Top 36 Rise of Kingdoms Tips

Best Rise of Kingdoms Tips shared by top players in the game to help you progress much faster and dominate other players with ease!

Rise of Kingdoms Tips

Top 36 Rise of Kingdoms Tips

  1. At the beginning of the game, try not to attack other players, and you need to focus on upgrading your City Hall. By attacking someone, you will lose the protection shield and become the target to every player around your City. You will lose more than you will gain.
  2. If you are willing to spend a little on this game, you should buy the Legendary Commander pack – Writers of History. For 5$, you will receive 66,375 gems worth of items, which are:
    • 1,000 gems.
    • 10 Starlight/Commander Sculptures.
    • EXP books.
    • 525 VIP points.
  3. Spend as many gems as you can on upgrading your VIP level. You will gain more daily rewards, and when your VIP level reaches 6, you will get a 2nd builder, which can help faster your progression in the game.
  4. Once your VIP level is 6, you can spend gems and resources on Merchant Shop to buy items (resources, speed-up) that are 80% -> 90% discount. Or you can save your gems for More than Gem event. You will get Legendary Sculptures, resources, bonuses, and unique items while spending gems on upgrading your VIP level.
  5. Always check the Mysterious Merchant’s Shop when it appears.
  6. Save your resource tokens in inventory for events and when in the battle. You shouldn’t use them while you are at peace.
  7. Germany, or China. These Civilizations all have a perk that helps increase gathering resource speed or building speed. Especially France, it has Joan of Arc as a starter Commander. She is one of the best gathering Commanders. And you can change to other Civilization later in the game by using the Civilization Change, which will cost 10,000 gems at the shop or gain through events.
  8. Learn how to make a jumper account and jump to a new kingdom. It will help you gain a huge head start in the new server.
  9. Focus on upgrading City Hall to level 22 and other required building to unlock a 5th queue troop. You can upgrade the rest when you are upgrading your City Hall.
  10. You can use speed items to upgrade City Hall to level 21 to unlock 4th tier troop.
  11. Alliance Center is the 2nd important building that needs to upgrade as soon as possible because it can help reduce research and building time as well as healing troop time.
  12. If you are a F2P player, you should aim for Tier 4 troops. Tier 5 troops will require lots of time and resources to invest so that only for players who pay or been playing for a long time.
  13. You should often do daily missions. The daily mission gives a lot of good rewards like: Golden key, speed-up, resource items, epic Sculpture, and especially gems, which is a vital currency in this game.
  14. Join an Alliance as soon as possible. In the early stage of the game, any Alliance will be fine. At least they will give you protection, a safe place to farm resources/Barbarians, and get help through Alliance Center. You can move to a stronger Alliance later in the game.
  15. Make sure that you receive all of the help from your Alliance allies before using any speed-up items. It can help save some of them to use when necessary.
  16. Don’t create a new Alliance if you are new to the game, better to save that 500 gems for other important things because manage an Alliance requires lots of experience of the game.
  17. Always send your scout when you have free time. When you find and explore a Tribal Village, Mysterious Cave, you can get the following rewards:
    • Resources.
    • Troops.
    • Basic economic technologies like: Masonry, Sickle, and Handaxe. The highest level technology that Tribal Village can give is 5. So you should upgrade military technology first until you reach Tier 3.
    • VIP points, the treasure of Cave, or Map Fragment (Mysterious Cave)
  18. Lohar’s Trial is the best event for farming, especially if you have one or more farming accounts.
  19. Always keep your research working because it can help increase your city power, and it usually takes a lot of time. You can turn on the notification in-game setting to know when your research is done.
  20. Train your troops as much as you can.
  21. Try to use all of your Action Points by sending troops to fight barbarians near your kingdom daily, and save all of your Action Points bottle for events.
  22. Commander level is very important because you will gain 1 talent point for every level. These talent points can help stronger your Commander as well as your troops.
  23. There will be some events that will require you to spend a certain amount of Action Points. If you are running low on Action Points bottle or just want to save them, you can send your troops to fight Barbarians or Barbarian Forts. Then cancel your action, the game will refund your Action Points. But the event will still count like you actually spent it.
  24. After using all of your Action Points, you can send your Commander to gather resources. Here are some recommend gathering Commanders: Joan of Arc, Constance, Gaius Marius. Sarka.
  25. These above Commanders are very easy to find in chest opening. You should level them up to 20, upgrade to rank 3, maxed out their farming skill, and then investing all talent points in the Gatherer branch. No further investment is required.
  26. In the early stage of the game, gathering resources is the best and most effective way to get resources to upgrade the building, training troop, and research technology.
  27. Siege unit is the best unit for farming resources because they have a large amount of capacity, 4 times more resources than other units.
  28. If you have lots of free time, you can set up 1 or 2 new farming account to boost resource for your main account
  29. Gathering in Alliance Territory have 25% more speed than usual. Your Alliance will also get 1% of gathered resources to upgrade advanced technology, build flag, and a new fortress.
  30. You can use Alliance credit to buy teleport.
  31. You can upgrade runes after activating them.
  32. Cavalry is strong on speeding, and it can counter archers.
  33. Infantry is strong on defense and it can counter Cavalry.
  34. Archer is strong on attacking, and It can counter Infantry.
  35. You should try to get 3 stars on every Expedition Missions to get free coins to spend on Expedition Store for Commander Sculptures.
  36. Typically, there are about 200 to 400 players in 1 server. (Not including farming account)

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