How to Farm & Use Gems Effectively

There is the list of the best ways to farm and use your gems in Rise of Kingdoms.

more than gems event is the best place for spending Gems in Rise of Kingdoms

Best Ways to Spend gems

Spend Gems on More Than Gems Event!

More Than Gems is a special event where you have to use your gems to accomplish the missions to get rewards. Here’s top 3 best ways to use your gems effectively that will help you get more revenues.

  • Purchase the VIP Points.
  • Purchase items in your VIP Store.
  • Purchase items that you need in the Courier Station.

You can look over the event section to know when More Than Gems event happens in order to plan ahead. When you know exactly when the event is, you can start to stock gems.

More Than Gems is one of the best events in which you will purchase VIP points by using your gems. This happens because you are doing 2 things at the same time.

From the events, you will receive precious rewards like:

  • Legendary Commander Sculptures
  • Resources Packs
  • Speedup Packs
  • Golden Keys
  • Tomes

This event is a significant opportunity for the players who want to get these rewards but costing only a bit amount of their money.

Nonetheless, any F2P players can also join the event and get the rewards should they have gems stocked. I recommend that you should stockpile all the gems since you begin creating the kingdom to be able to do this method.

In case you can not open the 25K Gems, you must attempt to get the 7K Gems. Because of getting the legendary commander sculptures is necessary for leveling up your legendary commanders’ skills.

Use Gems to Get VIP Levels!

Firstly, you should use your gems to up level your VIP to Lv6. You should purchase those items which can be bought by gems in the More Than Gems event so that you can attain the goals and own the items you want at the same time.

A plus point of this event is you can obtain the rewards whilst using gems to buy necessary items and level up your VIP Level, which is really advantageous for F2P players.

Making the most of receiving more rewards whilst spending your gems in the More Than Gems event! Reward bonuses are waiting for you and remember getting the best out of these free legendary commanders’ sculptures. you will get an appreciation from some powerful commanders such as Genghis Khan and Mehmed II.

Best Tips for Farming Gems

You knew that you are possible to farm up to 1,000 gems daily when you are a free-to-play player, didn’t you? Even, you don’t bound to spend your hard-attained money to get gem packs in the shop. Actually, you could detach your armies from collecting the gems promptly in Rise of Kingdoms.

Those who are top rank players make use of the strategic farming of 1000 gems frequently. They hold and control the kingdom. When you are in the game, there is no doubt that gems are the most precious resources and every players is competing to collect gems to advance their VIP Status, buy items, and so on.

In this article, you will hold the key to farm up to 1,000 gems a day. Of course, there is no cheat or third-party here. You just have to detach your armies from gathering gems on the map and taking it to your city.

Let’s get started to farming 1,000 gems a day.

farm gems Rise of Kingdoms

How to Farm Gems Through Collecting.

The successful key of farming 1,000 gems a day is by detach your commanders from collecting them. In order to carry out this part, you need be online more frequently than when you collect the resources such as food, wood, stone and gold.

Actually, the amount of gems that you farm a day is not necessary up to 1,000 gems, it depends on your decision. 500 gems or even 200 gems are also fine and realizable if you are able to progress stably.

Now, please read the strategy below for farming 1,000 gems a day in Rise of Kingdoms.

Strategy to Farming 1,000 Gems a Day

Firstly, you should spend all the time on farming gems  with your gathering armies since you can not transfer the gems from this game account to other account. As a result, you will wish to start using your mini farming account to assist your main account.

Doing this isn’t actually complex at all and pretty easy to do once you have it up and running. Let’s go through steps to get you up to speed to the 1,000 gems / day milestone. Here’s how to:

Actually, this strategy isn’t complicated and you can do this as a piece of a cake. Follow these steps and you can get up to 1,000 gems a day. Here are the steps:

  1. Research Jewelry
  2. Selecting Gathering Commanders
  3. Scouting for Gems Tiles

Step 1: Research Jewelry

The first step is researching Jewelry through your Academy before you are truly able to collect gems. Once you unlock this part, your gathering commanders will get skill to collect gems on the map.

The next step is research Cutting & Polishing – the last technology in the economic panel. Your gems collecting rate will increase up to 35% when you maximize this tech. it’s surely useful when you wanna quicken the time in order to get gems and pick up more tiles in less time.

Having ability to collect and owning tons of gems is a reliable way when you want to research Tier 5 troops speedily.

Gem farming technology

Step 2: Select Gathering Commanders

In order to max out the amount of gems which you get from gathering commanders, You  ought to advance the talent points into The More, The Better that will help gain the number of gems by 6%.

Although this step is not compulsory, it is an effective way to gather more gems wasting less time than usual. So you can get 1,000 gems/day quicker.

Step 3: Scouting for Gem Tiles

In the third step, instead of farming level 1 gem deposit you need to find out the position of level 2 gem deposits on the map. Because of the ineffectiveness of level 1 that you have to spend more time while get less bonuses.

Let your armies find out level 2 gem deposits as soon as possible. You can get 20 gems or up to 21 gems (including the bonus) every time.

Now let estimate the total time that you can reach 1,000 gems/day. There will be 45 minutes for a gathering commander to find out and gather a Gem Deposit, then come back to the base. For example, you can get 131 gems/hour by 5 armies.  So that you only have to carry out this step within 8 hours and get 1,000 gems/day.

Disadvantages of Gems Farming

Although you can easily farm 1,000 gems per day, there are some drawbacks that can challenge to you. So you ought to pay attention to these issues below and you need:

  • Be online every hour to detach your commanders to farm gems.
  • Have a mini farming account to channel resources to your main account.
  • Occasionally, there will be several competition among those who are farming gems.

Following these factors, there won’t have any problem to farm 1,000 gems per day.

How to Farm 1,000 Gems / Day

Personally, I’m really into farming gems every single day and I can upgrade my VIP Status quickly. However, I make sure that this is an absolutely effect due to having a  mini farming account to support my main account.

Moreover, although my progression is slowed down with resources taxes and smaller number of armies which my farming account can detach at the same time. It’s absolutely worthy when you can upgrade your VIP Status and purchase some precious items.

For instance, some events such as the Card King and Wheel of Fortune can be a good chance for you to spend your gems.


That’s it, Governors! Hope that you can figure out the way to farm 1,000 gems a day effectively. If there are any questions about this article, please contact with us. It is our pleasure to discuss with you. Moreover, If you have any tips for Rise of Kingdoms, let us know about them. Thank you!

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