Alchemy Stars: Reroll Guide

Like other gacha games, if you are a free-to-play player or you just want to have a better start, rerolling in Alchemy Stars is something that you must consider working on.

Alchemy Stars Reroll Guide

Which Alchemy Stars Server for Rerolls?

The first step to this game is actually selecting which client and which server you want to play on.

We have two clients, one solely for the US server and a Global Client that will include the Global, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia server.

The game’s language is based on the language of your device, not the server, and will include English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

Daily reset time base on UTC timezone(for what time is convenient for you)

  • US: 5 am (most likely)
  • Global: 5 am
  • JP: 8 pm
  • KR: 8 pm
  • SEA: 9 pm
  • LATAM: 8 am

Originally the US was supposed to be part of the Global server as well however there were technical issues apparently. As a result US will not be eligible for CBT rewards and the Web Gacha Event, the devs said they would try to give the US server Robyn in another way on the test site but it isn’t there on the live site aka limbo!

The US server does not seem like the ideal server to start on and play for longevity. If you want an English community Global server would be preferred. If you want to maybe get preferential treatment JP server would be best. Just be on the global client is the main thing.

I will be playing on the Japan server and you should too!

Alchemy Stars Reroll Process


  • No apparent way to delete data for rerolling found
  • Can’t bind prelaunch web gacha event to a guest account
  • Found out the hard way IOS has apple id and Android has gmail you can’t switch the two between the platforms!
  • Facebook/Twitter/Line account that wasn’t used for web gacha can bind to guest accounts fine.
  • Fire has new Alice 4* as the main healer
  • Can use to manually change android ID for rerolling:
    1. Download Bluestacks Version of Alchemy Stars
    2. Log out of your existing account.
    3. Force stop and clear data from Android settings
    4. Close your BlueStacks instance.
    5. Download BSTweaker!
    6. Launch BSTweaker and set Emulator to BlueStacks 4 64-bit in the Settings tab.
    7. Launch, then select the instance you want to reset.
    8. Switch to the Device tab and click Random on the Android ID section, then apply it.
    9. Launch Alchemy Stars. You will be able to create a new guest account, and have to redownload the 80mb patch.
  • So it actually was two limited banner, right the first time, Hiiro and Bethlehem missing. Revert opinions to before Forest!
  • A bunch of nerfs and buffs happened, they nerf Raphael!


  • 10 additional Yellow Beacons in the mail til July 18th 1:30
  • 3 Additional Yellow Beacons till June 23rd
  • Remember to claim the giftcode: alchemystars

Reroll Set Up

For rerolling, Bluestacks is recommended for easy root access.

There are 2 ways to rerolling:

First way: You can clone a fresh install of the game without opening it using Bluestacks. I had issues with LD Player doing this, Bluestacks didn’t have issues!

Second way: Use salted emails when creating an account by adding different combinations of periods into your email.

[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], etc.

The disadvantage is you might not be able to bind your Facebook/Twitter later for rewards (unclear if multibind will be allowed, will update).

The CBT reward seems to be an email verification based on the Twitter post. So you might be able to bind a different email at the start!

Quick Reroll

Once you have the app ready, start the game and pick the guest option.

(You can bind your email/twitter/facebook later and claim any rewards you have. You can’t unbind your gmail or other accounts?)

For the beta we finished the tutorial after coming to the menu for 1-4 which is a cutscene, just play and skip it. This will take around 6 minutes from the start of the app.

The pre-register reward gave us 600 Lumamber(premium currency) and 2 Yellow Beacons (Mainstay banner pulls).

A pull is worth 300 Lumamber.

Once you complete the tutorial you will have 300 Lumamber, an additional 1500 Lumamber will be in the mail and 1 Yellow Beacon from the daily login event. Another additional 10 pulls from launch.

That’s 2400 Lumamber and 13 Yellow Beacons total. You can spend the Lumamber for 8 pulls on the Rate Up Banner/Mainstay Banner or 16 Pulls into the Beginner Banner which is 50% off.

(Warning 6* rate seems to be worse on beginner banner due to the guarantee 6* at the 21st pull). 13 Yellow Beacons will be 13 Mainstay Banner pulls)Alchemy Stars Reroll Guide 1

Alchemy Stars Thank You Gift Alchemy Stars Thank You Gift 2

Extended Reroll

You don’t have to do this. Pace yourself, it’s a game, it’s meant to be enjoyed.

So how would we reroll given this case, well we would progress the main story till stage 1-16 and skip through the cutscene at 2-1.

This will take 30 minutes give or take depending how fast you can play the game. Each stage mission and side mission gives 50 Lumamber on first clear and 50 Lumamber for 3 stars. Each cutscene mission gives 50 Lumamber. Stage 1-9 and 1-16 are boss stages and give a Yellow Beacon for 3 stars instead.

This is 1350 Lumamber and 2 Yellow Beacons. Full 3 stars clear for all Chapter 1 stages also give 3 more Yellow Beacons. Full 3* star clear might take longer or be difficult, losing 1 Yellow Beacon and some Lumamber for speed isn’t the worst. You will get an additional 10 Yellow Beacons in your emails as well after Stage 1-16.

