More Than Gems Event

In this following guide, we will show you how to use your hard-earned gems in More Than Gems event. Before talking about the event, we will talk about some basic knowledge about the gem.

Gem is the most valuable resource in Rise of Kingdoms, but there are many ways to obtain it, such as:

  • Completing main quests.
  • Taking part in events.
  • Gathering on the map. (Gem Mines)
  • Beating Barbarians, and successfully rallying Barbarian Forts.
  • Buy a gem bundle with real-life currency.

One interesting fact that other players can’t plunder your gem, so feel free to save up as many as you can.

more than gems event Rise of Kingdoms

What is More Than Gems Event?

More Than Gems is a unique event that you can spend a specific amount of gems to reach a particular goal for rewards.

This event usually lasts for 2 days. It usually appears every 2 – 3 months, so you and other players will have time to save up or farm gems.

In this event, there are two best efficient ways to spend your gem that will give an impressive return on investments:

Buying VIP Points.

The higher the level of your VIP, the more benefit you will receive (Perks, keys, Sculptures, and resources as daily rewards)

 Buying items in the Courier Station.

  • You should buy all of the items like speedups, resources, boost, and tombs that not required gems.
  • You can use gems with deals that are 80 – 90% discount.
  • You shouldn’t buy any teleport. You can buy it in Alliance shop or gain through the event.

Buying items from the VIP Shop. (Optional)

  • The best item that you should buy in VIP Shop is 8-hour speedups and Action Points.
  • You can buy resources with gems, but it is quite expensive, so if you are a F2P player, VIP shop isn’t the place to spend your gems.

Should I spend gems on More Than Gems Event

Yes, you totally should. More Than Gems event is considered the best event for you to use your gems. You can buy necessary items in Shop, upgrade your VIP level, and get these following huge rewards:

  • Legendary Commander sculptures.
  • Dazzling Starlight sculptures.
  • Golden Keys.
  • EXP Tombs.
  • A Targeted Teleport.
  • Speedups and resources.

It is like killing 2 birds with 1 stone.

Currently, there are 6 goals in this event, from spending 300 gems to 25,000 gems.

This event is a good time for players who want to spend a little money to get these rewards.

F2P players can also take part in this event if they have a stockpile of gems.

If you don’t have 25,000 gems, which is quite many, you should at least aim for 7,000 gems goal to obtain Legendary Commander Sculptures and Golden Keys. The Sculptures will be very useful to upgrade your legendary Commander’s skill later.

If your VIP level is above 6 and you have plenty of resources, you can buy the Book of Covenant to upgrade your Castle.

One last thing to remind that if you are a new player and not reach VIP 6 yet, you should spend all your gems on upgrading your VIP level, whether there is More Than Gems event or not. The reason for this is because of this event schedule. You may miss it or have to wait for a long time to have this event, which will slow you down a lot in the early game of Rise of Kingdoms!

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Joshua de Veyra

lol this is the single best time to buy books of the covenant