Is Growth Fund Worth Buying?

There is something that you can not miss after a time playing Rise of Kingdoms, that is the Growth Fund!

afk arena Growth Fund

When we talking about the Growth Fund, there are several questions or discussions that I usually see but the most common question about this fund is that what will it bring to us and does it worth buying? Yes, how this Growth Fund work is pretty simple to answer, you upgrade your City Hall to a certain level and you will receive the gems from the Growth Fund that are equal to that level.

Look at the price of the Growth Fund, of course, it will raise a big question that should we buy it because the available packs in the store that you can buy it easily are just roughly 5 dollars. But, please consider buying the Growth Fund if you are just a new player to Rise of Kingdoms because I assure you, it will worth your money.

But why I can assure you that it will worth your money? Well, that is the thing we will discuss today, in this guide. After this, I will show you what is the Growth Fund, what is its function, how does it work and how does this Growth Fund can help you increase your progression in the Rise of Kingdoms as fast as possible so that you will have enough power to compete in many different game events like Clarion Call and Karuak Ceremony. Now, let’s not delay anymore and go straight to why should you buy the Growth Fund, shall we?

What is the Growth Fund in Rise of Kingdoms?

Without any question, the Growth Fund certainly is the path that can lead you to the ultimate power and ultimate freedom so that you can reign your kingdom effectively. When you decide to buy this fund, you will get a certain amount of gems every time you upgrade your City Hall to a certain level. Let’s look at the picture, you can easily see that when you upgrade your City Hall to level 5, you will receive 800 gems and when your City Hall is upgraded to level 8, the amount of gems that you will receive is 1,300 gems.

But, do you are worrying that if you decide to buy the Growth Fund when your City Hall level is already high, will you still receive that gems of the low City Hall level? If you have that question then the answer is yes. You still can receive the amount of gems of the City Hall level prior to your current City Hall level. But, you will need to upgrade your VIP Status level to level 5 in order to buy the Growth Fund. And as I have told in the Ultimate Guide for Beginner to the Rise of Kingdoms that you should invest your gems to rush your VIP Status to level 6 as soon as possible so that you will receive a permanent second builder.

But even after you have reached the level 6 VIP Status, I still recommend that you should invest all of your gems in the VIP Status. You may ask why? The reason I decide to recommend you that is at the level 13/14 VIP status, you will have more attempt in the Sunset Canyon and the reward you receive from the daily chest also much bigger and much more valuable. And of course, you can use the gems you receive from the Growth Fund to upgrade your VIP Status.

What are the Perks of the Growth Fund?

What is the perk you will receive when you decide to buy this Growth Fund? Well, the biggest perk that you will receive is that the effect it will bring to your kingdom is forever. Everything you need to do is upgrade your City Hall level to a certain level and you will receive the gems. The more progress you have achieved, the more gems you will receive from this Growth Fund and I must tell you, the gems will increase significantly.

Let make a comparison between some gems packs in the store and the true value of the Growth Fund, shall we? In the store, you can easily see that in order to get 25,000 gems, you will need $99,99 at a discount of 25%. But, if you decide to buy the Growth Fund with the price of $14,99 and it will give back to you totally 81,000 gems at the highest level of City Hall. And now you can easily see that what packs are more valuable and will help you in your progression better.

In a clearer look, the Growth Fund will give back to you more than 3 times the highest pack of gems in the store while cheaper nearly 7 times. In other words, if you want to buy 81,000 gems in the store, you will have to spend nearly $400 dollars. And everything you have to exchange in order to receive this kind of gems and advantage is just time in the game.

So should I buy the Growth Fund?

If you are going to ask my opinion about should you buy the Growth Fund or not, I definitely say yes. At only $14,99 dollars is the price of the Growth Fund offer, you will receive the following perks:

  • Only cost you $14,99
  • Give back to you 81,000 gems in total
  • Give you the goal and the promise for you to reach level 25 City Hall

In conclusion, you only have to pay $14,99 dollars in exchange for 81,000 gems. It is definitely not a bad start for the beginner in Rise of Kingdom and this is the best way for you to spend money in the game.

And  I will add an addition for you that if you decide to spend during the time of the More Than Gems event, you will get a double win because you are going to receive tons of rewards from this event.

Over to You

Now, next time when you are wondering how should you spend your money in Rise of Kingdoms, I think you should consider the Growth Fund as your first choice. Why do I tell you that? Because this Growth Fund is going to be a huge boost for your progression in Rise of Kingdoms. There is nothing else in the store that I could suggest you buy except the Growth Fund.

I really hope that you find my guide about the Growth Fund in Rise of Kingdoms to be helpful in your progress. If you want to ask me any questions about this pack, please feel free to drop a comment in the comment section below. Happy ruling, governor.

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