55 Must-Know Tips Before You Play Rise of Kingdoms

New to Rise of Kingdoms and you’re only starting off? Don’t worry! I’ve placed together top 50+ best general tips for beginners like you.

Such guides have been developed to help you launch the very first civilization and learn the skills early in the game.

Rise of Kingdoms Beginners Guide

Must-Know Tips Before You Play Rise of Kingdoms

  1. Don’t strike cities at the start of the game. You are going to lose more than you win from the fights.
  2. Don’t waste money unless you understand the game. Learn how to create an account for jumper and jump to a new kingdom. A professionally controlled jumper account is worth $200 in packages at the tournament.
  3. Do not start your legendary commanders beyond Level 10 until you max their 1st skill. Using Star Hop Trick to gain.
  4. Spend your gems on improving your VIP level. Early in the game, boost your VIP to level 6 and keep working on maxing it our to get even more rewards from the daily quests.
  5. Choose a civilization that suits your favorite style of gaming. For example, Germany is strong at battles, and France is excellent at gathering resources.
  6. Speed up the City Hall to 22 for up to 5 armies to be dispatched.
  7. Your main target as an F2P player is to race for Tier 4 troops, that is when you are going to be on the same level as other players.
  8. Join one of these top partnerships to get benefits, troops rewards, attack bonus and more to make your life simpler. Be responsible and do your job, you will easily gain praise.
  9. Before you use all of the speedups, make sure you max out all of the alliance partners’ support first. This helps you allow more frugal use of your things and converse them to vital buildings.
  10. All players begin in Zone 1, which is the map’s outer region. Act with your coalition to win transferring power and push back to the middle in which the Lost Temple is situated.
  11. If your coalition gets hold of Lost Temple, the next aim is to fight with 7 other kingdoms for dominance on The Lost Kingdom map next to your country.
  12. An typical kingdom has normally from 200 to 400 actual players (not counting farming accounts at all).
  13. If you are new, don’t establish an alliance, it’s a lot of effort and can quickly take your time. This is like managing a business.
  14. It’s enjoyable to be a Free-to-Play player like me but you won’t win quickly in the fight. However, in the wars of alliances, you will do your part.
  15. Develop a mini farm account, one is fine, two even better. Rise of Kingdoms is all about war and you need loads of money to progress quickly. Level 12 farming accounts are decent but level 17 farming accounts are just fantastic.
  16. Lohar’s Trial is the highest, hand-down even for farm accounts.
  17. After your City Hall, Alliance Center is the second most important framework in town. Step it up so you can get more support to speed up further buildings improvements.
  18. Keep on researching technological improvements because they are one of the game’s most costly and time-consuming.
  19. The peacekeeping commanders are worth investing in because in Rise of Kingdoms you would need them to efficiently chain-farm barbarians. Using infantry as heavy and tanky.
  20. You will still want to get your gathering commanders started up to Star Rank 2 and max out their 2nd skill. Don’t level much more than this since they don’t offer too much interest.
  21. Hold Siege Tier 1 because they are excellent for farming tools. Additionally, if they get wounded in the battlefield while planting, they will recover really fast, you can easily restore 1,000,000 Siege Tier 1 units only in 3 seconds.
  22. Farming in friendly territory of the Alliances increases farming speed by 25%. Your alliance even gets 1% of money earned, which can be used to improve alliance infrastructure, create flags and even a new fortress.
  23. At the start of the game,  concentrate on gathering resources because they are the simplest and most efficient way of having resources to improve your buildings, training troops and researching technologies.
  24. Until you can update them, you need to trigger Runes.
  25. The biggest Starlight brings you more experience, smaller Starlight brings you more opportunity and improves you likelihood to encounter twice.
  26. Cavalry concentrates on archers’ pace and counters.
  27. Infantry focuses on cavalry for the defense and counter.
  28. Archer focuses on infantry’s attacks and counters.
  29. Teleporting on the edge of the alliance border is one of the most effective ways to spawn more resource spots in your Alliance territory.
  30. Spend your alliance credits on teleporters because they are your bucks’ strongest hit and they come with a ton of utilities.
  31. Tomoe Gozen, El Cid and Minamoto No Yoshitsune are not the game’s greatest commanders.
  32. Every time Mysterious Merchant pops up in your city, check out the shop and buy everything that costs resources.
  33. Knew that City Level 22 and Tier 4 are just ¼ of the whole game? You will have to have at least 39 million power to get the Tier 5 troops.
  34. Always complete every 3 stars expedition mission in order to get free coins to use in the Expedition Store on Aethelflaed and other commanders.
  35. Germany is the strongest civilization from which to strike. Japan is perfect for early scouting in the game and France is good when it comes to harvest materials, a must-have civilization for farm accounts.
  36. Waiting before event More than Gem arrives if the safest way to invest gems. You can unlock Legendary Sculptures along with money, rewards and unique items as you invest your VIP level gems.
  37. Make friends in Rise of Kingdoms. Finally, someday you will want to move into a new kingdom and making friends in the next game will have a lasting impact on your future development. More friends, we are all the merrier!
  38. Commander Level is crucial when increasing their ability to command more troops and rise in power, it’s pretty important to get those talent points and invest in them. Please visit our Commanders page to start researching the best talent builds for comprehensive details on how to spend the talent points of your commander.
  39. For infantry, the game meta right now is Guan Yu + Leonidas, it’s for Archer.
  40. Choose 2 PvP commanders that you like and stick with them. Study the best talent builds up and learn how to use their proper skills to maximize the effectiveness of your battle in the game. These 2 PvP commanders will be your main PvPing pair.
  41. Keep still saving your resource token in your inventory, only in case of incidents and conflicts. Do not you the tokens resources during times of peace.
  42. To bomb your enemies in city, you will need to play as Britain or garrison your troops in an allied city that’s playing in Britain, then move next to the enemy position and unleash a 5 minutes rally to take them down.
  43. Never research underlying economic technologies. Scout map and ask friendly tribes, they will give you simple economic technologies gratuitously. Research military technology right through until you hit Tier 3.
  44. In the late game, it is easier to stick to one form of troops in order to converse with your resources and optimize your civilizations/ commander troops adaptability.
  45. Be careful about the PvP fights, just stick to beat the guy you should beat if you don’t know what the heck are you doing. Don’t gamble your energy and money otherwise.
  46. Always use the speedups for updates to the duration of City Hall. Use these to hit City Hall level 21 to activate Tier 4 soldiers.
  47. Save your Action Points to catch up and earn bonuses at the conclusion of the experience for exciting occasions like Lohar’s Court.
  48. Some of the activities demand that you invest a certain number of Action Points. If you don’t have plenty or only want to spare them, spam on barbarians or forts for your dispatches. Then cancel and your action points will be refunded! No matter what, the event will always report yours in the target.
  49. Login everyday and finish your daily tasks to optimize your rewards. At the end you will get lots of speedups, resource tokens, necessary things and a golden key.
  50. Early in the game you will get a headstart by eliminating these top 10 simple errors that newbies and experienced players make all the time.

Follow these tips before you play Rise of Kingdoms and you will be golden!

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