Rise of Kingdoms Beginner’s Guide

Are you new to Rise of Kingdoms? You don’t know where to start? You wonder which is the best civilization, and which commanders to play with? If you are new to this popular real-time strategy mobile app game, you have so much thing to learn.

For beginners, I recommend reading my top early mistakes to avoid and top tips to be aware when playing Rise of Kingdoms. Eventually, the only way to be a master at this game is that you need to be patient and actively play it every day.

Rise of Kingdoms Beginner Guide

As a beginner, you just need to start off in Rise of Kingdoms, I have mentioned many beneficial guides to help you get started. But first, we need to talk about the elements of Rise of Kingdoms and all the things you need to learn.

Is Rise of Kingdoms a Pay-to-win Game?

Brief answer: Yes.

Long answer: Yes.

Just like other mobile games on Google Play Store & App Store, Rise of Kingdoms is a pay-to-win game. In Rise of Kingdoms, there are lots of people who buy several in-game items. Therefore, they gain more benefits than you do.

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy playing Rise of Kingdoms. There is a story during the time this mobile game was launched. There no game features like KvK or Arc of Osiris. All kingdom is not well-organized and some leagues would be withdrawn overnight by a few people who put in a host of money.

When KvK was added to the game, the situation has changed. Leagues are now capable of working together to eliminate some other kingdoms in KvK. Furthermore, the most pleasing thing is that everyone is welcoming, kind and outgoing and for sure, that makes it easier for you to cultivate.

However, some spendthrifts will invest in your kingdom. It is equal to every parties, spendthrifts in your kingdom need to take responsibility for helping and covering Free-to-Play players. So, they will buy you gold chests, alliance chests, etc. Though, as a Free-to-play, you ought to perform well on your work.

These spendthrifts can’t defeat KvK alone, they call for support. Therefore, you as small spenders need to be a good supporter.

Clearly, Rise of Kingdoms is a community-based game and that is the extraordinary point that make them distinguished from other mobile games. It is the truth that Rise of Kingdoms is one of a kind that has a perfect balance between P2W and F2P. I promise you will joy this game without being regretted.

Best Kingdoms/Servers for New Players?

For new beginner, I recommend you should begin with a brand new kingdom server. It means that you will be added in a group of people who has the same level. There is good news, everyone who has new kingdoms have an extraordinary event that only available for new kingdom servers, which called Rise of Kingdoms.

From that event, you can have significant advantages of getting more resources, speedups, tokens and so on. You also can create a jumper account by working on your city hall till it reached level 7 then move to a brand new kingdom to achieve benefits of the early start.
Also, if you are not satisfied with your current kingdom or just want to move to a different environment. You can drift to another one in which you need to use your passport pages.

Best Civilizations for New Players?

Before we mention about selecting the best civilizations for beginners, I want to make it clear that it is not of great importance to these civilizations’ effect.

However, it’s absolutely an excellent idea to take account of these traits, if you want to boost your gameplay tactic.

But for this part, when you are a starter, just concentrate on the best civilization to play right now:

  1. France
  2. Germany
  3. Arabia
  4. Spain

france flag Playing as France will give you Joan of Arc as your beginning commander. She is a master at gathering resources and a necessary commander to have for running mini farming accounts.

germany flagPlaying as Germany will give you Hermann as your beginning commander. He is good at guarding your city and can cut off enemy commanders. Which will hold off nukers like Mehmed II and Genghis Khan at a trivial detriment?

arabia flagPlaying as Arabia will give you Baibars as your beginning commander. He comes through pure Cavalry rushes and can do damage max to 5 targets. His skills include several manoeuvre deteriorations which makes him the best choice for PvP & Field battles.

spain flagAnd lastly, playing as Spain will give you Pelagius as your beginning commander. He is a master at cavalry and can do a balanced amount of damage. One of the predominant benefits he brings to the table is added cover value to cavalry, which carries a tanky formation when using horsemen.

There are many kinds of commanders to choose from. It all depends on your gameplay, strategy and game patches. However, commanders for beginners are:

Scipio Africanus Scipio Africanus (Easiest to build)
Baibars Baibars (AoE Attacks)
Osman I Osman I (Single Target)
Joan of Arc Rise of Kingdoms Joan of Arc (Gathering)
Boudica Boudica (Barbarians)
Sun Tzu Sun Tzu (Defender)

However, you can always switch to Aethelflaed Aethelflaed which is a free legendary commander via Expedition Mode. She is one of the easiest commanders to get. Moreover, she only needs you to buy sculptures using the Medal of Conquest that you get by finishing the missions.

Best Tips for Beginners in Rise of Kingdoms

With the aim of maximum your buildings, troops and researchers, you need to spend time and be patient. But you absolutely can make it a lot easier by following these directions:

  • Use speedups as much as you can.
  • Don’t fight early.
  • Farm Barbarians by chaining them.
  • Get to VIP level 6
  • Avoid mistakes
  • Scout villages for economic techs.
  • Make a farming account
  • Focus on upgrading your Castle.
  • Levelling up your commanders

Good luck, and hope you found this Beginner’s Guide helpful on starting your own journey in Rise of Kingdoms.

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[…] Beginner’s Guide […]


[…] Beginner’s Guide […]