Top 10 Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms

Do you guys still have some questions about the best meta commanders in Rise of Kingdom and the best pairings for them?

This piece will show you some elementary direction that can describe the best meta commanders and pairings.

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Rise of Kingdoms commanders

Why You Want To Know About The Bests Rise of Kingdoms Commanders

First and foremost, the greatest commanders of all in Rise of Kingdoms are known as the meta commanders. In other words, they are alike one distinguished flavour among many spices thanks to their powerful skills, talent builds, talent trees and pairings.

Meta commanders and meta pairings are not absolutely played by everyone. Therefore, in order to achieve a better score than your enemy in a competition, you had better consider a meta commander or pairing.

Not only giving players competitive edge, meta commanders and pairings also provide the finest chance for victory battles in PvP as well as PvE. To have got a meta commander, players quite need some good fortune and loyal in unlocking the golden chest to gather legendary sculptures and commanders.

Top 10 Best Meta Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms

I’ll start with some information in the nutshell about top 10 best meta commanders and pairings to play right now in Rise of Kingdoms.

Taking care of your fabulous sculptures and starlight in case you have intention of earning one of these meta commanders then you can up-level it rapidly.

As of current the best meta commanders in Rise of Kingdoms ranked:

  1. Yi Seong-Gye
  2. Genghis Khan
  3. Guan Yu
  4. Mehmed II
  5. Ramesses II
  6. Cao Cao
  7. Leonidas I
  8. Hannibal Barca
  9. Aethelflaed
  10. Lohar

Best Archer Commanders

Yi Seong GyeRamesses II

To think about which is the most typical meta commanders and pairing for archer, it must be Yi Seong Gye and Ramesses II. Contributing to the table +50% damage to active skill seems like one of Yi Seong-Gye dominant power. This edge plays an important role in enhancing the quality of Ramesses II’s strength in order to batter more considerably.

As a result of having the same archer expertise, both Yi Seong Gye and Ramesses II buff each other quite well. Besides Seong-Gye’s skill of increasing damage, Ramesses II has a passive skill which could help archer boosting 40% in attack while on the map. Moreover, this meta commander gives the troops normal attacks a small opportunity that can help his soldier to strengthen the defense as well as reinforce attack and defense for this meta couple.

Yi Seong-Gye is pretty experienced in causing extensive damage, which let him inflicted greater damage. At the same time, Ramesses II pays his attention to an extreme stroke toward lone target. By using high single-target damage, Seong-Gye and Ramesses clear off various purposes so well. 

Best Infantry Commanders

Guan YuLeonidas I

For infantry, the greatest meta commanders and pairing is Guan Yu and Leonidas I. This combination seems to be the most effective one thanks to the smooth cooperation done by 2 commanders. When Guan Yu is the primary commander and silences up to 3 targets, his active skill could cause a considerable damage.

With the condition that enemy is stilled, Leonidas I’s active skill might do extra damage up to 3 targets. This skill drives Guan Yu as a necessity for this meta commander. Then Guan Yu and Leonidas I grow into a daunting couple that hard to be defeated since when gathering together on the map, they give the infantry attack and march speed achievement.

The overall damage completed could be increased by 400% as long as military’s power declines under 10%, which seems to be one of the fundamental skill of this meta pairing.  To give thought to this combo, it appears like a thermonuclear waiting for misdirection things happen then to hit the roof.

Meta Cavalry Commanders

Genghis KhanCao Cao

To have a look at meta commanders and pairing for cavalry, Genghis Khan and Cao Cao is an indispensable meta pair. As a result of having an excellent active skill, Genghis Khan becomes an outstanding commander in invading that gives this meta commander a great chance to inflict damage without any additional cost for the rage.  Moreover, the rage requirement for his active skill can cut down to 850 if his second skill is maxed out.

Cao Cao is a meta commander who brings back 100 rages with normal troops attack and gets heal for 1000 any moment it is activated. Therefore, putting Cao Cao and Genghis Khan together supports this couple much more powerful and tanky that strong enough to give major shock in order to dent through enemy forces.

In Rise of Kingdom, Cao Cao and Genghis Khan is also the fastest fighting force meta pairing which centres on speed, attack but still has enough capability to deal with harsh stroke thanks to the mixture of defence and strong healing abilities. 

Best Mixed Commanders

Mehmed IIConstantine I

Ít is strongly believed that Mehmed II and Hannibal Barca is the best meta commanders pairing at mixed army. Mehmed II is an extremely strong and outstanding nuker, who could be combined with all of these aforementioned commanders as well as deal with multifunction troops like infantry, archers and cavalry under his leadership. Double troop capacity is a pretty great advantage over other meta pairings owned by this meta couple, which increase the number of their commendation troops by 20%.

The perk is an enormous advancement that the armed force under their leadership can cause much more damage, suffer extra damage and also stay longer in the battle. Thanks to Mehmed II’s advanced skill that gives him a chance to provoke his active skill without any “fee” and to deal more damage, Mehmed not only becomes a master of causing damage against multiple targets but also a fascinating commander in destroying enemy’s garrisons.

