Is Supply Depot Worth Buying?

If you’re trying to spend a little bit in Rise of Kingdoms, you might want to consider trying out the Supply Depot. And here is why it’s totally worth it!

supply depot Rise of Kingdoms

Before we dive deeper, some of you may have seen Supply Depot before and questioned yourself, is it worth purchasing a Supply Depot package?

Ardent free-to-play players like me typically don’t invest too much of my income. So, it’s completely fair to be cynical about the worth of the pack. However, if you are in need of a constant supply of resources to your civilization so that you can expand, Supply Depot is a common choice for a couple of reasons.

Why you should buy the Supply Depot

Supply Depot is a valued package that you can purchase anything from gems to speedups to fruit, wood, stone, and gold. When you purchase one of them, you’ll get gems and a constant supply of these packages on a regular basis. You get the total value of the package’s services for the remaining days, which means if you buy a 7-day food supply that will give you a total of 7.5 million foods. You’ll get 1 million food per day if you sign in for 7 days. It is a perfect opportunity to motivate you to sign in and collect your rewards and yet at the same time getting the boost you need.

Just for $9.99, you will get a 30-day supply of gems that give you 21,700 gems in 30 days. The 7-day speed-up supply is even strong enough to hurry the buildings as quickly as you need to maximize the overall capacity. In reality, the resource supply packs are not that useful at all, since you can easily get millions and millions of them just by using your best-in-class gathering commanders and farm resource-rich points in high-level zones.

But is the Supply Depot worth your money? Let’s see how it compares to the other Gem Store packs.

How is Supply Depot comparing to the other Packs?

To make a comparison between the Supply Depot packages and the Gems Packs in the Gem Store, You will see it’s going to cost you $99.99 only to have 25.000 gems (50.000 gems if it’s your first purchase). The 30-day Gems Supply would just cost you $9.99 and you’ll get a limit of 21,700 gems for 30 days.

In terms of price relative and worth of the product, the 30-day Gems Supply is 1,000% more valuable than the Gems Packs in the Gem Store. When you want to purchase gems, the Supply Depot is a nice choice as long as you’re comfortable with a constant supply of gems and have an urgent need for them.

So, the next analogy we are going to make is the Growth Fund. This is one of the most popular choices for beginners who are just starting out in Rise of Kingdoms.

You will get started with the Growth Fund for only $14.99 and earn up to 81,000 gems until you reach level 25 in the City Hall. For the price this pack is selling for, it is certainly worth the investment as long as you can meet the requirement. This package is 2.531% worthier compared to the 30-day Gems Supply package and 20.509% more valuable compared to the most popular Gems pack in the Gem Store.

As you can see, this is one of the explanations of why a number of players choose to purchase the Growth Fund. But if you choose to acquire more gems, you can’t only grab another Growth Fund because it’s a one-time investment. Therefore, the 30-day Gems Supply is a nice option to buy. It allows you to maintain a steady flow of gems, and the price it costs is pretty good. Time and persistence is a buddy of yours on this side.

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