Farming Barbarians Efficiently

In this following tutorial, we will show you one cool trick in Rise of Kingdoms for farming Barbarians. It is chaining!

This trick will help you to farm barbarians quickly and efficiently without spending too much Action Point Action Points. In fact, you only need to use 40 Action Point Action Points to farm up to 10 Barbarians.

You will need a Peace Keeping Peacekeeping Commander to deal much damage as they can, as well as get more EXP and resources.

farming barbarians Rise of Kingdoms

To be able to chain farming barbarians, there will be some requirements:

You will need to move your city to the right area which is covered by mountains by using Targeted Teleport in Zone 3. This zone is located in the middle of the map. There are lots of high-tier resource mines and especially barbarians in it from level 1 to 25. In this zone, Barbarians regularly spawn closely in a small area, instead of spawning randomly all over the map, which is considered the best place to do this trick.

You will need a Peacekeeping Commander. The best main Commander for this trick is Aethelflaed Aetheflaed, because you can purchase her in the Expedition Store, which means that she is very friendly for Free to Play players. Plus, her set of skill is perfect when against barbarians, such as:

  • Arrow of Iron: Deal damage and reduce 30% enemy’s defense and health at the same time.
  • Thunderous Force: Reduce counter-attack damage, reduce enemy speed.
  • Synergy: This is her best skill. Troops that under her command will have bonus damage against barbarians, up to 35%. And give her and other Commanders a 35% bonus EXP.

If you don’t own her yet, here are some alternative for Aetheflaed: Lohar Lohar, Boudica Boudica, Cao Cao Cao Cao.

  • These above Peacekeeping Commanders all have a skill that increases damage when fighting with Barbarians so that they can be good alternate Commanders.
  • Besides Cao Cao, two other Commanders who are epic can be very easy to pull, especially Lohar. You can get him by taking part in the Lohar’Trial event.
  • One more reason to pick a Peacekeeping Commander is they have a talent that helps them reduce AP by 10 when fighting with barbarians – Insight.
  • Make sure that you invest your main Commander’s talent point into Trophy Hunter – A talent that gives 15x Level 1 Resource Pack C. (Randomly grant you 1,000 Food, 1,000 Wood, 750 Stone or 500 Gold)

About the 2nd Commander, you will want a Commander who has AoE active skill to kill a multi-group of barbarians quickly. And we have some recommendation for you: Mehmed II Mehmed II, Baibars Baibars, Sun Tzu Sun Tzu, Yi Seong Gye Yi Seong-Gye.

All of those Commanders have their active skill, which can deal a huge amount of damage in a fan-shaped area (usually 3 to 5 targets at the same time), which makes them are the best choice.

How to Chain Farming Barbarians

You need to search for all of Barbarians from level 1 to 19.

  • After spawning 4 barbarian groups, you will have to wait for a minute before spawning other groups of barbarians.
  • Keep doing that until you have 19 barbarian groups.

Attack the highest level of Barbarians, and then you need to move to another barbarian group. Your troops will defend themselves, and they will use an AoE active skill, which will also damage other groups of barbarians.

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