Rise of Kingdoms Guides

Rise of Kingdoms Guides

In this Rise of Kingdoms guide, let’s take a look at all of the civilizations in the game to see which are the best ones.

Although our earlier guides can still provide you with some signs relate to the influence and usefulness of all starting commanders for different civilizations, we should consider carefully at changes that we mention below. However, make sure that you are entirely informed about recent meta.

The total diversity in Rise of Kingdoms civilizations creates multiple playstyles, which is a major reason why this game remains to be one of the highest-ranking RTS releases on the App Store. Let’s see how useful they are.

Rise of Kingdoms Guides to All Civilizations

rise of kingdoms china


China is the best choice for beginners. Players receive 5% bonus to building speed and then use the free transition token later. You will finally get every faction’s leader so don’t worry about not getting one.

Additionally, the beneficial 5% to action points will support you to get the best in any events. If you are paying money in the game, you should particularly upgrade Sun Tzu, the default Chinese leader. He will keep playing an important role in your gameplay.

korea rise of kingdoms


Despite having an awesome architecture, Korea will not be useful until the end of the game. The 3% research boost will help you save time in researching completion, which is also a wise way to use to save money.

The 15% bonus to hospital capacity gives you a chance to start more wars for the Lost Temple and overpower your enemies with T4 and T5 units.

germany rise of kingdoms


During the game, you will see that there are a lot of players in your kingdom (another name of the server in RoK), which is a reason why you need a powerful army to survive others’ stabs at you. The faction’s 5% bonus to troop training speed is essential for your mid-game period. Otherwise, a 10% boost to Action Points recovery will grant your leader’s promotion faster.

Cavalry units’ attack in Germany also grows up to 5%, which obviously a benefit for F2P players, because a strong army would help you easily conquer week enemy units.

britain rise of kingdoms


Many new players choose Britain as it is considered to be one of the greatest factions. Boudica is a Peacekeeper leader ( along Cao, Lohar, Aethel, and Beli). These are completely advantageous for agricultural protection and high-ranking in events.

The 5% bonus to training speed is worthwhile in later gameplay. Furthermore, the 20% boost to ally garrison capacity is also useful to attack people inflicting you. You need a good union to make it right.

byzantium rise of kingdoms


Alike Korea, Byzantium has 15% bigger hospital capacity, which helps you to fight more and loose less in wars, especially when you use tier 3, tier 4 and tier 5 units.

The stone gathering buff creates a great choice for specialized farm accounts. Finally, the 5% bonus to cavalry health gives customers and soldier professor an excellent advantage at the beginning and during the gameplay. We will talk more about Byzantium in our upcoming Rise of Kingdoms Guides.

rome rise of kingdoms


Rome is quite overwhelming.

5% bonus to troop marching speed is the only valuable change. This bonus will make it easy to get around the kingdom faster than your enemies. It’s a suitable choice for players who go around with army led by Minamoto.

ottoman rise of kingdoms


Much like Rome, the Ottomans gets 5% bonus to army marching speed. This benefit isn’t really useful unless you take part in Alliance battlegrounds. It’s not important to consider in the early game. Nevertheless, it’s worthy to mention 5% plus to active skill damage. If you are playing a formation focuses mainly on nukes, it will benefit you a lot.

In addition, if you are an anti-meta player, archer line-up will work well with the Ottomans because of 5% plus to ranged units’ HP. Make sure you won’t be attacked by cavalry.

arabia rise of kingdoms


Arabia is mostly chosen by skilled players with high-level accounts. The 5% increases in damage dealt by rally armies is a special advantage that you prefer to have it on your side. If you are a point player who always attack enemies’ buildings or cities, Arabia is a go-to faction for you.

It also helps to increase 10% damage to Barbarians and other neutrals, particularly when the bonus amasses with the total DPS one. Additionally, Arabia’s 5% boost to cavalry attack.


Despite being unimpressive, France has a significant bonus for hospital healing speed (20%). This won’t be helpful in the early or mid-game unless you are really active and aggressive in Alliance battlegrounds. We will discuss more about this in the upcoming rok guides.


Japan is considered to be a top pick for skilled players. The combination of increased resource gathering speed (3%) and scout march speed (30%) help it to make sense.

Essentially, whenever you want to switch to another kingdom, you should undoubtedly go with them. Build your City Hall to level 8, save bunches of resources and then use the Beginner’s Teleport to get at CH8 to access new server. With Japan’s fast scouts, you can spy villages and caves quickly to get wonderful prizes.

rok civilization guides


20% plus to resource production is the Spanish’s biggest bonus. Unfortunately, the issue is that in the early game and mid-game, this won’t bring you to important places. During this period, you will be bustling upgrading your CH and units to get T3 and T4. 10% experience get from neutrals and barbarians  is what makes this faction well-known. When your commanders reach level 40, this bonus will considerably help you maximize those outstanding units.

Hitherto, this is the balance between Rise of Kingdoms’ civilizations in 2020 releases. Despite being asked to introduce new factions, we haven’t tried any remarkable changes yet. However, this might happen in the near future.

Meanwhile, enjoy reading Rise of Kingdoms Guides on our website!