Alchemy Stars Beginner’s Guide

If you are new to Alchemy Stars, this instant guide will give you the straight and easiest roadmap!

Simply follow our tips and you will be golden!

Alchemy Stars Menu

Alchemy Stars Main Screen

Right side:

  • Explore
  • Quest
  • Colosuss (Homebase)
  • Recruit (Gacha)
  • Aurorians (Heroes)

Left side (miscellaneous)

  • News
  • Settings
  • Login

Bottom Screen:

  • Warehouse (aka Inventory),
  • Illustrations,
  • Formation (teams)
  • Aurorians – Upgrade Units

At the top right side are the Nightium (the game currency), Prisms (Stamina), and Lumamber (Gacha Currency).

Lumamber is the premium Gacha currency in the game. Make sure to use them sparingly for summons.


Star Flares are Gacha tickets a secondary currency for summoning so feel free to use.

Nightium is just gold/game the currency that will be spammed to level, ascend, breakthrough or any upgrade will use this as the game currency!


Prism = stamina so use it as you see fit!

alchemy stars currencies


Ascension in Alchemy Stars requires in game materials which have a 100% drop rate on certain stages!

alchemy stars ascensions alchemy stars ascension 2


Heartstone is the main resource for Breakthroughs in tangent with Dupes!

Breakthroughs are essentially reliant on the summon system

Just note that characters don’t require this in the beginning and they are just additive!

Heartstone Alchemy STars breakthrough alchemy stars

Maze or Labryinth mode

Secret Territory

Secret Territory Exploration: The great Secret Territory is the largest Eclipsites lair and also the largest ancient ruin. Countless precious relics and knowledge from the past are buried here, and many have come to explore this place of both crisis and opportunity.

Tower Mode

which possibly requires mono teams

tower mode

Side Story

side story

Gacha System

Gacha increases gacha rates after 50 pulls eventually going to 100% for a 6*!

Mainstay Pool Info:

  • This Prize Pool is permanent.
  • The initial chance of getting a 6-star Aurorian is 2%.
  • If a 6-star Aurorian is not drawn in 50 consecutive tries, the odds for getting a 6-star Aurorian in the next attempt go from 2% to, 3%.
  • The odds of getting a 6-star Aurorian go up by 1% each attempt until reaching 100% to, draw a 6-star Aurorian.
  • After getting a 6-star Aurorian, the count will be reset.

Aurorian Obtaining Chance Info:

  • 6-star Aurorian: 2.50%
  • 5-star Aurorian: 9.50%
  • 4-star Aurorian: 33.64%
  • 3-star Aurorian: 54.36%

Team Building

Just note that this game is purely PvE and its better to run a Mono Team if possible!

The best F2P mono team is Water/Blue as alot of the free characters that will be viable

Are also going to be blue!

3 Different Skill types

Chain Skills: Think of these as your Tile skills that provides Buffs after a certain combo of tiles has been reached

Active/Preemptive skill: These skills can be manually activated or start upon entering the battlefield. This is the most important skill in the game as it can turn the tide of Battle

Equipment Skill: These are passives that increase overall damage, defense, or any skills that dont have direct effects

Basic Team Composition:

  • Converter / Painters – to change Tile color easier access to Aurora time (grants extra turn)
  • Healers – to keep everyone buffed and healthy
  • DPS – depending on the situation bring more AOE Detonators or more Snipers Single target

Personally pulling for Raphael for Blue Teams as she does 2 roles

She can convert while also providing a huge heal. Most Converters also do not reset the entire field and keep the appropriate color tiles. So she is a 2 in 1 for utility!

Guide by Borkono Gaming

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