Lucerne Scrolls

What is the Rise of Kingdoms Lucerne Scrolls and is it worth competing all given tasks?

Well, the answer to this question is you can find it at the Trading Post. In order to access to the Lucerne Scrolls, you just need to click on the Trading Post in your City and the Lucerne Scrolls will appear immediately beneath it. In order to see the screen of the Lucerne Scrolls and check the rewards, you just need to click on the Lucerne Scrolls avatar. Then a screen will appear and in this screen, you can check different missions. You can do these missions and you need to complete the quest in order to level up the Lucerne Scrolls and receive higher rewards from these missions.

Lucerne Scrolls Rise of Kingdoms
Lucerne Scrolls Rewards

But, let me introduce to you small details and tips, especially if you are a Free to play player. You know that you are free to do the Lucerne Scrolls as a Free to play player to level 30 as the game recommends to you. But if you decide to do that, from the level 31 forward, you can only receive rewards after skipping a level. What does this mean in the Rise of Kingdoms’s Lucerne Scrolls? It means that after you reach level 30 in Lucerne Scrolls, then in level 32 you will receive nothing from it and you can only receive the rewards in level 32 and this situation will continue until you decide to buy the Scrolls.

The Pay to win players in Rise of Kingdoms can receive full rewards for every level up from the Scrolls. At this moment, many of you, the Free to play player can be wondering that is the Lucerne Scrolls worth our time do it if we cannot receive as much as the Pay to win player while their rewards are much better than us in the progression race? This is the point that we are trying to solve for you in detail in this guide.

Lucerne Scrolls in Rise of Kingdoms

And now I will introduce some information about the Lucerne Scrolls for the new players to Rise of Kingdoms in order to make you understand more about this event (but if you are a new player who just installs Rise of Kingdoms recently, I strongly recommend you to read my Rise of Kingdoms Guide for Beginners to have the first view of how things work in Rise of Kingdoms). From the picture, you can the screen of the Lucerne Scrolls which display all of the missions and rewards that you have and have not completed in the game so far.

In order to make it easier to understand, this function of the game work pretty much alike some events like Lohar’s Trials or Clarion Calls. Why do I explain this function like that? Because in these events, you can receive your rewards after you fulfill some quest or requirements that the event required you to do. This way will work extremely well in the game function because it does not have limited time for you to do the missions and their missions will spread around many different aspects of the game like barbarians farming or collecting the coin to help your city progression developing continuously.

And know I will give you another tip about how to make your resources generation accelerate faster in order to complete the mission. If you want to achieve this goal, my recommendation is that you should send out your best gathering commander to reduce gathering time. Who are these gathering commanders? They are Sarka, Constance, Gaius Marius and even Joan of Arc. Another point is that you should focus on collect resources from the gathering points lied within your alliance territory in order to have a 25% gathering speed bonus.

Every time you complete objectives or missions in Lucerne Scrolls, you will be reward coins which can be used to level up your Lucerne Scrolls level. Lucerne Scrolls’ experience needed to level will not change which means you only need 100 experience to level up your level and receive rewards.

When you just start playing Rise of Kingdoms, you will not have many things to do about the Lucerne Scrolls. But, as the game progression continues to develop, the Scrolls will develop and open up more missions and objectives for you to do. The week objective also reset every week and it allows you to do all the Lucerne Scrolls objective all over again and boost your Lucerne Scrolls level much better.

Lucerne Scrolls Rise of Kingdoms 3

Lucerne Scrolls Rewards

If you want to check the reward that you can receive after the challenges, you can check the Rewards Tab on the upper left section which lies next to the Challenges Tab. When you see this tab, you can see all of the rewards that you can receive on a different levels after you finish the challenges.

And as I have said before, if you are a Free to play players and you determine to keep it that way then I strongly recommend you play and hitting level 30. After you hit level 30, I think you can stop. Because if you continue to upgrade the Lucerne Scrolls level, you will only receive the rewards after you have skipped a level rewards and this situation will continue to happen in the future as your progression continues to develop further. And if you are willing to pay some money and upgrade the Lucerne Scrolls, I recommend you do that.

Lucerne Scrolls Rise of Kingdoms 4

Is Upgrading Lucerne Scrolls Worth it?

Know, I will speak the truth for you. If your plans are strict to play Rise of Kingdoms as a Free to play player then the Divine Heritance will totally not worth for you because it is not applied for you. But, if it is not your plans then you should be considered buying the pack The Archaeologist. If you decide to get this pack, you will able to receive many different rewards from it like the teleporter or legendary commander sculptures so that you can recruit new commander or upgrade your legendary commander and even many more quality rewards from this pack.

Not only you can receive these rewards, but you can also raise your Lucerne Scrolls level to level 10 and your clues gained will also increase by 50%. These return profits certainly hefty for the spenders if we consider the price of the packs. But, it is only worth your money if you are going to upgrade all of your Lucerne Scrolls level. If these not are your plans then do not bother to buy it.

Lucerne Scrolls Rise of Kingdoms 2

When Should You Purchase Your Lucerne Scrolls Levels?

The answer to this question is never. The cost for you to upgrade your Lucerne Scrolls level simply too much and too expensive. The picture show to you clearly how much gems it cost me if I want to upgrade my Lucerne Scrolls level from level 6 to level 7. The gems could be put in any better way in the game like purchasing the VIP Status Level.

If you want to increase your Lucerne Scrolls level in order to receive better rewards from it, then you should focus on doing weekly and season challenges instead of paying by gems and remember to do it as much as you can and max them out in order to get the max out of it. If you are a new player then it should be pretty hard for you to complete these challenges since you do not have enough manpower to meet the requirements. But, if you are an experienced player then you should not have any problems with it.


That is the end of my guide, governor! I really hope that you found my guide to be helpful and insightful for you on your way to making your progression in Rise of Kingdoms. If you have any questions want to ask us, feel free to drop a comment below in the comment section. I really hope that we can start a good conversation with each other. Happy ruling, governors.

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