Besides that, even though Hannibal Barca is a quite sickly commander, he is obviously an attractive option if he is played in the role of secondary commander with Mehmed II. It appears as the result of his chance to heal troops for 1000 with no time limitation when players attack enemy garrisons.

Additionally, when Barca switches on his active skill, the overall damage inflicted by his military will extra 15% for a while. It also causes a defence reduction of 3 targets by 25%. I found it very nice to have got these upgrades since they support players to defeat the enemy quickly in order to win the game as soon as possible.

Best Barbarian Farming Commanders


And, last but not least, Aethelflaed and Lohar is obviously the first-rate choice for players who want a perfect pairing on map for hunting and killing the barbarians. When the natural infantry is settled for chain-farming barbarians, these Rise of Kingdoms commanders pairing handle completely because they are extremely slow and tanky as well. Speedily rising up rank by achieving increased experience, boosting enormous damage to the barbarians and certainly improving healing are all the best things of worlds you could score thanks to Aethelflaed and Lohar combo.

In a while, players can dispatch numerous groups, which could be resulted by having got 2 devoted barbarian hunters in a pair. However, it will be found much more powerful and more uncomplicated without too much action points payment in case you follow my barbarian chain-farming guide.

Even though in the same pair, Aethelflaed plays in a role as a primary commander while Lohar performs as a secondary one. Taking the primary commander position with a peacekeeping talent build, Aethelflaed makes this meta pairing more beneficial in supporting players to defeat the farming of barbarian in an easy way.

Understanding the Commander Mechanisms in Rise of Kingdoms

In Rise of Kingdoms that revolves largely around commanders. You will not get that far without understanding the mechanisms for beginners to be the core commander. Many players make such basic early errors and don’t obey such suggested guidelines for the game to optimize their benefits.

You’ll gain tactical benefit over your enemies by providing yourself with knowledge of these systems of play. Within this tutorial, I will clarify the very core commanders game idea you need to grasp within order to become a successful governor in Rise of Kingdoms.

Here’s a rundown of what you need to learn while your commanders are working:

  • Commander Skills
  • Upgrading commander skills
  • Unlocking Stars
  • Levelling up
  • Talent trees/ talent builds
  • Commander Roles
  • Commander Pairings

Commander Skills

Commander skills are what distinguishes each commander and decide the battle’s abilities and usages. Two of the biggest disparity between leader rareness is ability efficiency and upgrading costs.

There’s no stat gap between commanders in Rise of Kingdoms — a good function, unlike other games. And, by spending their skill points in the talent tree builder, you will boost the stats of your commander.

Tips on Commander Skills to know:

  • You are receiving talent points to raise the level of commander
  • Each step up improves the strength of the Commander’s troops
  • Starring up activates Commander’s next skill
  • The power to send out a secondary commander is activated on 3rd star
  • Commander gets additional talent points on 5th & 6th stars
  • Skill scale depends on the march’s overall assault value
  • All commanders have equivalent talent points per rank
  • There are no secret or unique rewards for legendary commanders

Minamoto and his skills in Rise of Kingdoms

Upgrading Commander Skills

The expense of improving the skills of the commander depends on their rareness. Advanced commanders are the simplest and cheapest with the minimum amount of sculptures to level up and update. While legendary commanders are always the longest and most costly with exorbitant amount of sculptures to level up and update.

Here is the amount of commander sculptures you need to max out the commander’s skills to make a contrast for you:

  • 230 Sculptures for Advanced
  • 340 Sculptures for Elite
  • 440 Sculptures for Epic
  • 690 Sculptures for Legendary

Epic and legendary commanders have 5 skills while Advanced and Elite commanders have just 4 skills. The 5th skill that Epic & legendary commanders have is named Expertise and does not require any sculptures to open. You just need to max out the first 4 skills to unlock it.

This would immediately extend to the commander until any of their skills are maxed out. With the number of current skills up, the number of sculptures needed for increasing skills level decreases. The commander and star level have just little impact on how many sculptures you will get to use.

When you are using the 4 star trick ( which fits well with Advanced and often Elite commanders), there is a chance factor when it comes to improving the skills of these commanders. Through raising the number of minimal qualifications, you will want to reduce the randomness of updating as far as possible.

It may be achieved by maxing out the 1st skill of the commander. Then activate the next 2 skills and hope that on the 3rd level, level up can drop. Lohar’s 3rd skill, for example, is a high priority and you will need to focus on chances. You do not want to star him up in any circumstances before you top out his 3rd skill.

Unlocking Commander Star

Some of my favourite little tricks is to leap stars from 1 star to 4 stars. The trick plays well for Advanced & Elite commanders. And for Epic commanders you can comfortably do 1 star to 3 stars. With legendary commanders, this trick is uncommon and challenging as the necessity to level up to become more costly.

