10 Common Mistakes in Early Game

This following list will show you 10 common early-game mistakes that beginners usually make while playing Rise of Kingdoms!

These common mistakes will make you regret doing it later in the game. By making the right moves, it can help faster your progress during the early stage of the game. So it is your chance to break the cycle and get things right for the first time.

Rise of Kingdoms mistakes

10 Common Mistakes in Rise of Kingdoms

Using Starlight Too Early

One of the biggest mistakes in the early game that you could make is using Starlight Sculptures to upgrade your Commander’s level without understanding your civilization’s perk.

For example, your chosen civilization is Germany, which is specialized in cavalry (Germany’ perk increase cavalry attack by 5% and its special unit is Teutonic Knight), but your starting Commander is Hermann. Hermann is a good Commander, but he is specialized in Archer. So you may want to invest Starlight Sculptures in Commander, who has support skills for cavalry to utilize the perk bonus.

You should do some research about the civilization that you want to play, understand its perk so you can choose the right Commander to play around because you are going to play with them for quite a long time.

Upgrading Talent Trees Wrong

It is also one of the biggest mistakes in the early game. There are three branches in Commander talent, so sometimes you may invest points in all three branches, or focus a branch that not work well with that Commander’s skills. You can reset your Commander talent but it will cost 1000 gems, which is a lot of gems. You certainly don’t want to waste your precious gems on that. 

Therefore, you need to decide what will your Commander do. Like a farming or fighting Commander. On this page, we have an entire list of Commanders with talent tree builds suggestion.

Before upgrade any point in the talent tree, you should plan what to do with your Commander first.

Using Legendary Commander as your Core Commander:

This mistake usually happens with some players who lucky enough to pull a Legendary Commander in the early game. So they choose that Commander as a Core and start to invest all their resources in its.

It isn’t good, you shouldn’t do this. But why? 

  • Legendary Commander is usually the best commander in Rise of Kingdoms, but does is it the right Commander for you? Does he/she fit your playstyle? Does he/she have bonus skills for your special units? If yes, good for you. If no, all your hard-earned resources will be wasted since you can’t get all of the sculptures/starlights back.
  • That is why you shouldn’t invest in Legendary Commander too early. The smart move here is to invest in your epic commanders first, make them the primary commanders for fighting against Barbarians or take part in some important game modes like Expedition Mode or chain-farming Barbarians.
  • As the game progress, you will eventually know your playstyle, your roster, what things are best for your kingdom, and then that Legendary Commander is worth to invest or not.
  • Also, there are some elite commanders that you should level up first like Sarka, Constance, and Gaius Marius. These commanders will boost up your resources gathering with their skills. 
    • Get them to 2 stars and level 20. 
    • Max out their 2nd skill.
    • Invest their talent points in the gatherer path.
    • You can 3 stars them and level them up to 21. Then no further investment is required.

Not having queues working all the time:

It is a huge mistake. It can slow your progress down in the early game. Incases you don’t know what are the queues, here are they:

  • Training troops.
  • Upgrading buildings.
  • Farming Barbarians.
  • Gathering resources.
  • Researching technology in the Academy.

Those queues should be working all the time. They will help stronger your kingdoms and faster your progression because time is one of the crucial factors in this game.

Wasting Gems

There is a Mysterious Merchant in Courier Station, which is available when your City Hall reaches level 6. The Mysterious Merchant offers items from the Shop for gems at a discount of 30% to 90% off the shop price, and sometimes you can buy items with food, wood, or stone.

But you don’t need to spend your gems to buy items at the shop yet. You should focus on upgrading your VIP to level 6 as soon as possible. Because at that level, you can unlock the 2nd  builder, which is very important, along with daily rewards and some bonuses. 

Afterward, you can buy items at the shop that are 70% – 90% off.

Not buying the Legendary Commander pack – Writers of History:

By buying this pack, you will get 66,375 gems worth of items, which include:

  • 1000 gems.
  • 10 Starlight/Commander Sculptures.
  • EXP books.
  • 525 VIP points.

You will get all of these above items at only 5$.

This special offer will appear when you pull a new Legendary Commander, and it lasts for 1 hour only. If you are a F2P player, it is ok to skip it. If you are willing to spend a little, you will not regret it when buying this pack.

Not joining any Alliance Early

In the beginning, there will be many players that don’t want or too lazy to join an Alliance. Or they don’t know which Alliances are right for them, so just decide to postpone it. But this is not fine at all, you will easily get attacked by other kingdoms once your protection shield goes off.

So you need to join an Alliance, any Alliance would be fine. You can join top alliances later once your kingdom becomes stronger.

By joining an Alliance, you will these following benefits:

  • Protection while farming resources.
  • With the Alliance Center building, you can help or get help your allies with 3 different things:
    • For the construction or upgrade buildings
    • Healing troops.
    • New research or upgrade technology.
  • The help will accelerate the speed of these progressions by 1% and reduce the wait time by 1 minute. The number of help that you can receive depends on the level of your Alliance Center.
  • Alliance technologies improve your building speed, productions, your troops march speed, attack, and defense. 
  • If your Alliance takes control of passes, shrines, and temples, you can also get some bonuses from them.

Attacking other players/kingdoms in the early game:

    • You shouldn’t attack other players/kingdoms in the early stage of the game. 
    • It is not a wise move. By attacking other players, it means that you will lose your protection shield. So there is definitely a chance that you will get attacked by other players, including the one you have attacked and their ally. You will lose more than you will take. It will cost you lots of resources and troops.
    • The only thing you should do here is to send your scout to get more intelligence about the map, other kingdoms, and focus on farming/upgrading your kingdom.
    • You can fight other players later when you have stronger troops, firepower, and strong allies.

Not focusing on upgrading your City Hall:

It is fine to upgrade small buildings like Farm, Lumber Mill, Quarry, or Goldmine, but your main priority should be the City Hall.

Before your City Hall reaching level 22, you should focus on upgrading the City Hall and all of the building requirements for the City Hall.

By reaching level 22, you will unlock a 5th march queue, which will extend your farming and fighting in the battlefield, along with unlocking more top tier technologies and strongest tier of units.

And while your City Hall building is upgrading, which usually takes lots of time, you can start to upgrade other buildings with 2nd builder.


Jumping is a special term in Rise of Kingdoms, which means that you can jump to another kingdom while your City Hall and all other buildings are at level 7.

Jumping can give a head start advantage in the early game. My suggestion is if you are new to the game, just ignore it and continue to explore Rise of Kingdoms. 

  • Before your City Hall reaches level 7, try to max out your research as many as possible.
  • Keep your training queues active, and so do your gatherers.
  • Try to keep your resources in item form. It will reduce the chance of being attacked by other players.

When you create a new character, you will have 10 days to jump to another kingdom with a beginner teleport. Remember that once it is over 10 days, you won’t be able to jump. If your City Hall reaches level 8, you also lose the ability to jump. So make sure to prepare to jump on the 8th or 9th day.

Anything sounds familiar? Fix your mistakes and improve the Rise of Kingdoms gameplay from today!

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