Complete Guide to Alliance in Rise of Kingdoms

Welcome all the beginners to our complete guide to Alliance in Rise of Kingdoms!

alliance Rise of Kingdoms

This is a guide for those who are considering joining one of the top alliances or have plans to create an alliance like that. If you are one of these governors then congratulate you for coming to the right place because you can not go far in Rise of Kingdoms without a good alliance.

If you want your civilization to grow and become one of the strongest kingdoms then you must know the benefits that a good alliance will bring to you. What are these benefits? You can have resources, protection, technology advancements, and buffs from the holy sites all around the zones from your alliance. Moreover, when you send troops to gather resources from resource spots inside your alliance zones, you will get some bonus gathering rate from your alliance.

After you read this Alliance Guide for beginners, we hope that you will understand more about some basic things and concepts of alliance features and functions of these features in Rise of Kingdoms. We will update much more information about the alliance system and features in the future, and you should bookmarking for a faster reference!

Alliance Summary

Join an alliance is one of the most easiest and effective ways for beginners to get familiar with Rise of Kingdoms. The easiest way to understand this guide is just joining an alliance and your power will grow. Joining an alliance is definitely easier than creating a whole new alliance for new beginners. Why? Because you will find it hard to control and develop your alliance while still learning about Rise of Kingdoms and still haven’t had any friends. And now is some interests that you will receive when joining an alliance:

  • You will get 300 Gems for the first time you join an alliance.
  • Your buildings/technology research will reduce the time upgrade because your alliance members will help you will it.
  • Your kingdoms will receive protection from the alliance in both peace and wartime.
  • You will get more control and bonus from resource points in your alliance territory and the more land your alliance control, the more resource points you can exploit.
  • When you and your alliance succeed in conquering a Holy site, all of your alliance will receive buffs and bonuses from it.

create Rise of Kingdoms alliance

How to Create Alliance in Rise of Kingdoms

But if you want to create your own alliance because you do not want to join other alliance and you are an experiment, strong players then there are some requirements that you need to fulfill before creating your own alliance:

  • You must have build Alliance Center in your City
  • 500 Gems is the fee for creating a new Alliance

create Rise of Kingdoms alliance 2

If you can fulfill both of these requirements then you are free to create your own Alliance. After you pay 500 Gems, your job from now is to customize your alliance in your favorite, but there are still some small requirements that you need to remember:

  • Your Alliance Tag must have 4 Unique Characters
  • Your Alliance Name
  • A short describe about your alliance which called Announcement
  • Alliance requirement to show your alliance need to check apply first or everyone can join
  • Your Alliance Language

alliance fortress

How to Build Alliance Fortress

When you have created your own alliance, then you need to build your Alliance Fortress to officially establish your alliance in Rise of Kingdoms. Everyone has their own heart, and this Alliance Fortress is the heart of your Alliance and your start point of growing power from this moment. This Fortress will provide any of your alliance members who are staying in the territory radius different bonuses.

The cost to upgrade the Alliance Fortress will be more and more expensive with every level, and you can upgrade your Fortress to level 3. And before investing all of your resources to upgrade the Fortress with the highest cost, you should upgrade the alliance technologies first in order to reduce the upgrade cost and grow your alliance power.

Level 1 Fortress

  • Member Size: 20 members
  • Power: 500,000
Level 1 Alliance Fortress Credits Food Wood Stone Gold
fortress icon 900,000 N/A N/A N/A N/A


Level 2 Fortress

  • Member Size: 50 members
  • Power: 5,000,000
Level 2 Alliance Fortress Credits Food Wood Stone Gold
fortress icon 4,500,000 1,800,000 1,800,000 1,400,000 900,000


Level 3 Fortress

  • Member Size: 50
  • Power: 5,000,000
Level 3 Alliance Fortress Credits Food Wood Stone Gold
fortress icon 9,000,000 4,500,000 4,500,000 2,700,000 1,800,000


It is very easy to recognize the upgrade cost for later Alliance Fortress becomes more and more expensive. But, do not worry too much, you will have plenty of Alliance RSS points which will be controlled by you in order to create a steady flow of resources for your Alliance.

alliance flag Rise of Kingdoms

How to build Alliance Flag

Once you have finished the Alliance Center, Alliance Flag will be the next building you need to build for your Alliance. What are their functions? Their functions are declared this land is your Alliance territory in Rise of Kingdoms. Of course, you will want more gathering points to be put under your territory.

Not only gathering points in your territory, but you will also need to gain control of the Holy Sites which may lie in your zones because these Holy Sites will bring to you plenty of buffs. You will need to build your Alliance Flag next to the Holy Sites to declare your control to the Holy Site. The Alliance Flag is an effective way to show your alliance control when it comes too far from your Alliance Center. But be careful and protect your Alliance Flag by any means necessary because the Alliance Flag is very easy to destroy as they are quick to build.

Different functions of the Alliance Flags:

  • Focus on resource-rich areas
  • Capture Alliance Deposit
  • Surround and Protect your Alliance Fortress
  • Declare your Alliance territory
  • Capture the Holy Sites
  • Declare war with opposing Alliances

alliance dropland

How to get Alliance Resources

One of the most important things you need to remember when playing Rise of Kingdoms is that resources are crucial for your city development and the same also happens in terms of your Alliance. Where will you spend your resources in your Alliance? Resources will be used to upgrade Alliance Fortress, build new Alliance Flags and researching new technologies. And as an alliance member, you need to contribute to your alliance and we have some ways for you to do it.

