How to Level Up Commanders Fast

You got tired of being defeated by other players who have their commander stay at a high level in Rise of Kingdoms? You are a free-to-play player and you always wondering how to upgrade your commander level as high as possible with the lowest fee as I once questioning myself? Then congratulate you, you have come to the right guide because in this guide, I will discuss with you the easiest and fastest way to level up your commanders level as high as possible. 

level up commander Rise of Kingdoms

Why do I say that? Because in this guide, I will show you some of my recommended strategies in order to maximize your progress in the Rise of Kingdoms. But, some notice before we start this guide is level up your commanders will take time and patient. But, once you have familiar with the progress and remain stable development, level up your commanders will not become a serious problem and you will maximize the first commander level within a couple of months. 

Now, without delay your time anymore, let us start on how to level up your commander fast in Rise of Kingdoms. 

Focus on One Commander at a Time

There is one mistake that many first-time players usually make is that you spread your focus on too many categories. What does this mean? This means you are focus on too many commanders at once. This will slow down your progress very much. Especially your power to go further in the Expedition Mode, defeat high-level barbarians and even your ability to join different events that require you to have strong power to defeat powerful enemies. 

As you already know, a high-level commander can bring back to you much more valuable things than a low-level commander. Do you know the reason? Because a high-level commander can easily dominate a low-level commander without much resistance as they have more power in every area. Not just dominate other players, high-level commanders can also help your progress develop a lot quicker than low-level commanders. They can defeat much stronger enemies which provide much better loots, rewards and experiment.

So, what is my advice here? Try to focus on one commander at a time and maximize his level. Choose carefully about the commander that you want to use because you are going to stick with that commander for a very long time. So, choose carefully and make sure that the commander you choose is a strong commander to leading your armies. You can visit my commander page to see the epic commander that I recommend you to start with but right now, I will drop my list right below: 

Best Epic Commanders for beginners: Sun Tzu, Baibars, Boudica, Pelagius, Osman I.

The main choice on your primary account should be one of them because they provide you strong combat abilities. But, if you have plans on running a different mini farming account then your top choice should be Joan of Arc. 

expedition Rise of Kingdoms

Do Expedition Mode to Build Up Experience Gain

Do you know what is the coolest thing about Expedition? That is if you have finished a mission with 3 stars then you will not have to do it again anymore. Everything you need to do is tap on the mission and collect the rewards which also including Tomes which you can use to upgrade your commander. 

When you have finished a mission, you will have more books every day which can be used to funnel your commander. In other words, the more mission you have finished, the more experience your commander will receive every day. Complete Mission in Expedition mode is a very fun way to receive a return from your investment. Make sure that you do this mode as often as possible to have as many books and Tomes as you can in order to maximize your commander level. 

vip 6 bonus

Increase Your VIP Status Level

Increase your VIP Level is also an easy way to level up your commander. Every day you will receive a VIP chest that contains many goods and the higher your VIP level is, the more goods you will receive. So, for beginner players in Rise of Kingdoms, I strongly recommend you to do anything to rushing your VIP Status to level 6.  

After reaching level 6 for VIP Status, you can do anything you want with the gems. You can continue to upgrade your VIP Level or spend your gems in something else you like. Many people decide that they will keep pouring gems in order to upgrade VIP Status. And actually, it is not a bad thing. Turn out, it quite good. 

Why do I say this solution quite good? Because you will not only be rewarded with experience books in this daily VIP chest. There are plenty of rewards which also important to your progress like golden keys, commander sculptures or even starlight sculptures. This item is crucial in terms of upgrading commanders. 

Do Sunset Canyon and Win Battles For Experience

Do Sunset Canyon and Win Battles For Experience

With every battle that you win in Sunset Canyon, you will be rewarded with 10 level 3 tomes. This level 3 tomes will give your commander 1000 experience with each tome. For a beginner, you can only fight the battle three times but it will increase when your VIP Status level up. 

What does this mean? What does having more turn to play Sunset Canyon? It mean that you can fight more battle and be rewarded more books. Many people choose to pay gems and upgrade the VIP level for this reason so I strongly recommend you do the same. 

Chain Farm Barbarians

Chain farm barbarians is a way to save your action points to different tasks. Why? Because you will not need to spend action points to dispatch your armies every time you send your commander to go out to farm barbarian. This action will save you a lot of action points and bring to you more experience. 

In order to make this work, you will need a commander with strong AoE skill as a primary commander. For this position, I recommend for you two commander which is Aethelflae or Baibars (you must remember that Sun Tzu will not work in this case because his skill is targeted not like these two commanders). Then your secondary commander should be a peacekeeper commander in order to increase damage and gain more experience.

You should use infantry for chaining farm. Why? Because when they are stacked, they will be very strong, tanky and will not lose barbarian cargo. This action allows you to group up barbarian much easier and will cost you no action points at all. A nice little trick to help you level up your commander much quicker.    


This is the end of this guide, governor. I am really hoping that you find this guide to be helpful and insightful for you to level up your commanders fast. One more thing, remember to log in daily to receive resources and increasing your gain. Remember, one commander at a time.


Once you have finished with this commander, do it again with another commander step by step. The more progression you made, the faster and easier it will be. I promise you this, governors.     


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