game design industry and were able to hire the best designers and voice actors that money can buy.

Paul Monk, the man who created the narrative for Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, was the one chosen to create the narrative for the game. It appears this was a wise decision, as the game is phenomenal.

For a mobile game, the sound is impeccable, and the battle scenes have a nice flow to them. Things that are absent in most mobile games.

In Conclusion:

Raid: Shadow Legends is definitely worth it if you’re big into fantasy and MMORPG’s. Thí game possesses all the defining elements of the classics while adding its own dark touch to it.

Newbies to these types of games might have trouble with it at first, but the gameplay is easy to perfect once you get use to it. A great overall game that I recommend to any mobile gamer.