Sunset Canyon Guide & Tips for New Players

In Rise of Kingdoms, Sunset Canyon is also known as a famous campaign mode after Expedition Mode where you can let your troops against other players and fight a duel to get rewards.

You and your competitor will also own the same number of Tier 3 troops. And only commanders’ gears, skills, and primary talent builds will have effects during the Sunset Canyon duel.

Sunset Canyon Rise of Kingdoms

In this article – the best Sunset Canyon tips for beginners, you will know how to take full advantage of this guide to max out your winning opportunity. Each time you’re victory of a battle, you will receive tomes which are known as an experiment book utilized to upgrade your commander power.

Joining in Sunset Canyon campaign is a very useful path that can help you upgrade yourself fast and also is an interesting way to train your commanders before dispatching them to an original battle like The Lost Kingdom event.

So let’s join in the guide right now and you will know how to raise your winning opportunity in Sunset Canyon mode as a beginner.

sunset canyon Rise of Kingdoms

Basic Sunset Canyon Rules

Before you start playing Sunset Canyon mode, there are a few general game rules that you need to know first:

There are several general game rules you have to keep in your mind before starting Sunset Canyon mode:

  • You will have up to 5 free challenge attempts a day
  • If you want to have more attempts, you need to pay a challenge ticket for this.
  • In order to get a challenge ticket, you ought to finish daily objectives.
  • For who wins the challenge will get rating points and who lose will minus their rating points.
  • Each season of Sunset Canyon happens in 7 days, and at the end of the season, you can get rewards according to your commander ranking.
  • At any time a new term of challenge starts, you have to gain the first rating in at least one Sunset Canyon challenge to join.
  • Your commander’s level, talents, and equipment will have effect during the Sunset Canyon mode. Other buffs will not exert influence on the result of the battle.

And here are some  challenge rules that bound your activities:

  • You can only despatch max 5 armies/times.
  • You ought to put your armies in one of the following 8 squares.
  • The front row armies will assault first then the back-row. If in the front doesn’t have any targets, they will assault the nearest targets.
  • Battle your enemy armies in the limited time to be a winner and obtain rewards.

Best Sunset Canyon Commanders

In Sunset Canyon battles, owning high-level commanders is more important than the feature of commanders. This also matters in the beginning of the game since the epic commanders increase the level easily and up the power quite fast.

As a result, you will want to keep leveling your power of commanders, and Aethelflaed as well because she is a free-to-play commander and you can get this commander from Expedition Mode. Use your tome books to level up your main commanders to get power and expertise.

Recommended Commanders for Sunset Canyon

Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu is one of the most recommended commanders you should use in Sunset Canyon for beginners. He has active skill with the ability to beat up to 5 targets and making a small rage.

Moreover, by combining his passive skill with active skill, he can deal the bigger damage up to 20%. This is the reason he can become an amazing famous epic commander and should be paired with nukers like Mehmed II.



Baibars owns a forceful active skill and he can get a great number of bonuses which can help him turn his army into the main force. This is the reason why he becomes a strong cavalry commander you should use in Sunset Canyon.

He can hit up to 5 targets and slow them down by his active skill. It will be a perfect couple when he can pair with Aethelflaed who can increase damage to the slowed targets. So they can deal damaging blows in the early game.

Joan of Arc Rise of Kingdoms

Joan of Arc

Finally, the best epic commander to expertise in Rise of Kingdoms is Joan of Arc. She can make a forceful rage when her skills is maximized. When it happens, she will use her active skill and make about 50 rage/second within 4 seconds. (the total is 200 rage) .

You can pair her with commander  Boudica so as to keep the high buff active time for the troops. If you need a solid silencer to avoid the nukers, you can pair Joan of Arc with Hermann.

sunset canyon gameplay

When should I play Sunset Canyon?

The key to up rank in the ranking system fast is that you should finish all the challenges at least a few minutes before the time’s up. It will be better if you can finish your challenges about 23:50 UTC before it resets at 00:00 UTC.

By doing this, no one can defeat you during these final few minutes. Actually, your army when you protect your rank rating is not good as when you are assaulting. The point is your enemies are able to know your army’s format so they can change their armies against your troops.

In the Sunset Canyon mode, assailants have more benefits.

However, if you carry out the Sunset Canyon late, you will never need to protect your ranking. It is considered as a simple way to reach the high ranking fast because almost players do it already.

Troops Formation in Sunset Canyon

If you are an assailant in Sunset Canyon, formatting your armies around your enemy’s formation in order to max out your potential damage is really needed. It means that each troops have a weakness and strength to counter other type of troops:

  • Infantry –> Cavalry
  • Cavalry –> Archer
  • Archer –> Infantry
  • Infantry + Archer + Cavalry –> Siege

Siege units is really useless and can’t help you defeat the battle easily. Although their strength is that they can conquer your enemy cities and gather resources, it’s just their benefits. Generally, you should use only infantry, archer or cavalry troops.

You can see the tips below to format your troops in Sunset Canyon:

front row strategy


Dispatching your front row armies will hunt for the front row directly and assault the back-row target behind them.

back row strategy


Dispatching your back row armies will hunt for the front row directly and assault the back-row targets behind them.

targeting rows strategy

Targeting Rows

When the direct front-row targets does not appear, the army will hunt for the nearest front-row target and assault the targets behind them.

How to use 5 Dispatches in Sunset Canyon Battles

If you want to raise your amount of armies that you are able to dispatch up to 5, you should level up your City Hall up to level 22. So you have to spend your gems on leveling up your VIP Status to decrease building timer, increase the rate of resource production, and gather more resources to progress.

If only with 4 armies on set to dispatch, it will be difficult to climb at the top 100 rankings. You must be very lucky in case you can be in the top 5 rankings by using 4 armies. This is very challenging for a free-to-play player without 5 armies that can get at these rankings.

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