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The Rise of Kingdoms Card King Event will be started immediately after the end of the event Lost Kingdom. And in order to help you to do well in this event, we will try my best to make you understand more about the rules of this event, how to play it effectively, and some tips for you in order to maximize your rewards in Card King event.

card king Rise of Kingdoms

If you ask me about what is my favorite event in Rise of Kingdoms, then I will not hesitate to tell you that my favorite event is the Card King event.

Why do I say that? This event is the mini-game that added in the game by the Rise of Kingdoms developers. When you play this mini-game, you will discover that this is a flipping card mini-game. You will flipping the cards on the board that the event provides you and matching them in order to get rewards from it. You still receive the rewards even if you are Free-to-play players. This event should be familiar and easy to you if you have ever played this kind of game before.

Now, I will not delay it anymore and we should start this guide immediately.

card king event

What is Card King Event?

As I have said before, this game in fact is a flipping card mini-game in Rise of Kingdoms. You can receive various kind of rewards from this event since it have 4 differents random decks. And from 4 these random decks, you can pull even legendary commander from these decks. The commander appears on the top of the deck that you have chosen will be the rewards from the decks and you will receiver his legendary commander sculptures.

Card King Commander List

  1. Julius Caesar
  2. Mehmed II
  3. Genghis Khan
  4. Cao Cao
  5. Seondeok
  6. Cleopatra VII
  7. Constantine I
  8. Alexander the Great
  9. Saladin
  10. Attila
  11. Charles Martel
  12. El Cid
  13. Fredrick I
  14. Hannibal Barca
  15. Richard I

But, if you think that this event will give you legendary commander sculptures for free and you will receive them easily then you are wrong. You will know why do I say that very soon. First of all, I will be covering for you some rules that you need to remember about this event before you play it:

Card King Event Rules:

  • You must decide what is the commander that you want to have his or her commander sculptures and play the decks that have him or her on the top.
  • You only have a limited play a turn and you better calculate your move carefully so you will not lose any rewards because of it.
  • In order to get rewards from the event, you must flip two matching cards in a row.
  • If you matching 2 different cards and unsuccessful, these cards will display as free and you will not have to pay any extra cost for it.
  • And every subsequent flipping cards will cost you gems so think before flipping it carefully.
  • You can use one shuffle in order to reset the current progress you are playing.
  • If you do not want this commander sculptures anymore, you can come back to the home page to choose another commander sculptures as your reward but it will cost you a shuffle.

card king event

How to Play Card King Event?

Now let me use pictures to help you who are new to Rise of Kingdoms or have not tried this kind of card game before understand how to play this event effectively. As you can see in the picture, you will start this round with 12 cards face up allow you to see what is the cards holding. Do you know what does these pictures mean? These are rewards that you can receive after you match two cards together in a row.

Once you accept these rewards, you can press the shuffle button to shuffle these cards and make all of them faced down. After the deck has been shuffled, you must tap 2 cards in order to flip them up. And if both of them show the same pictures, you will get them as your rewards.

card king event 2

See how it work? I think I have lucky that I get the reward is 4 packs contain of 500,000 gold although I think that the legendary sculptures should be more sufficient in my case.

After you receive your rewards, there will be two options for you. You can spend 300 gems if you want to flip two more cards or you can press the shuffle button to shuffle the decks again. If you are a F2P player like me, you likely decide not to spend gems in this event. Instead, I recommend that you should press the shuffle button to shuffle the decks and flip the cards again. After 10 time shuffles the deck, in conclusion, I can receive the rewards from this event 5 times which is turn out pretty good actually but unfortunately, I can not pull out any legendary commander sculptures yet.

Useful Game Tips for Card King Event

If you want to flip all of the cards in order to get all the rewards, you will have to spend 3,000 gems in total. It is a lot of gems and you can see that this event totally not for the free to play players in Rise of Kingdoms. But do not let it stop you from enjoying this event. Why do I say that? Because you still can receive many valuable rewards if you are lucky enough.

The Card King event will give you 10 time free shuffles that you can use no matter that you matching two cards or not. You will not have to spend any gems for this ten times free shuffles. The biggest challenge in this Card King event surely is getting the legendary commander sculptures. But do not worry because this is not an impossible mission and you can still get them if you are lucky enough.

That is the end of my guide, governors. I really hope that my guide can help you as much as it can in this Card King event. If you want to ask me anything about this event, please feel free to drop a comment below and we hope that we can start a conversation about it.

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