Advanced Alchemy Stars Tips

Here is the complete list of our best Alchemy Stars tips and tricks for you to progress into the game much easier!

(Assuming that you have followed our Alchemy Stars reroll guide for the best possible start).

alchemy stars tips

Alchemy Stars Tips and Tricks

General Tips

  • Save for 10 pulls for a  chance to get achievements related 10 pulls like get 2 6*
  • Ration out some of your daily quests objectives
  • Complete achievements on side stages of the main story that don’t cost Prism
  • You can only send 50 friend request in 1 day
  • Don’t use all your Grey Common XP crystals up, save at least 5 or even 10 so you don’t waste XP later using the rarer XP crystals
  • Buying XP crystals with Stargems (limited store currency) once at the start might not be the worst idea (tentative idea)
  • Xp, and Nightium required for Leveling Up and Ascending is higher for rarer Units
  • Don’t waste Nightium purchasing material in the shop, you will not have enough later for leveling and ascending characters.

Combat Tips

  • Most enemies move 2 tiles and can’t attack diagonally
  • Keep an eye out to trigger free Auroras (15 tile combos) of other colors
  • Auroras can be trigger once per round, not once per fight
  • If you kill all enemies while triggering a Aurora you will save a round
  • Double click in place to attack in place, don’t do this by accident
  • Converting a tile will remove enemy spikes and counters
  • Auto Fight AI will always use abilities when they’re off cooldown. Jumpers also aren’t used properly, be warned.
  • When next to an enemy moving to even 1 on color tile triggers Normal Attacks for everyone in a mono team versus an off color tile that only the captain Normal Attacks for

Secret Territory Tips

  • Buy furniture first to increase mood and increase the chance of receiving Lumamber gifts from characters
  • Leftover MS is convert to Text Fragments at a 1 to 10 ratio
  • Preemptive Skills is really strong
  • Treasure room has no enemies just step on the 3 pressure plates
  • Healing Room gives 5 MS and revive 1 or heal 50% to 2 random Aurorians
  • Thief room will run away really quick unless you have the relic that delays them
  • Having two teams of different elements to switch to when countered is a consideration but you can do fine with 1 really strong team with a good healer

Advanced Alchemy Stars Tips

Once you’re happy with your account, you should proceed through the main story and follow the quest tasks, try to use up your Prisms/Stamina and progress as fast as possible.

You can skip the cutscenes, they can be rewatchable in the illustration menu later.

Once you unlock your colossus, upgrading your colossus is a priority over progressing story missions. (Refer to Upgrade Colossus Rooms, Story Unlocks and Quest Rewards)

You should always use up your Fireflies (building resource) as many of the rooms give valuable perks. You should always do the highest resources missions for efficient stamina usage so increasing the Resource Station first is important.

Leveling up your account level increases the Prism cap (refer to Level Progression) and recharges you for the same amount of Prisms on top, excess will overflow.

Prisms regen 1 per 6 minutes. You get 1 free quit of each stage (daily?), you have to select it through the menu. The second time will deduct 1 Prism. Closing out of the game/crashing will always deduct 1 Prism.

The game at the start will make it so that you barely don’t have enough stamina to hit the next level so you need to wait a few hours.

Progressing quest gives recharge packs which give 60 Prisms which allows you to progress faster, if you’re a whale you can recharge Prisms if you want.

For your character you should level them mostly evenly, prioritizing your Captain/DPS/Healer more so you can ascend them to unlock their equipment.

Remember to give gifts(can be found in gift boxes or purchased in the store) and do breakthrough (uses Hearthstone, a limited resource from dupes and from the Starlight Chamber room) to your character for boost stats.

Upgrading equipment can wait till you have the highest tier Resource mission unlocked since it’s not that critical early on.

You can borrow a character from a friend for your 5th slot during missions but you will not be able to get 3 stars for that stage, most content is easy to do without borrowing.

Some boss fights might be tricky so if you’re struggling just borrow a friend’s unit and progress with the story.

Notably, bosses fights like 2-15, 3-7, 7-14 and 8-14.

Remember you can click and hold over enemy units to see their next move so you can plan your turn.

You should farm your ascension material on stages with regular drop rates which are 100% guaranteed drop.

Compare the stages yourself if there’s more options to see what material they offer and what you need. Farming mats instead of progressing the story so you can level and ascend your Captain/DPS/Healer earlier on is okay, but ideally you should be able to get by with the mats that come from just doing the story missions, quest rewards, spire rewards, and later the workshop.

Most content wasn’t that difficult and could be passed using only Asc 2 characters in the CBT 2 anyway.

Drop rate of Ascension Material on Regular drop %

  • Grey Common Drops can be 2-3
  • Blue Uncommon Drops can be 1-2
  • Purple Epic Drops will be 1

Jasper Crystal Tiers (XP Mat)

  • Grey Common is 100 (150 for element bonus)
  • Blue Uncommon is 500 (750 for element bonus)
  • Purple Epic is 2000 (3000 for element bonus)

XP and Nightium required for leveling and ascending characters vary between units of different rarity. The rarer they are, the more expensive it is.

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