Commander 4-Star Upgrading Trick

In this guide, we are going to show you a special trick in Rise of Kingdoms that allows you to get your Commanders to 4 stars immediately right when they are at level 10.

4 stars trick Rise of Kingdoms

Many players pay no attention to this and this is one of the early game mistakes you can make in Rise of Kingdoms.

This trick is easy to do. In reality, you can simply upgrade your commanders to 4 stars at level 10. This trick runs well with commanders who are advanced and recently has one star. You can also apply this trick on Elite and Epic commanders. However, the amount of Star Experience required to rank them to the next star has a higher cost.

By using the 4-star tricks, you can level your commanders up rapidly, which allows you to raise your power easier. To do this, you have to follow these steps:

How to upgrade your commanders to 4 stars

These steps will show you the way to upgrade your commanders to 4 stars easily. This is so useful because it will help you save you Starlight Sculptures for other commanders who will need more at high star rank.

How to get your commanders to 4 stars at level 10:

  1. Upgrade your commanders to level 10
  2. Use and develop your commanders’ star experience until it reaches 80-85%
  3. Add 3 more Bundles of Starlight sculptures and 3 other stars at this step (about 75% to upgrade you commander to 4 stars)
  4. Tap to develop
  5. Congrats, happy marching around with your new 4 star commanders!

Does this trick work on Epic commanders?

What an interesting question to ask! Unluckily, it is impossible to apply 4-star tricks on Epic commanders. This is because it is possible to upgrade your advanced commanders’ star to 4 stars. The reason is the experience required for advanced commanders is less than that for Epic commanders.

Star upgrading your Elite commanders to 4 stars is definitely possible, but it would be scarce and difficult to achieve. Though, you can easily upgrade them to 3 stars. For Epic commanders, the likelihood of Star Upgrading them to 3 stars in one go is tough.

Legendary commanders are hard to upgrade to because of the high Star Experience required. Hence, it is popular to upgrade them every time they are maximized. However, I highly suggest that you should speed up your commanders so that you can save more Starlight sculptures when the time comes for the next star upgrade.


That’s it, governors! Hopefully, you will find my guide: how to do the 4-star tricks helpful and informative. If you are a newbie in Rise of Kingdoms and haven’t known where to start yet, you will find my guide on how to play games for free and the Ultimate Guide to Rise of Kingdoms for beginners useful.

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