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Dungeon Guide

In RAID: Shadow Legends, Dungeons are the place where you can find gears, master scrolls, and ascension potions. Dungeon Mode The Dungeon bosses are stronger than...

Dragon’s Lair Guide

The Dragon's Lair in RAID: Shadow Legends is where you can find the Accuracy, Speed, Life-steal, Destroy, Toxic, Frost, Daze, Avenging, and Stalwart sets. Hellrazor...

Ice Golem’s Peak

You can farm these RAID: Shadow Legends sets in the Ice Golem's Peak: Life, Offence, Defence, Critical Rate, Resistance, Retaliation, Reflex, Cursed, and Taunting. Ice...

Minotaur’s Labyrinth

Minotaur's Labyrinth is where you can farm the Mastery Scrolls for your Champions in RAID: Shadow Legends. The rewards, mastery scrolls, are awarded randomly...