Here is some ways you can do to contribute resources to your alliance:

  • Try your best to occupy more Alliance Resources Deposit in your alliance territory
  • Occupy resource points in your territory. You will have 1% on top of it as a bonus.

You can accelerate the building timer of Alliance Flags by sending your armies to help your alliance. Moreover, you can help your alliance speed up gathering time by sending your best gathering commander to the gathering points.

What does it mean? It means your alliance can build the new flags or upgrade the fortress much sooner because the required resources are gathering much quicker than usual. You must make sure to take advantage of your commander’s skills to make your alliance gather resources much faster.


How to Get Alliance Credits

In Rise of Kingdoms, there are many items you can buy in the Alliance Store by the Alliance Credits. Not only used in the Alliance Store, but Alliance Credits also crucial to build a new Alliance Fortress or new Alliance Flags. This is the reason why Alliance Credits are very important in Rise of Kingdoms.

There are three different ways for you to earn Alliance Credits:

  • Help your Alliance Members in different tasks
  • Donate to alliance technologies in order to upgrade it
  • Assist with constructing Alliance Buildings like Alliance Fortress or Alliance Flags. In all of these three ways, this is definitely the easiest and fastest way to earn Alliance Credits for your kingdom.

Join a Top Alliance ASAP!

Getting bullied is not a comfortable experience both in real life and in Rise of Kingdoms. But this is the problem you will receive when you are a free-to-play player and you decide not to join a strong alliance. What will happen? Stronger alliances and players will crush you, beat you, defeat you, loot your kingdom until you have nothing left because you are not strong enough and no one is going to protect you. I can be sure with you, there is no fun in being bullied. So, please take our advice and try your best to join a strong alliance.

Rise of Kingdoms history is usually written and governed by the strongest alliances which is standing at the top of the power ranking, which is usually from 1 to 3. So, what is my advice here? Looking for the best and the most powerful allies that you can find and fight for a place at the top of the power ranking.

Dont worry that the top alliance will not accept your request, you will be very surprised with it. Why? Because the top alliances will always find a fresh player to replace the one who has left the game in order to keep the alliance power growing stably. Moreover, if your power is higher than some of their members, you will more likely to be accepted.


Once you are accepted to an alliance, make sure to chat and make friends with other alliance members. If you are free to play player and suddenly get allowed to join a top alliance, the benefit you will receive is huge. For example, one player in your alliance decide to buy a package, you will also receive benefits from that package. The top alliance will always have a strong and rich player buy a package that will give you golden keys for nothing.

Now allows me to share with you about my experience with one of the top alliances in Rise of Kingdoms for you. Every day when I log in to Rise of Kingdoms, I always receive tons of items worth 1500 gems with different kinds of resources. I can not count how much chests I receive through Alliance every day. I just know that these chests provide me with more than 50 hours worth of speed up.

Have I talked about golden keys? Yes, I received a lot of golden keys and other goodies. Now, you can relax in your chair and imagine all of the benefits you will receive when you join the top alliance. It feels great, isn’t it?

Not only about the resources, you will receive every day. The top alliance can give you so much more that you even haven’t imagined. The top alliance usually is the alliance that controls most of Holy Sites, Shrines, Sancctums, Passes, Lost Temple, and many things else. The buffs from these locations allow you to enjoy the luxury that no low alliance can afford. In conclusion, you become a millionaire for just join a top alliance.

How to grow your power fast?

If you want to meet the top alliance requirement as fast as possible, you usually make some early mistakes. Do not worry because this is normal for people who are learned how to play Rise of Kingdoms. But, you will do it quite easy if you choose the right kingdoms or you are ready to change your kingdoms.

What you need is creating a jumper account, upgrade your City Hall and buildings in your kingdom to level 7. If your power is between 200,000 and 300,000, the top alliance will accept you easily in the beginning.

In my opinion, I think you should create two jumper accounts at the same time. Why? Because you will need one farming account and one side account which takes responsibility for farming. Your side account will be concentrated con farming skills or commander level so that your main account will be beneficial.

When you decide to join a whole new server, your jumper account will give you a huge power boost. This account will give you the luxury of maintaining a high power ranking and join a top alliance.

Not only this, you can find more information in my other guide which is “how to grow your power fast for beginners”. What does it involve in this guide? It contains a different guide to help you level up your commanders as fast as possible to speed up your progress. I also recommend you checking out the commander talent tree builds guide to make the most of them!

Do not Want to Waste Your Current Progress?

That will not be a problem. You just need to play on your current account. But, you must remember to migrate your current account to the new server as soon as the migrate option becomes available for a new kingdom. If you have a better phone to play games and you want to transport Rise of Kingdoms to that device in order to enjoy a better gaming experience? You will need to save your game.

I really hope I can help you with our Ultimate Alliance Guide of Risse of Kingdoms. And please, if you want to become strong in the Rise of Kingdoms, please join a strong alliance. You will not be disappointing with the amount of resources you will receive when joining a top alliance. Tons of buffs, resources, token, and bonuses are waiting for you. And all of them are free. And the most important elements for every game you play: have fun.

Please feel free to drop any question you want to ask us about this Rise of Kingdoms Guide in the comment section below. We always looking forward to having a constructive conversation with you!

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