Expected Launch Rewards available in mail after 1-16:

Alchemy Stars Reroll Guide 3 Alchemy Stars Reroll Guide 4

Total combined that’s 3700 Lumamber and 18 Yellow Beacons. Based on this we could do 12 pulls on the Rate Up Banner/Mainstay Banner or 20 Pulls into the Beginner Banner and have 2 pulls on the Rate Up Banner/Mainstay Banner. (Warning 6* rate seems to be worse on beginner banner due to the guarantee 6* at the 21st pull). 18 Yellow Beacons is 18 Mainstay Pulls.

My advice is to save Beginner Banner for later after you finish rerolling.

Store Pulls When Rerolling

(Not that relevant for rerolling might be a few extra pulls)

Store Pull 1 Store Pull 2 Conversion Info

Info is wrong, it’s 25 Star Gems for 4* dupes.

First Two Limited Banners

Alchemy Stars Limited Banner 1 Alchemy Stars Limited Banner 2

Note: it uses a blue beacon versus the yellow beacon that is given out in the story, in rewards and bought in the shop. It is the same price, 10 pulls for 3000 Lumamber.

Both Carleen and Uriel will be really strong characters at launch. Base your decision on your waifu, element or what not.

Speculate Second Two Limited Banners Might be Hiiro and Bethlehem.

Beginner Banner

beginner banner

After 21 pulls you will get a guaranteed 6* on the 21st pull of 1 of the 4 showcased Converters each have the same active skill just different color (1st pull is a scripted Ms. Blanc. Eicy has a 3 CD versus 2 CD of the others).

Is 50% off in close, though the drop rate of 6* seems to be worse than Mainstay without factoring the guaranteed 6*.

Mainstay Banner

Mainstay Banner

The Mainstay Pool is permanent, Star Beacons are available for Recruitment. The initial race for 6-Star Aurorian is 2%, if a 6-Star Aurorian is not drawn in 50 Recruitments, the odds for getting a 6-Star Aurorian in the next attempt go from 2% to 4.5%. If a 6-Star Aurorian is still not drawn in the 51th attempt, the odds for getting a 6-Star Aurorian in the next attempt go from 4.5% to 7%. The odds of getting a 6-star Aurorian go up by 2.5% each attempt until reaching 100% to draw a 6-Star Aurorian. After getting a 6-Star Aurorian, the count will be reset.

Aurorian Obtaining Chance Info

  • 6-STAR AURORIANS (Probability: 2%): Eicy/Jona/Charon/Victoria/Irridon/Wrath/Gronru/Michael/Migard/Gabriel/Nikinis/Sariel/R aphael/Connolly/Sharona
  • 5-STAR AURORIANS (Probability: 9.5%): Schwartz/Barbara/Maggie/Istvan/Leona/Benny and Curo/Regina/Faust/Mia/Beverly/Nemesis/Vivian/Keating/Louise/Sikare/Areia/Cuscuta/Pact/Odi/Corax/Kleken/Barton/Hydrad/Noah
  • 4-STAR AURORIANS (Probability: 33%): Brock/Patty & Patsy/Chandra/Nails/Joanie Boom/Tessa/Ansia/Lilliam/Nadine/Rabbie/Kafka/Jola/Lester/Uriah/Wendy/Sylva/Kuma & Pengy/Constantine/Chloe/Jane/Michenny/Ms. Blanc
  • 3-STAR AURORIANS (Probability: 55.5%): Tiny One/Pepi/Sork & Bekk/Chainsaw Rick/Eho/Angel/Unimet/Amy/Clover/Leah/Ophina/Jomu/Dove/White Dwarf/Seleucid/Zoya/Korgon

Best Reroll Aurorians

Take with some salt. Order matters a bit. Not up to date with launch nerf and buffs but still should be relevant.

Some characters didn’t have their proper stats in the CBT and may be subject to change on release, new characters might be revealed, etc.This was originally gonna be a tier list but then I realized I’m gonna get pitchforked so have some reroll recommendations instead.

Water Aurorians

Water Aurorians

The most well rounded color with a solid foundation. Has the strongest healer orientated character Raphael followed by Philyshy which is helpful for Secret Territory. Raphael and Carleen especially standout as two units that are really stacked in abilities.

Carleen Limited Banner, Bethlehem probably next banner.

Fire Aurorians

Fire Aurorians

Fire is fairly strong, Charon and a bit less so Uriel stands out as two units with stacked ability. Victoria requires a new unit that applies Bleed status to really shine. Uriel similarly requires Burn status synergy but this is far more common. Alice 4* is the main healer.

Uriel Limited Banner.

Forest Aurorians

Forest Aurorians

Forest feels the weakest among the colors. Hiiro and Gabriel stands out a bit here. Hiiro is an interesting Converter/DPS and Gabriel has some interesting duo color potential though using her effectively can be hard. The main healer is Uriah a 4*.

Hiiron probably next Limited Banner.

Thunder Aurorians

Thunder Aurorians

Thunder overall has some excellent units, though only Irridon and Sorla (who honestly should be a 6 star) have abilities that stand out here. Interestingly Thunder does not have a 2x Combo character, their top choice for healer is Nadine a 4*.


Hopefully, you have found this Alchemy Stars Reroll guide helpful!

Don’t never forget that it’s just a game and the point of it is just to have fun! Don’t try hard too much on restarting and rerolling your accounts or you will miss a lot of interesting features of the game!

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