To do the trick of the star hop, you will need to use Starlight Sculptures to enhance the star experience. Do so gradually until you hit 90-95% of your commander’s star level. Then add stars that have fantastic points of experience and put in some extra luck to make it vital, and double the number.

This star trick doesn’t work in late though since the need for experience to level up commander is more costly. The best way is to do this trick early before you raise your commander to level 10 in order to preserve some of you your Starlight Sculptures!

commanders star and exp in Rise of Kingdoms

Levelling Up Commanders

Every star raises the commander’s level limit by 10. The point limit for the 1st star is 10. If you lift your commander to 2 levels, the level limit would be 20 and so on. The highest stars you will get on any commanders are 6, indicating the overall level cap is 60.

The amount of knowledge you need to acquire by fighting barbarians and using your commander’s Tome of Knowledge level 4 tome books to level up depends on their rareness.

To start with, here is how much experience every commander has at level 1:

  • Advanced: 60 Experience
  • Elite: 80 Experience
  • Epic: 100 Experience
  • Legendary: 120 Experience

You get the impression that when you step it up the sum of training grows exponentially. Legendary commanders cost 50% more than Advanced commander, and 16.67% more than Epic commanders.

Make sure you evaluate the potential projects wisely and schedule it out in advance.

Yi Seong-Gye - Garrison Defense Talent Tree

Commander Talent Tree Builds

One of the most important factors you need to learn about core commander is the talent trees in Rise of Kingdoms. All commanders have talent trees but they differ based on their skills. At Empyrean Rule, we have lots of commanders documenting every skill in detail: Aethelflaed, Guan Yu, and Cao Cao to name a few.

For these commanders, you should configure your own talent builds, so if you want the best of all to optimize the harm performed, the incoming harm, improve skill damage to your commanders and more. I suggest that you follow our Commanders’ Guide to develop skills.

Here is a selection of possible avenues of potential you may pick for your commanders:

  • Peacekeeping
  • Conqueror
  • Gathering
  • Balanced
  • Support
  • Pure Infantry
  • Pure Archer
  • Pure Cavalry
  • Nuker

All commanders begin at level 1 with zero talent point. They gain 1 talent point each time you level up your commanders. The commanders, though, can get 5 and 10 additional talent points at 5th & 6th star respectively.

As of today, the highest number of talent all commanders can receive is 74 talent points at level 60. You may even reset the talent tree of your commander, but the expense of doing so is uncommon and expensive. Make sure you recognize the skill you want your commanders to develop.

Rise of Kingdoms Commander Roles

They should have the opportunity to pair with a secondary commander before dispatching them to the map when you star up the commander to 3 stars. This is one of the processes of the core commander we get to see in practice. Levels, skills and talent built by the commander all come together to what I name it: competitive gameplay.

But what are the factors which decide what is actually played and what is not?

Primary Commander:

  • Commander’s level dictates how many troops are permitted on the march
  • Skill level is significant and plays an important role in the skills of the commander in battle
  • Stars are significant in terms of the high level limit and higher skills
  • The talent builds of the primary commander really go into practice

Secondary Commander

  • Commander’s level also dictates how many troops they can add to the march
  • Also critical is the degree of skills which determines how well they will help the primary commander
  • After the primary commander uses their active skills, they must trigger their active skills
  •  Stars are also relevant in terms of level limit and competences
  • Talent build of secondary commander is worthless. Thus, the considerations that you need to determine are:
    • Which commanders you are going to take in the late game
    • Which commanders you will spend time and money upgrading/ investing?
    • Are you able to use small stars when improving the expertise of your commander?

That being said, if you have enough resources and time to invest, the rarer / legendary the commander should become your primary commander. I suggest you wait a bit to see what rolls in your way before you do so. Then from that point you can make the decision move on.

Rise of Kingdoms Commander Pairings

Commander Pairings

A pairing of commanders is when you deploy a march consisting of primary and secondary commanders. This is call pairing of commanders and both benefit from each other’s skills and abilities.

However, in Rise of Kingdoms that is also important to learn as the level, talent builds and skills your commander will have an effect on your gameplay.

Here is one proof:

You have a 5/1/3/1 level 50 Alexander the Great with a level 30 Eulji Mundeok as your 5/5/5/5 secondary commander.

Then you make the secondary pairing at 5/5/5/5 with a Level 50 Eulji Mundeok and at 5/1/3/1 with a Level 30 Alexander the Great.

Both dispatches have the same talent tree for infantry and almost the same troops against the enemy. Yet, who fights better? You are right if you thought the results are the same. But in late game, the 1st one should have done a better job.

Whereas in the early to mid-game, the 2nd pair of commanders will fare even better. That’s how the 1st pair of commanders get the active skill automatically to be included.

Although the level requirements for upgrading your epic commanders are 16.67 percents lower than legendary commanders, Eulji Mundeok makes an excellent choice for early to late gameplay.

What are the Rise of Kingdoms commanders you using right now? Comment down below and help us know!

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