Feature Unlocks

As you progress in Alchemy Stars, there are more and more features and functions of the game getting unlocked.

The list below gives you the exactly mission you need to finish in order to unlock a specific function of the game!

alchemy stars features

Alchemy Stars Feature Unlocks

Unlocks Mission
Quests 1-5
Events, Announcements 1-9
Colossus 1-10
Terminal Interaction 1-12
Resource Stage Forgotten Snow (XP Farm) 1-14
Resource Stage Burning Aesthetic (Colossus Mat Farm) 1-16
Illustration (CG, Music, Story Cutscene Rewatch) 1-16
Store 1-16
Resource Stage White Night, Black Underbelly (Nightium Farm) 2-5
Central Plug (Bridge Upgrade Mat) 2-12
Resource Stage Tempering Illumina (Equipment Mat Farm) 3-7
Secret Territory 3-7
Extra Chapter: Chained Walker 3-13
Central Plug 4-7
Spire challenge 4-14
Extra Chapter: Hons & Ears 6-14
Central Plug 7-7
Extra Chapter: Holiday Café Corner 8-15


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