Rise of Kingdoms Talent Tree Builds

Below you can find the complete list of all Rise of Kingdoms Talent Tree Builds for all Commanders in the game. If you have any question regarding to these builds, feel free to comment down below and let us know!

Rise of Kingdoms Talent Tree Builds

Aetheflaed Talent Trees

Aetheflaed Barbarian Hunting Aethefled Field Battle

Alexander The Great Talent Tree

Alexander the Great Field Battle Rally Attack

Attila Talent Trees

Attila Rally Attack 2

Baibars Tree (Open Field / Sunset Canyon)

Baibars Open field battle Sunset canyon

Boudica Talent Trees

Boudica Barbarian Hunting

Cao Cao Talent Build

Cao Cao Tile Hunter

Charles Martel Talent Trees

Charles Martel Field Battle Charles Martel Garrison Defense

Hannibal Barca Talent Builds

Constantine Field Battle Constantine Garrison Defense 2 Constantine Garrison Defense Edward of Woodstock Rally Attack El Cid x Fredrick Field Battle Eulji Mundeok Open field battle FB IMG 1580598455312 Fredrick Field Battle Genghis Khan Field Battle Rally Attack scaled Guan Yu Field Battle Hannibal Barca Field Battle Hannibal Barca Rally Attack Hermann Open field battle Joan of Arc Field Battle Julius Caesar Field Battle Julius Caesar Rally Attack Kusonoki Open field battle Sunset Canyon Leonidas Field Battle Lohar Barbarian Hunter Minamoto no Yoshitsune Field Battle scaled Osman I Open field battle Pelagius Open field battle Sunset canyon Richard I Field Battle Saladin Field Battle Saladin Rally Attack Garrison Defense Scipio Open field battle Sunset canyon Shingen Takeda Field Battle Sun Tzu Field Battle Sun Tzu Garrison Defense Tomyris Field Battle Wu Zetian Garrison Defense Yi Seong Gye Field Battle Rally Attack Yi Seong Gye Garrison Defense

If you are looking for a mobile game to spend your free time, you can check out Rise of Kingdom, a strategy MMO from Lilith Games. This game is about creating your civilization from nothing, then make it to a great kingdom. You can develop it by farming resources, or you can be a predator, seeking new territories to conquer, fighting with other empires with your allies to improve the lives of your people and strengthen your commanders using the best Rise of Kingdoms Talent Tree Builds.

There are eleven different civilizations for you to choose: Rome, Spain, Britain, France, Germany, China, Japan, Korea, Arabia, Ottoman, and Byzantium. Each kingdom has their own perks, architectural, a special unit, and starts with a different Commander – the hero that leads your troops into battle. Later in the game, you can switch to any other Civilization that you like or fit your playstyle by using Civilization Change, which costs 10k gems. At first, like any other game, there is an advisor that teach you some basic things about gameplay like how to train troop or upgrade/build your buildings. Further, you will learn how to fight with barbarians, send troops to farm resources outside of your city. The map is quite massive, and the fog of war conceals most parts of it. You can explore the map by sending scouts to discover shrines, other kingdoms, villages, caves, resources, and many other things.

This game tutorial is quite helpful for the beginner but can be annoying if you want to make a new character or play in new devices. You can’t skip or login during the tutorial phase.

Building your own city & commanders:

  • There are three types of buildings: Economic, Military, and Decorative Building.
  • The most important building is the City Hall.
  • To upgrade City Hall, you need to build/upgrade some required buildings, which means that you will need time and resources.
    • You can lower the waiting time by using the speed-up item, which can be found through events, chest opening, or achievements.
      • The game does have daily and weekly quests that give useful rewards. Two of the most useful are silver and golden keys, which can open silver and golden chests that provide speed-up items, resources, statue/sculpture to upgrade commander power/skill/talent trees, or a new commander.
    • Resources can be acquired through economic buildings like: Farm, Lumber Mill, Quarry, and Goldmine.
    • You can send the army to collect resources such as wood, crops, stone, or gold.
  • By upgrading City Hall, you will gain access to stronger troops, better technology upgrades, and can unlock more buildings.
  • The second important thing in your empire is your commander. Commander holds a huge part in your development and fighting. One interesting fact that all commanders that lead your armies are an actual legendary leader in history.
    • Unlike any other RTS game, each commander has a unique talent tree, divided into three branches. Upgrade your commander talent tree depend on your purpose: Farming or Fighting.
    • You can upgrade the commander level by sending them in battle or using Tome of Knowledge (can be found through the event or opening chest).
    • Commander skills can be upgraded by collecting statues of that commander, which can be found in regular and golden chests.
    • Each commander can lead armies of four types of units (melee, cavalry, ranged and siege)
  • Since there are 4 types of group, there will be 4 buildings to train them, each of them only has a maximum of one:
    • Barrack
    • Archery Range
    • Stable
    • Siege Workshop
  • You can decorate your city with statues, roads, and trees.
  • There will be a maximum of 2 builders in the builder’s hut. But in the early stage of the game, you can only use 1. To increase builder, you must reach at least VIP 6. You can gather VIP points by opening chests, participating in events, exploring caves, or buying it with gems. Also, the game will give you 10 free VIP points per day, try not to miss it.

Joining in an alliance:

  • The heart of this game is not just developing your empire. It is also about participating in an alliance with other governors, helping your allies, taking over territory and resources from different alliances.
  • Joining an alliance can bring many benefits to you like:
    • Give you protection from other governors.
    • Decrease research/building or healing time by asking for help. (Alliance help)
    • Alliance does have technology that helps you increase fighting/farming stats.
    • Alliance members can gift resources if you are running low.
    • Create a raid with other alliance members to the barbarian fort, which gives lots of useful items.
  • You can help your fellow alliance members with troops or donations, help building alliance resource points, contribute funds to alliance research projects.

This game has a very dynamic and interactive form of controlling your troops. Players can drag their troops to any locations at any time, even with multiple troops at the same time. This ability to control allow you to improvise or making a strategic move with your teammate in battles.

Overall, Rise of Kingdom is a fantastic RTS game. This game has many unique features, exciting gameplay, and events and interactive control that make Rise of Kingdom a very addictive game. You should definitely give it a try.

Hopefully you have found some great talent tree builds for your commanders in Rise of Kingdoms from this page!

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