Headquarters (HQ)

rush wars hq

Headquarters is the main building of your Rush Wars army camp. Upgrading the Headquarters unlocks more cards for you, increases your Gold production, allows you to upgrade other buildings and also improves the rewards in your Free Boxes!

Headquarter Level Free Box Gold Production Gold Storage Cards Unlocked
1 Level 1 10 Gold/Hour 1,000 arcade rush wars rush wars troopers pitcher rush wars shields rush wars
2 Level 2 12 Gold/Hour 2000 mines rush wars cannon rush wars Boost Rush Wars hotshot rush wars plumber hole rush wars
3 Level 3 15 Gold/Hour 10,000 tank rush wars mortar rush wars bazooka rush wars jetpacks rush wars heal rush wars bomb rush wars Gorilla rush wars
4 Level 4 20 Gold/Hour 40,000 plumber van rush wars walls rush wars Sneaky Ninja Rush Wars gatling rush wars laser rush wars coach rush wars lady grenade
5 Level 5 30 Gold/Hour 80,000 paratroopers rush wars Box Ninja Rush Wars Invisibility Rush Wars boxer rush wars cluster cake rocket truck rush wars bearman commander rush wars
6 Level 6 40 Gold/Hour 120,000 henchmen rush wars dummy rush wars plasmagun fridge rush wars helipod rush wars freeze mine mother rush wars
7 Level 7 50 Gold/Hour 200,000 kungfu Rush Wars Tesla Rush Wars satelitte rush wars rocket trap blaze Rush Wars B.I.G Rush Wars
8 Level 8 70 Gold/Hour 300,000



Update v0.104, there are changes to card unlocks:

  • Mortar: HQ 2 → HQ 3
  • Tank: HQ 2 → HQ 3
  • Bazooka: HQ2 → HQ3
  • Laser: HQ3 → HQ4
  • Rocket Truck: HQ4 → HQ5
  • Helipod: HQ5 → HQ6
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