Ceroli Crisis Event Guide & Strategies

Ceroli Crisis is an event in Rise of Kingdoms where you can team up with other friendly governers in order to defeat raid bosses.

If you defeated Ceroli bosses, you will be rewarded with different kinds of rewards and medals. You can use these medals to exchange for goods in Ceroli Crisis Store.

Ceroli Crisis Rise of Kingdoms

Now, I will analyze these Ceroli Crisis bosses in detail and the way you could bring them down easily. If you want to do it means you must prepare your troops carefully. You need to build and develop your raid in order to make your battle against Ceroli Crisis Bosses become simple and easy for you and your allies.

Without delay anymore, here is our guide for beginners in order to easy Ceroli Crisis Bosses fight.

Ceroli Crisis Introduction

Let us introduce the Ceroli Crisis event to those who are new in Rise of Kingdoms.

Ceroli Crisis event menu

This is the screen of the Ceroli Crisis event for you to preview the rewards before you decide to join the event by clicking the go button. There are 5 raid bosses in the Ceroli Crisis event and if you want to get the rewards from them, you have to defeat every single one.

What does it mean? It means that you can kill Frida for instant rewards and you can get you, team up with other governors, stronger governer in order to defeat other Ceroli Crisis raid bosses. On the same difficulty level, you can kill every boss three times for rewards. But be careful because when you have choose a difficulty level, you can not get out of that difficulty level for the rest of the event. So, look at your army strength and choose the difficulty level carefully so that you will not waste the Ceroli Crisis event.

Ceroli Crisis bosses

There are five levels of difficulty for you to choose

  • Easy
  • Normal
  • Hard
  • Nightmare
  • Hell

Of course, if you choose to play on the hell level mode, you will receive the best rewards from the event. But, if you want to earn that rewards, you will need a lof things to defeat the boss in Hell mode. What are these things? It is strong commanders, strong troops and many active buffs live runes, holy sites which is lay around the zone and war frenzy in order to maximize your combat strength.

And now we will talk about the game rules you need to know about the Ceroli Crisis event:

  • Ceroli Crisis will only open when your City Hall reach level 10
  • You are free to pick any difficulty level you want as long as you have reached minimum power requirements.
  • If you want, you can invite friends who have meet the minimum power requirements to join you in the fight.
  • You will have a chance to meet with many governors from multiple kingdoms.
  • You can not dispatch another army when you have started the boss raid battle.
  • You can only dispatch one army at a time.
  • When you leave the battle, all of your wounded troops when you fight against the boss will be healed immediately.
  • If you defeat the boss then you will receive your rewards at the end of the battle depends on how much damage you deal to the boss. The more damage you deal, the more rewards you received. However, if you deal below 1% damage, you are not meet the minimum requirement contribute to receive rewards.

Ceroli Crisis Store

Ceroli Crisis Store

Ceroli Crisis Store contains many goods for you to choose like Keira sculpture, Avatar Frame, and many many other goodies. You can use the coins you are rewarded after defeating Ceroli Crisis Boss to buy these items. If you can kill the boss at the higher difficulty level, you will receive more coins to buy items.

At the moment, there is no better way for you to receive Keira sculpture than the Ceroli Crisis event. In order to max Keira level as quickly as possible, you definitely need to raid the boss at the highest difficulty level which is Hell level to get as many coins as possible. With every Ceroli Crisis event, you can buy up to 50 Keira sculptures.

What does it mean? It means if you have bought all 50 Keira sculptures, you will have to wait until the next Ceroli Crisis event to buy more Keira sculptures.

Ceroli Crisis Rise of Kingdoms

Ceroli Crisis Raid Bosses

Currently, there are 5 bosses for you to defeat in the Ceroli Crisis event. Who are they? They are Keira, Frida, Astrid, Ironhand and an unknown boss name who will be revealed in the future. These bosses have their own unique skills, combat playstyle that you and your friends need to understand first in order to defeat them. If you choose the higher difficulty level then their damage will become much more dangerous and lethal as they deal tons of damage to your troops and it becomes more and more important to dodge them instead of take it.

If you ask me about the best Ceroli Crisis boss fight set up, I will say that one member of your team should play as a Tank. Why? Because you will need someone who can absorb heavy blows, reduce damage taken and self-healing while controlling the boss to focus on them in order to allow other members can focus on dealing damage. Then you must have two governers plays as damage dealers who will take responsibility for deal direct damage consistency. And last but not least, a support governer who can contribute debuff skill which can reduce the boss damage, health, defense.

