Wheel of Fortune Event Guide

Wheel of Fortune Event is one of the main ways to get powerful Legendary Commanders and Sculptures in Rise of Kingdoms. And here are some of the best tips for you to maximize the event rewards!

Wheel of Fortune Event Guide

I am going to tell you about the function of this event, which will include typical game laws, gameplay, and tips for users who want to get the most valuable chance.

Wheel of Fortune is my second favored event, just after the Card King, join which you can get legendary commander sculptures without charging. Outstandingly if you are a free-to-play player. Rise of Kingdoms allows you to simply tap on the button by which you start spinning the wheel.

I will give you more details about this event. And here is the guide to play Wheel of Fortune.

What is the Wheel of Fortune Event?

This event function is similar to the famous TV series named Wheel of Fortune if you have watched it. You just need to tap to the free button to start spinning the wheel. What you win depends on which award reaches the pointer because the pointer will always point north.

Here is the rule of Wheel of Fortune:

  • All players just have only one free turn to spin
  • At the second spin, you have to pay 400 Gem gems at a 50% discount
  • Every single spin after the second spin will cost you 800 Gem gems to spin
  • With 3,600 Gem gems, you are able to spin 5 times
  • Which prize reaches the pointer is what you win

Wheel of Fortune Rewards

Why should you play Wheel of Fortune?

Whoever you are, a free-to-play or pay-to-win player, you had better keep your shot at Wheel of Fortune all the time.

On my first spin, I, fortunately, got Yi Seong-Gye commander sculptures without paying any money. However, I could have been luckier if my pointer lands on the other side of the wheel, which had 8 Yi Seong-Gye commander sculptures.

Well, one Yi Seong-Gye commander sculptures are satisfactorily fine and I am trying to call upon him to be my new legendary commander in Rise of Kingdoms. What standing out is you can gather legendary commanders by Wheel of Fortune. Therefore, this event is worth playing.

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