Daily Missions & Activities

Here is the complete list of all daily activities and missions you want to do while playing Alchemy Stars.

daily activities alchemy stars

Daily Activities & Checklist

  • Upgrade Colossus Rooms (Order to upgrade)
    1. Bridge (Unlocks rooms and higher upgrades)
    2. Resource Station (Unlocks higher tiers of Resource Missions)
    3. Dispatch Office (Give you higher chance of 6* expeditions that give you more Lumamber/Pull Currency)
    4. Prism Pillar (Gives you Prism/Stamina & increase Prism Cap)
    5. Exploration (Gives MS and unlocks more stages for Secret Territory)
    6. Workshop (Allows you to craft ascension material for your characters)
    7. Starlight Chamber (Gives Hearthstone used for Breakthroughs for characters)
    8. Lumina Grid (Increase Firefly cap use for upgrading rooms, upgrading does not increase Firefly regen amount)
  • Claim Dispatch Office Missions
  • Claim Hearthstones
  • Claim MS (If you haven’t finished Secret Territory and still need MS. Leftover MS is turned into Text Fragment at 1 to 10 ratio. Used for Text Fragment Store)
  • Progress Quest Missions

Use Prisms/Stamina 

(1 Stamina per 6 minutes, Claim Prism Pillar, Use Recharge Packs)

  1. Colossus Room Upgrades
  2. Story Progressions
  3. Max Stars Stages (Come back later if too hard)
  4. Achievements/Branch/Growth (Can be done in the side story of the main mission)
  5. Ascension Material for your main team (Progress Spire first if you can)
  6. Xp Crystals
  7. Equipment Upgrade Material
  8. Nightium (Do when you run out basically)

Daily Activity Missions

(Missions give 10 points, 100 points are needed for max daily reward, if you get 120 you can claim another login reward from the monthly login incentive. There are 140 points total so you can skip some missions.)

  1. Complete Terminal Interaction Once (Login out and back in at different times might trigger one, consider rationing them)
  2. Clear Stage Once
  3. Clear Stage 5 times
  4. Clear Stage 10 times
  5. Defeat Eclipse Boss Once (Have to go out of your way)
  6. Complete Resource Maintenance Once
  7. Complete 1 Dispatch Quest
  8. Enhance Aurorian level once
  9. Purchase Guild Items Once (Consider rationing shop purchases)
  10. Recruit Aurorian Once (This one is worth 20 points, consider rationing yellow beacons)
  11. Colossus obtains Prism once
  12. Give Aurorian Gift Once
  13. Communicate with Aurorian Once (Cutscene event that triggers in the ship,

Consider rationing this, however claim the first cutscene with Vice, Dove, Angel and Zoya which unlocks the Lobby, Lounge, Cafe and Bar rooms)

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