Lohar’s Trial Event

In Rise of Kingdoms Lohar’s Trial event, you will get a peculiar event item: Bone Necklaces from all the barbarian troops on the map.

Rise of Kingdoms Lohar Trial Event

This peculiar event item will help you receive rewards and a little opportunity to gain Lohar Sculptures in order to call Lohar becomes your commander. You also obtain Lohar’s Longbow and Lohar’s Buckler summoning Lohar becomes a barbarian army on the map which is only assaulted through rallied army.

This article will show you the most efficient way to break Lohar’s Trial. You may have to spend slightly your time doing some tactics however in the long-standing, you can husband more your resources to get greater rewards. If there are not any more hardships, let’s get started.

Best Tips for Lohar’s Trial Event

Use AOE Commander

You ought to use commander who has AOE skill prior to farming barbarian troops on the map. Because that commander is able to attract nearby barbarian troops but not using any extra action points.

This is a great benefit of an AOE commander can help you kill more barbarians but cost less action points. Furthermore, you can gain more bone necklaces and get more rewards. There is a list of AOE Commanders for Lohar’s Trial which is ranked following the order below:

Best AOE Commanders:

  • Aethelflaed
  • Mehmed II
  • Yi Seong Gye
  • Hannibal Barca
  • Baibars
  • Sun Tzu

Use Commanders with Peacekeeping skillset

In order to max your barbarian attack abilities, you had better choose commanders with peacekeeping skills. When their peacekeeping skill tree is maximized, those commanders will deal more damage to barbarians, get more experience, and not having to spend many action points.

Aethelflaed and Lohar are known as the great model of peacekeeping commanders. Please attempt to pair a secondary commander with them. As a result,  they can make the most of the experience point bonuses and rise damage to barbarian troops.

Max Out Rally Army for Lohar’s Army

A confidential tip that helps you get greater rewards when you vanquish Lohar’s Army is by gathering large army rallies. The rewards will be delivered by chance and the leader of a rally normally receive a greater reward than other rally participants who just gain a part of the rewards.

When vanquishing the Lohar’s Army, the reward you get will be greater associated with  you rally a bigger army. You must guarantee that the ability of your rally army troop is maximized to have an opportunity of acquire these luxury rewards through leveling up your Castle level.

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