Ultimate Guide to HQ4

I have been playing Rush Wars since the first day and currently at HQ4 with about 2.5k stars. I am not saying that I am a pro player. I also do not have the best strategies in the game. But I believe that I have a good understanding of the current game concept, which is able to be dominating at HQ 4.

rush wars hq4


With Rocket Truck

Before the first update of Rush Wars, Rocket Truck was available at HQ4 (It’s now available at HQ5 only). If you are lucky enough to get Rocket Truck, it’s the best offensive card for you at HQ4, regardless of its level. Having a level 9 Rocket Truck is enough to wreck almost every gold mine you find.

An optimal army composition for Rocket Truck is:

rocket truck rush wars shields rush wars Sneaky Ninja Rush Wars heal rush wars

The basic idea while using this army comp is to will a narrow road, place the Sheilds down, followed by Rocket Truck. Your main targets are Lasers and Cannon. Use the Healing when needed to protect your truck. Then, clean up the whole base with your Ninja.

It’s also very important to know what troops/building your Ninja can solo kill. The biggest counters to your Ninja are Cannons, Lasers so you want to take them out first using Shields + Rocket Truck.

Mass Troopers + Shields

This is another OP combo for HQ4. However, it doesn’t feel like a strategy. You simply place massive troops. But it works.

3xrush wars troopers3xshields rush wars Boost Rush Wars

This is a very cheap army composition, which is pretty excellent at clearing out an open area. Splitting lane is recommended. Having one lane with more troops allows you to wrap around later. Try to use Boost to cover as many troops as possible. Having Coach helps you boost troops easier and more frequently.

Upgrading Cards

This is based on your own preference. For me, I am focusing on upgrading my cards as much as I can before upgrading the HQ:


  • Easy to farm money.
  • Each attack only costs 10 Gold. It costs 20 Gold per attack at HQ 5.
  • You can spend less time on upgrading cards later on in the game.
  • Excellent for Dominations as you can easily sweep other HQ4 players with your high-level cards.
  • Normally, Domination forces you to use the new unlocked cards. By upgrading all of your cards to high level at once.


  • Missing out new stronger cards.
  • Using the same troop compositions over time.


TL;DR: Jetpacks

Domination is very easy if you know how to carefully plan out the plans.

Jetpacks, or all air units, are super strong in Dominations because it’s not guaranteed that players will receive air-targeting defensive units for their bases. There are tons of times when you only need to place down 1 air unit to wipe out the whole enemy base.

During the draft, it’s very important to pick Tank (cleaner-upper) as it deals splash damaging and is perfect counter to Sneaky Ninja.

Make sure you have them even before looking at airdrops and commanders. Your base troops are the most important.

Only use your Commander when you cannot wipe out the base without them. You always can re-use the troops you haven’t used yet.

Here are some basic tips for you to keep in mind when attacking the enemy bases:

  • Try to create the funnel.
  • Try to take out the troops that block your cleaner-upper.
  • Do not use your Commander unless you cannot destroy the base without them.
  • Play Domination slowly and pick the base apart.
  • Take note of the enemy card levels.
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