Best Combos for Ceroli Crisis Bosses:

  • Tank: Richard I / Alexander the Great
  • Debuffer: Attila / Takeda Shingen
  • DPS 1: Any Calvary combo (Cao Cao / Minamoto)
  • DPS 2: Any Cavalry combo (Cao Cao / Genghis Khan)

Also, make sure that you are using the best possible talent trees for them.

Maybe you will ask: “Why do you use so much calvary? Why don’t you use infantry?”. The problem here is you will need a lot of speed to avoid any avoidable damage from the boss because the Ceroli Crisis Boss damage is devastating and you need to avoid as much as possible. The calvary speed will make your battle become more comfortable for sure.

keira ceroli crisis


If you are a new player who just getting started and learn how to play Rise of Kingdoms, Keira is the first level raid boss for you to get familiar with. She is quite easy to defeat once you have familiarized with her skills.

But do not underestimate her because she can drain your health to death easily with her barrage of arrows every time you making a mistake. If you want to defeat her in battle, you will need a very good raid awareness about what’s going on around you. And now is how to defeat Keira.

How to defeat Keira

Now we will talk about what do you need to defeat her. First of all, you will need a strong commander with an AOE active skills. This commander role in battle is gathering all the barbarian were summoned by Keira and defeat them with the AOE skill. Not only commanders will AOE active skills, but you will also need troops with high mobilized speed because you need to take cover from Keira attack as quickly as possible. If you have met both of the requirements then Keira is quite an easy boss for you to defeat.

Friendly tips for beginners:

  • Try your best to avoid the red circle because once its detonate, you and your allies will be slow down and make it harder to avoid other attacks.
  • Once your shields dome end of cooldown and activated, rush as quickly as possible to it in order to avoid getting hits by Keira arrows.

Frida Ceroli Crisis


Once you have entered the battle against Frida, you and your allies will have to move into four different positions of the maps which is East, West, North, South in order not to take damage from her AOE skill. Focus on her all the time once entered the battle but not when she gets frozen.

If you want to minimize the damage taken from Frida, which is certainly yes, then you need to move away your armies from Frida as far as possible while she is still frozen. On your wat moving around, try to kill small barbarian quickly as possible so you can thaw Frida.

Once she releases a massive shattering rings of ice around to deal damage, it means she has used her Thawing Point. You need to return and hit her at this time. Repeat this action times after times until Frida is defeated.

How to defeat Frida:

Once you can get familiar with Frida, she is quite easy for you to defeat. It is true that she required more situational raid awareness when it comes to comparing with the previous boss is Keira. Why? Because she has more avoidable hits and you must concentrate more to avoid her hits which can be avoidable. Here is some tips for you to beat them.

Friendly tips for beginners:

  • Move to 4 sides of the battle as quickly as possible
  • When Frida turns into Frozen, move your armies as far as possible from her
  • Kill small barbarians to thaw Frida
  • Once she has used her Thawing Point, return to your position to attack her

astrid ceroli crisis


Many governors considered Astrid as the easiest boss in Ceroli Crisis Boss but she still a dangerous and lethal boss if you underestimated her and go easy on her. Your raid will be ended quickly because her debuff and arrows are extremely dangerous if you do not know how to avoid them properly.

Astrid has some unavoidable attacks and debuffs. Your squad must communicate with each other carefully to decide about the debuff and when the squad should step out of it and return to the battle.

How to beat Astrid

If you and your squad can choose position wisely then Astrid is an easy boss to defeat. If you want to have an ideal setup then you should have the tank facing her all the time and the Spear Volley damage from her should only be taken by your tank. Why? Because every time she uses this skill, a debuff will be stacked and applied and the tank is the only one be able to take it. What will happen if you group it and take this skill? It means all the group will be applied to this debuff and her spear will deal more damage to all of you. If this debuff are too much for you to handle, you can go out of the battle and return when you feel comfortable.

Moreover, if you are fixated with Astrid’s Way of Fire, you must kite her until she drops. If you fail to do it then your commander will receive a critical blow that can deal enormous damage to your troops and turn your raid into a nightmare.

Friendly tips for beginners

  • Widen your squad
  • Kite Astrid if you are fixated
  • Wait outside the battle 10 seconds before come back to the battle if the debuff stack are too much for you to take.

Next Ceroli Crisis Bosses

The Rise of Kingdoms developers will add another 2 bosses in the Ceroli Crisis Event in the future. One boss will be called Ironhand and another boss who is still in the shadow because we haven’t known much information about him. But one thing we can predict is they are gonna much harder than the first three bosses.

We are extremely excited about the future update on the Ceroli Crisis Event. If you have any question or anything want to discuss with us, feel free to comment below. Happy ruling, governors.

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