Best Rush Wars Tips for New Players

Below are, we believe, some of the most useful Rush Wars Tips for all new players to have the best possible start in the game.

beginner tips

Attack Tips

  • If you win a battle with 3⭐️, you earn 5 gold Gold for every unused troop and 20 gold Gold for every unused airdrop. If you assure that you can win the battle without using the cards left, keep them to get the bonus Gold.
  • Aim to win the battle without using airdrop.
  • Event If you don’t have any key yet to open the chests, just keep grinding to collect more Gold.
  • Do not waste coin by skipping easy bases. Try to fight against every base you find because maybe you can win them all!
  • One of the best early-game team composition at the moment is by far 3 Shields + 3 Bazooka (Chopper level 3 required). However, let us know If you have any better team composition!
  • Explosive barrels only deal damage to defending units.

Defense Tips

  • Your defense layout (or your gold mine base) changes every 24 hours.
  • Always set up defenses after each reset.
  • Do not place your defenses close to each other and close to the explosive barrels.
  • Since the defense box has no cooldown, you can earn more defense boxes if you get attacked more.
  • Defense box is most likely equal to the common box.
  • Join a team, donate Gold to get the bonus defense from high HQ such as Dummy, Freeze Mine, Tesla, Rocket Trap etc. Only 1 bonus defensive card can be activated at the time. The bonus item doesn’t count towards the defensive housing space.
get bonus defense card by joining a team in rush wars
Get bonus defense card by joining a Team in Rush Wars

General Tips

  • You can collect gold Gold every hour.
  • Every hour, you receive a key. Max 5 keys can be stored.
  • Every 3 hours, you receive a free box. Max 2 boxes can be kept at the same time.
  • Do not spend a lot of Gold on upgrading. Choose the best cards to upgrade.
  • Try to remember how cards work:
    • Do they do splash damage?
    • Can they attack air units?
  • Higher-level HQs require more costs to start the fight. Do not upgrade your HQ hurriedly.
  • Leveling Chopper to unlock new areas. Area, as you can probably notice, is the theme of your base. New Areas mean more defensive layouts and possibly more rewards.
  • Chopper level 3 unlocks Megacity area, which is the modern city theme containing freeze exploding barrels like the screenshot below:

megacity area

If you have any other Rush Wars tips for new players, please comment below and help us build up this page!

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