rush wars troopers

Bread and butter of warfare! Attacks air and ground at short range. Cool under pressure, but watch out for grenades!

Unlock: HQ 1

Troopers are an unlocked card at the beginning of the game. They are a double-target card, which although very long range, has a slightly small range.

If they are correctly positioned with any cards dealing damage in front, they can do a lot of damage to the opposing base.

They have a blue band on their forehead, a brown mustache, a blue jacket and a gun.

Troopers’ Stats

rarityCard Rarity typeType troop housing spaceSpace attack speedAttack Speed targetsTarget move speedMove Speed attack rangeAttack Range squad sizeSquad Size
Common Attack Troop 1 1.35s Air & Ground Fast 4 3

Level hpHP damageDamage dpsDPS
1 83 21
2 91 23
3 99 25
4 107 27
5 115 29
6 123 31 45
7 131 33
8 139 35
9 147 37
10 155 39
11 163 41
12 171 43
13 179 45
14 187 47
15 195 49
16 203 51
17 211 53
18 219 55
19 227 57
20 235 59

Strategy for Using Troopers

  • Place a tank card in front of the Troopers, they can do a lot of damage to the opposing base in this way. Plus you can beat enemy defenses faster with a damage card.
  • In addition to helping a tank card deal major damage to the opposing base, they can also serve as a tank card. Since they are quadruple, they can tank damage easily, so a favorable option, is to place a lower life card behind the Troopers, which is an important strategy for dealing damage.
  • 8 Troopers are already enough to destroy half of the opposing base without problems, protect some of these troopers to make a big attack, it doesn’t even have to be a tank, just some support card by your side, believe me, killing Shields using Troopers is an easy task.
  • They are also extremely helpful as a defense, when an opponent launches Shields to attack your base, Troopers are a perfect defense to counter them, so make sure you are using Troopers as a base defense, they work perfectly to this position.
  • In addition to serving as a tank, attacking troop and defending troop, they also provide support for a precise attack or precise defense, ie, position an ideal attacking or defending troop and use Troopers at your side, they will be able to counter opponents troops more skillfully and easily. After more updates, we will update this wiki in a matter of strategies.
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