Rise of Kingdoms Combat Guide

In this following guide, we will show you some most of the necessary information about attacking and defending in Rise of Kingdoms. It can help your kingdom to success in the battle, reduce the loss, and maximize the battle reward.

attacking defending guide

There are 2 types of “plays” in Rise of Kingdoms:

  • PvP: Player Vs. Player (other Civlizations)
  • PvE: Player Vs. Environment (Barbarians, Barbarian Forts, Sanctums, Passes, Altars, etc.)

How to use Commander skills:

  • Every Commander in Rise of Kingdoms has their own skillset, including both passive and active.
  • There is no action required for the player to activate a Commander’s skill. They will automatically use it in the battles.
  • In order to use an active skill, the Commander must have 1,000 rages. For some Commanders, they may require more or less rage because of their ability, such as:
  • These active skills have a different types of effects, but they usually deal a certain amount of damage to a single or multiple targets immediately or via DoT (Damage over Time).
  • You can upgrade a Commander’s skill by using Sculpture of that Commander.
  • You can improve rage generation in the talent tree. Some active skills will also have rage regeneration after using it.
  • When in the battle, there will be a small bar next to the Commander’s avatar, which will show how much rage your Commander currently has.
  • If you bring a 2nd Commander with your main Commander, the 2nd will use their active skill right after the main Commander uses their ability.

Attacking in Rise of Kingdoms:

In Rise of Kingdoms, there are 4 types of main attack:

  • Normal Attack: This is a regular type of attack by just tapping attack normally to an enemy or barbarians on the map. It costs 50 Action Points.
  • Rally Attack:  This kind of attack consists of multiple armies (usually Alliance members) forming into a single enormous force to attack other Kingdoms, Alliance Fortresses, Alliance Flags, or Barbarian Fort. It costs 150 Action Points.
  • Attacking other Alliance Kingdoms: To do this, your Alliance Territory must be close to enemy Territory.
  • Reinforcement: This attack is to reinforce a rallying army to fill up the capacity.

A few reminders:

  • The size of a rally army depends on the level of the Castle of the host player. So the higher the level the better.
  • To upgrade the Castle, you will need some resources and the Book of Covenant. This book can be obtained by defeating Barbarian Forts on the map or can be purchased in the shop for 10 Gems.
  • While combating, your injured troops will be sent back into your hospital. If your hospitals capacity is low which leads to overload, your troops will be vanished from the game. To prevent this, you need to upgrade your hospital as much as possible.

Defending in Rise of Kingdoms:

  • Some players may not know that they can actually select their Commanders to defend their city. It is a quite interesting feature in the game.
  • This feature is very easy to do:
    1. Tap on the Wall.
    2. Choose 2 of your Commanders to defend your city.
  • It is best to use Commander with Garrison/Defend skill to protect your city. Here are some Commanders recommendation for new players:
    1. Sun Tzu.
    2. Eulji Mundeok.
    3. Hermann
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