Update v0.104.3 – The First Rush Wars Update is Finally Here

Hi guys,

Today, Supercell have successfully delivered the very first update for Rush Wars. Let’s take a quick look at the new features and changes in the game!

What’s News?

New Gold Packs

Need more Gold for upgrades? Check out the new Gold Packages to fill up 10%, 50% and 100% of your Gold Storage!

rush wars gold packages

Battle Speed

After the last defense is taken out, the speed of the game immediately gets boosted by 250% so you can quickly destroy all of the left buildings! Rush more!

New Maps

Added 5 interesting Megacity maps.

Card Levels Adjusted

There are some new changes to the card levels. This is simply a visual update. There is actually no new level added.

This new change helps simplifies the readability in Rush Wars and allows you to compare differing power levels of each rarity!

The cards in-game now start from these levels to level 20:

  • Commons: Level 1 → Level 20
  • Rares: Level 5 → Level 20
  • Epics: Level 9 → Level 20
  • Commanders: Level 13 → Level 20


  • Limited to iOS 10+
  • Battle Log allows viewing player profiles.
  • Key Timer shows when out of keys.
  • New cards you claim from the chest will no longer get skipped.


  • Sneaky Ninja: After deactivated, invisibility will not switch back.
  • Bazooka extra damage bug fixed.
  • When troops leaving the Boost area (including Coach’s skill), affected for next 0.5s instead of 2s.

Unlock Changes

  • Mortar: HQ 2 → HQ 3
  • Tank: HQ 2 → HQ 3
  • Bazooka: HQ2 → HQ3
  • Laser: HQ3 → HQ4
  • Rocket Truck: HQ4 → HQ5
  • Helipod: HQ5 → HQ6

And Other Changes:

  • Player’s profile nows display correctly in Dominations (Preparation Day)
  • Fix bug causing troops getting stuck on lower bridge
  • Domination rewards not adjust to player’s HQ.
  • Not able to remove the last member from a Team.
  • Team chat opens at the latest received message
  • Fixed the Bonus Defense exploit.
  • Card upgrade sequence can be skipped by tapping.
  • Fixed bug causing music turning off when checking defenses as spectators.
  • Rocket Truck’s attack looping SFX fixed.
  • Fixed bug causing people not able to see other players league badge.
  • Attack Stars now do not count towards player’s total attack Stars.
  • Fixed bug that makes Ninja not able to find his path.
  • Fixed crashing on some devices.
  • Minor text changes/edits.
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