Osiris League Guide

Osiris League is an event where you can view the top alliance battling against each other. I do not know much about other games, but in Rise of Kingdoms, you can place your bet in your favorite alliance.

If your favorite alliance wins the battle, you will receive a lot of rewards as your bet be multiplied many times and these rewards you received can be used to buy many valuable, expensive items such as golden keys and many more items.

This is also a good opportunity for those who are new to Rise of Kingdoms. Why do I say that and how could you – new players of Rise of Kingdoms – take this opportunity and develop your own progress? You can do some mission, some quest in the Osiris events in order to get some coins to bet in the Osiris League battle for the alliance that you think have the best chance to win and receive the rewards if your alliance wins. It sounds very simple, right? But as simple as it sounds, I will talk in detail about how could you navigate around the event and what can you do during the event time.

osiris league rok

Introduction to Osiris League

In case you want to understand more about the Osiris League, let navigate around this event, shall we? First of all, tap on the go on button to see the current Osiris playoffs and see if any alliance is going to win the next battle in your opinion. Rise of Kingdoms players can have time to consider your plans or calculate their schedule to attend the Osiris League because it will host their playoff on a weekly basis.

And know I will show you the pictures of the playoff events where you can see all of the information that you need to know about the Osiris League, which contains the prior playoffs, the current playoffs that will be host within a few days. You can see the date of these playoffs and know when the playoffs will start on the date in the progress bar.

If you want to see the bigger pictures of the playoffs, you can tap on the button schedule. After you tap on this button, all information about the alliances that will join the battle against other alliances will appear. At this schedule, you can see which alliance has won the battle and who has lost. These pieces of information can help you a lot in terms of deciding who will you put your bet on. You can decide it by put your bet on the alliance who have won a lot of battles or you can trust your favorite alliance can make a difference in this week playoff.

On the other side of the Schedule button, the Qualifiers button allows you to view which Alliance has won the Osiris League in the past. Each division is very much similar to a division. And when the Osiris League event has concluded, you will be able to see which alliance has won the final battle and get the recognition of a champion. After all, this very much alike Hall of Fame for all alliance in Rise of Kingdoms.

You can find all of the information you need to find about the Osiris League event on the top right corner of the screen like game rules, event shop, events of Osiris League, current alliances standings and honor roll. The event shop is where you can spend your winning coins from betting the winner alliance in Osiris League in as I have said before. You can buy multiple valuable items such as golden keys and many more items from this shop.

But only one thing you need to remember about this shop and it is pretty simple, you just need to have enough coins to buy items. For starters, the one who are new to this event, I strongly recommend you save your coins and build it up first. This shop contains many valuable items such as golden keys or legendary commander sculptures and in my opinion, you should build up enough coins in order to buy the legendary commander sculptures. In this shop, legendary commander sculptures usually have price around a few thousand betting coins and I think it is a good goal for you to save and build up betting coins for it.

osiris league Rise of Kingdoms

Osiris League Rules

If you want to take part in the Osiris League with your alliance then your rank in your alliance must be an officer or the leader of your alliance. If you have this rank in your alliance, then it is your choice to participate in how much you want with your alliance. This event is a great way for you to show to the other about your power, your alpha and your domination on the battlefield with your commander against other players.

But, before you can participate in the Osiris League and do all of the things above like dominate other players and show your power, you need to participate inside of the League rules.  In order to do it, you need to know about the Osiris League rules first. Here are the rules:

  • Alliance can pick up 30 combatants and 15 backups.
  • Every Alliance can have 7 days to rest at the end of the qualifiers.
  • After the end of the qualifiers, an alliance can choose 10 new combatants to compete in the next battle
  • Any critical issues that happen like bugs, game abuses, flaws or cheating will end up with the result is the match being discontinued.
  • In case a server is in an unstable status, a match will be redone.
  • The alliance leader is the sole representative and all official communication must go through the alliance leader.

Osiris League Events

While you are participating in Osiris League, there are different events for you to do. In conclusion, there are three types of events for you to do which are League Bets, Allure of Gold and Eye for Talent. You may wonder, what are they and what can we do in these events?

league bets

League Bets  

On two alliances join in a battle, you can place your bet your coins on the alliance that you think they will win the battle. As an example, just look at the picture, you can clearly see that I place my bet is 170 coins on NBA1. Why do I decide to place 170 coins in NBA1 but not in 411K? Because in the recent game, this alliance has performed particularly well. Their battle plans and forms are consistent and extremely well. Their ability to communicate, to execute their plans and their alliance strength has been shown extremely spectacular in their last victorious battle. These are the reasons that allow me to put my faith and my coins in them in this battle.

Below is another strong alliance. They are also on their winning streak lately and if you decide to pull up some information about them, you can see that their victory in the past are all dominant victories where they crush their opponents on the battlefield. This is the reason why there are many governors decide to put their money on this alliance.

allure of gold

Allure of Gold

There will be many questions from many governors about this event. But many of them are how to collect coins for betting in League Bets. If you have the same question then here is your answer: Allure of Gold. As you can see on the pictures and on your event screen, there are several quests that can provide you coins for you to place your bets but you need to complete these quests first in order to receive the coins as your reward. The quest will cover different aspects of the game like gathering resources, barbarians farming, training units.

There are two types of quests for you to do in Allure of Gold is a daily quest and a weekly quest. Now is the definition of these quests, what is a daily quest and what is a weekly quest. In order to make it easier for you to understand, the daily quests are the list of objectives that you can do on a daily basis and receive a nets small payout. On the other hand, weekly objectives will be reset every week and it will provide you with much bigger coins payout. About two types of quests, I strongly recommend you focus on both in order to get as many coins as possible to place your bet, receive winning coins and use it to buy valuable items from the store.

eye for talent

Eye for Talent

And last but definitely not least, Eye for Talent. What is Eye for Talent? It is a place where you can place your bet your coins on which alliance is gonna be the winner. If you bet your coin on the right alliance, you will receive Mark of Champion if they actually win. You can spend this Mark of Champion in the upper right corner of the event screen.

If you decide to place this Mark of Champion as a bet on an alliance, your bet will be quadruple if that alliance actually win in the battle. This actually is a good way for you to earn some good rewards like Golden Keys, Level 5 Resources Chest or even unique decor theme for your City Hall if you decide to put your coins on the alliance which having consistent win streak.

Honor Roll Osiris League

Honor Roll

And now is the Hall of Fame in Osiris League event. This Hall of Fame is the showcase where the most valuable players will rank by their score. On the screen, you can see the MVP through round or through a season and you can even know which kingdoms did they come from.

This Hall of Fame is the best way for a governor in Rise of Kingdoms to get some recognition for achieving a high score or achieving a kill streak while participating in the Osiris League event. But be careful and remember no to sleep on the victory because this Hall of Fame is changing through every season and if you do not care enough, your position on the Hall of Fame will move to another governor who is more worthy than you.


That is the end of my guide, governors. I really hope that you find my guide on Osiris League to become helpful and insightful. But, if you feel that my guide is missing something or there is something that could be used some change, please feel free to drop a comment below and I really hope that we can start some conversation together. Happy ruling, governors!

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