Complete Gathering Guide

Gathering resources in Rise of Kingdoms is one of the most important keys to develop your city, do research, and train your troops.

For short, it helps faster your progression in the game. So in this following guide, we will show you some tips and tricks to utilize and increase your farming. Let’s get started.

Rise of Kingdoms Farming Guide

Farming Commanders

Commander holds a massive part in farming. Because their skills can help gather more resources like bring more troops or have more capacity, and increase farming speed in all kind of resources or a specific one. So the best here is a Commander who specializes in resource, or we should say: gathering Gathering Commander. 

In the below list, we will show you how to build a reliable Gathering team in Rise of Kingdoms:

Cleopatra VIICleopatra VII: One of the best Gathering Legendary Commander because of her passive skill:

  • End of Ptolemy: 30% bonus Stone Gathering Speed and + 20% Gathering Speed for other resources. (Level 5) So if you are lack of Stone, she is the one you need.
  • Beauty and Wisdom: 50% bonus troop load. (Level 5)
  • You should level up her to 10 and rank up to 2 stars. You can max out her 2nd skill, but it is optional because legendary Commander sculptures are very hard to get.

Ishida Mitsunari Ishida Mitsunari: You can build him just like Cleopatra (Level him to 10, rank up to 2 stars, maxed his 2nd skill). But unlike Cleopatra, he is specialized in Gathering Food.

Seondeok Seondeok: She is considered the best at Gathering one of the most crucial resources in the late game: Gold. You may not need Gold in the early game, but in the late game, it will never be enough Gold when researching high-level technologies or training troops (Tier 5). Her build is straightforward, maxed out her 2nd skill – Insightful to increase Gold Gathering Speed. (30%)

Joan of Arc Rise of Kingdoms Joan of Arc: You can get her at the beginning of the game if you choose France as a starting civilization. If you not, you can find her by opening chests, events, and Expedition Store since Epic Commander is very easy to obtain. You should level her up to 10, rank her to 2 stars, max out her 2nd skill, and you are done. Her 2nd ability is quite useful because it increases farming speed and also increases troop load.

constance Constance: An Elite Gathering Commander who is specialized in Gathering Wood (20% Wood Gathering Speed bonus). Since she is an elite Commander, it is very easy to obtain her. Both her 2nd and 3rd skill are very good at farming so you should max out all of them, and rank her up to 3 stars to unlock her 3rd

gaius marius Gaius Marius: He is also an Elite Gathering Commander, and he has a 20% Food Gathering Speed bonus, which is very useful at the early stage of the game. You can use the star upgrade trick to rank him to 3 stars.

sarkaSarka: Instead of specializing in a specific resource, she has an 18% bonus speed when Gathering all kinds of resources, and that makes her quite easy to work with. Just like Gaius Marius and Constance, you can use star upgrade trick to rank her to 3 stars and then max her 2nd and 3rd

You can level and star up Commander later in the game for talent points, but we advise you to keep an eye on Elite and Epic Commander only because their sculptures are very easy to obtain in many ways.

You should keep Legendary Sculptures for your fighting Commander unless you are willing to invest in this game.

Talent Trees for Farming

About the talent tree, it is very simple. All Commander talent points should be all focus on Gathering branch:

  • When your Commander reach level 18, Gathering Mastery (Food, Wood, Stone, and Gold) should be all max out (3/3). This is a necessary talent that all Gathering Commanders should have because it gives a 30% Gathering Speed bonus for all resources.
  • Level 27: The final 3 points should go into The More the Better – Receive an additional 6% more resources.
  • Level 37: The final 3 points go into Superior Tools – 25% Gathering Speed bonus for all kinds of resources. In total, your farming Commander will have a 55% Gathering Speed bonus.
  • No need to level up Commander after reaching level 37, you should save your EXP tombs for other Commander.

Bests Troops for Gathering

Siege unit is the best troop for farming, especially T1 siege units, and here is the reason:

  • They can carry 4 more time resources per unit than any other troops.
  • They are very easy to train because they only require only a little time and resources.
  • Fastest and cheapest to heal when you get ambush by the enemy.

How to Gathering Resources Effectively?

  • Your farming Commander should always be the one who leads your troops to gather.
  • You can send a 2nd farming Commander to go with your main Commander to reduce the farming time or to carry more resources since their skill can stack to each other. But their talent does not stack.
  • You should send Commander that has resource load bonus or resource bonus skills such as Constance or Gaius Marius to farm Alliance resource deposit.
  • There is no sense to bring a non-Gathering Commander to harvest resources because they really not that helpful unless they have a skill that increases troop capacity, which is acceptable.
  • You should use the Gathering Speed boost daily. You can buy it in Courier Station, but you only buy it with resources, not your precious gems. It will give you a 50% Gathering Speed bonus.
  • Investing in Economic Technology, they give a lot of useful bonuses for your farming.
  • Before sending troops to gather, you may want to take runes to increase your Gathering Speed. There are many kinds of runes that you can pick up, but you only want one that has Gathering Speed buff.
  • Gathering on Alliance Territory will bring a considerable advantage to develop your Civilization:
    • You will get a 25% Gathering Speed bonus when farming inside the Alliance Territory.
    • Your 1% of all resources gathered from Alliance deposit will contribute to your Alliance fund.
    • You should teleport to the edge of your Alliance Territory so that Resource Deposits can spawn in the middle.
  • Your Gathering Commander should be working all of the time, in order to this you should turn on notifications:
    • Tap on Your Avatar -> Setting -> Notification -> Turn on “When troops have returned” and you can turn off other notifications that you don’t want to receive.
    • You should enable Rise of Kingdoms notifications on your device.
    • So now, you don’t have to regularly log in to the game to check whether you are done farming or not. You just need to wait for notifications to pop up.
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