Clarion Call Guide

In this guide, we are going to talk to you about the Rise of Kingdoms Clarion Call event in detail.

If you are a new player to Rise of Kingdoms and just start to play this game recently, I strongly recommend you to visit my guide “Rise of Kingdoms Guide for Beginners” which I believe can help you a lot on your way to conquering your goal in Rise of Kingdoms because it can help you to get familiar with this amazing real-time strategy mobile game.

clarion call event Rise of Kingdoms

As you may have known, Clarion Call is an event that comes to Rise of Kingdoms once in a while. What does this event mean and what can we do during this event time? This event demand you kill barbarians in order to gathering points from doing it and increase your ranks on the scoreboards. Why do we have to do that? Because the higher rank we standing, the more rewards we will receive from the event. This event also a wonderful chance for you to level up some of your commanders because they will earn a lot of experience from killing barbarian. If this is your goal right now, then you definitely should join this event. Not only you can farming experience, but you can also earn rewards from doing so.

Clarion Call event
Having fun in Clarion Call event

Clarion Call Event in Rise of Kingdoms

In this guide, I will try my best to bring to you some tricks and tips of the high power player, how do they participate in this event. The main goal of this guide is to help you to maximize your strength and advantage so that you can move your rank to a higher place. In order to do that, I will show you how to pick the right commander, the best talent trees for them, how to move your troops in the right way, and so on.

If you do it in the right way, I believe that you will not have any problem moving your ranks to the top 100 in order to get individual rewards. If you join an alliance and both your alliance member and you perform well in the Clarion Call well, then your alliance will have opportunities to reach the top 20 ranking in the event and have enough requirement to receive rewards.

Feel free to look at the rewards that top alliance and individual players can receive if they reach the top requirement. Let it sink deep down before you realize how good they are and how can it contribute to your progression. Let it become your goal and your motivation to help you climb a higher rank in the Clarion Call event in order to receive them.

Clarion Call Event Rewards

Individual Rewards

  • 100 Gems x 100
  • Golden Key x 10
  • 60 Minutes Building Speedup x 10
  • 60 Minutes Training Speedup x 10
  • Advanced Army Expansion x 2

Alliance Rewards

  • 50,000 XP Tomes x 2
  • Resources Packs x 50
  • Speed Up Pack x 40
  • 12 Hours Enhance Defense x 5
  • 5,000 Alliance Credit x 10

Besides all of these rewards from the event, you can also open a chest from the event tab after you have earned enough points. You can gather points by killing barbarians and you can see your progression by looking at the progression bar. If you gather enough points in order to open the final chest, you will receive 10 legendary starlight sculptures, which is very important if you want to star upgrade any legendary commander in Rise of Kingdoms such as Cao Cao or Cleopatra for instance.

Now, right after you have heard about the rewards, do you feel any interesting? Do you feel any ambition of killing as many barbarians as possible and gathering enough points in order to receive all of these fantastic rewards? But, even if you do, you still cannot do it without a good strategy and if you do not know all of the high power player tricks and tips, I am afraid that you cannot have many points without paying tons of action points into it. So, let’s not delay anymore, shall we? I am going to introduce to you every tricks and tips I know to help you become the top 100 individual and top 20 alliance in order to receive tons of rewards from this event.

How to get points fast in Clarion Call?

But, besides all of it, once you get familiar with the tricks and have known how to killing barbarians quickly and effectively, it becomes pretty easy to do it. In order to farming barbarians effectively, you will need some peacekeeper commanders such as Minamoto, Lohar, or Boudica. But you must remember that in your troops, one of two commanders of yours must have an AoE skill in order to chain-farm the barbarians and save a lot of time and action points. If your peacekeeper commander does not have any AoE skill then you must pair him or her with another commander who has AoE skill. You must remember it carefully because this is the trick that many top players have done to kill barbarians as many as possible so that they can gather points and go to the top.

You may wonder that why do we have to use the peacekeeper as a primary commander. Why don’t we use some other commander as a primary commander and just use them as a secondary commander? The answer to this question turns out to be pretty simple. If you use them as a primary commander, you will cost fewer action points to dispatch them and use them to kill barbarians than other kinds of commanders. The exact number is that you will only cost 40 action points to dispatch a peacekeeper commander compared with 50 of other commanders. Not only that, they can deal 10% more damage to the barbarians as their passive and if you decide to chain farm barbarian, 10% more damage is a lot of damage and it can help you a lot during the farming phrase.

So, what is the key of chain farm barbarians in this game? First of all, you will need to find a good spot around your City Hall and gather all barbarians around it into that spot. After you have find that spot, now it is the time to dispatch your army with a peacekeeper commander as a primary commander and kill all of these barbarians in only one dispatch time. Do you know where is a good spot for you to chain farm barbarians? It is the barbarian camp as it flooded with barbarians and will become a favorite part for you to chain farm barbarians and enjoy the experience from them. Another thing you need to know about the barbarians is that each zones and especially zone 1 is packed with barbarians because there are few people in this region than other regions so that the barbarians will appear much more.

After you have found your favorite spot to gather barbarians and chain farm them, you will receive the importance of having an AoE skill because it helps you chain farm it much faster and cost less health for your army. Moreover, when you activate your AoE skill, you will deal damage to other barbarians as well so that they will attack you and you have not cost any action points to attack them. But remember, some AoE skills like Sun Tzu skill will not work in this case because his skill is a targeted skill so that it will not save any of your action points.

After you have got familiar with the process then remember to do it again and again until your action points have fully exhausted. If you do this automatically and repeatedly then I believe that you will not have any problems going to the top 100 individuals ranking during the event Clarion Call. If you are a high-level player then it also helps you a lot during this event because the high-level barbarians will give you more experience and points than the low-level barbarian.


That is everything, governors! I really hope that my guide is helpful and insightful for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to drop a question below in the comment section.

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