Alchemy Stars Early Game Team Comps

If you are new to Alchemy Stars and still working on your early-game team comps, here are some of the best quick tips for you to get started!

Alchemy Stars Early Game Team Comps

By Juliwen#7209

For team comps in general it is recommended to run a mono color team.

The captain of the team can be off color because they will trigger no matter what tiles you connect.

You can switch who your captain is 3 times during a fight which can be useful when running a multicolor team, when you need a different character’s chain combo, or you want to do the color tiles of your off-color captain and thus switch to another unit to allow them to do their combo, etc.

Keep in mind that Spire is a mono color team challenge so you will build at least 5 different units per color eventually.

Units have their Atk stat separate but their Def and HP stat is combined during fights.

In Secret Territory Hp is separate for each unit and levels don’t matter, only Ascensions, Breakthroughs and Equipment. Keep in mind the counter system as well.

countering stats

6* and 5* units gain a secondary element at Ascension 3, this allows them to trigger on tiles of that secondary element at a reduced damage (untested, tentative 20% atk of the original). Or if their secondary element is the same as their main they boost their damage by on their on their main (untested, tentative 20% atk boost).

The order of your characters matter as it determines which chain combo triggers first. You want units that hit the nearest target enemy at the end of the comp so they don’t waste their dps overkilling something close by. You also need to consider abilities that trigger status effects and such.

On duo color teams, it will probably be weaker than a mono team, but might be doable depending on how strong your units are. Duo color team might be more viable once you get your Ascend 3 and new units get released, have to wait and see. Triple color or Rainbow is derp don’t do this please!

General Team Comp


1 Captain/DPS, 1 Healer, 2 Converters, 1 Flex

Note many units can fall into more than 1 category. Look at Pepi’s guide for information on units.

This is just an outline if you don’t know what you’re doing, different comps can obviously work.


Should be a unit with a convenient chain combo that hits large parts of the board, allowing it to hit multiple units. Their passive should give them benefits for triggering their normal attack or be a damage related ability. They can be off color to help mitigate being totally countered during tough boss fights.


Will heal your team, very important for the mission star requirement of keeping your team above 50% Hp as well as Secret Territory. Can be your captain at times if you lack a good on color healer.


Will paint the tiles to the colors you want, enabling strong Chain Combos, allowing you to trigger Aurora (extra turn). Very important as it would be difficult to get around the board and do meaningful damage otherwise.


Jumper/2x Combo/Converter/Something Else


A unit with a skill that lets you reposition yourself on the board. Useful if you are stuck in a corner, have enemies really far away  or needing to reposition to do a better combo.

2x Combo

A unit with a skill that causes chain combos to trigger twice this turn. Allows you to wombo combo that round if you combine with Converter active skill. (Seems to be bugged whether it will carry over in Aurora mode or not.)


More never hurts.

Example Team Comp

Here was my mono-blue team at the end of CBT 2image23

example team comp alchemy stars

  • Off Color Captain/DPS:  Schwartz
  • Converter/Captain: Barton
  • Healer/Converter: Raphael
  • 2x Combo: Hydrad
  • Converter: Sariel

Hopefully you can build up your own strong and working Alchemy Stars Team Comp with ease after reading this guide!

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