Complete Phone Booth’s Tips

Do you know that when you click at the phone booth in Rush Wars main screen, it will display a lot of interesting tips for you to get mega rich?

Below we have the complete list of all tips shared by the phone booth in Rush Wars, so far. Oh wait… How does the phone booth speak? Maybe there is someone inside?

Complete Phone Booth's Tips

Complete Phone Booth’s Tips

  1. So what did he tell you about us ‘ And can you really trust a dude in a dinosaur costume? We’ve seen him eat PB&J sandwiches in ther
  2. Hello again. You wanna get mega rich huh? We can help. Just sign here. We’ll take your silence as a non-verbal agreement.
  3. What’s more valuable than gold? LOTS of gold There’s a global gold rush happening and you do not want to miss out.
  4. Getting mega rich ain’t easy, but we’ve got a few tricks to share. Start by joining an active Team, OK?
  5. Firstly be a good Teammate Chatty, friendly, etc. Earn their trust ya know?
  6. Secondly, donate to their bonus defense research. You gotta spend gold to make gold.
  7. Thirdly, join your Team’s Daily Domination. This is where you can scoop up a lot more gold. and fame.
  8. Now that we’ve helped you, you will help us. Just like it says in our agreement, Well be in touch.
  9. Someone has stolen the manuscript for our next archaeology novel It’s called Dig Lemon Boat Ages We need it back.
  10. We’ve found the manuscript. There’s jam on it. Probably Bearman. Find out what else he took. Check his pockets.
  11. Just a peanut and some floss?
  12. Hello, taxi? sorry wrong number
  13. At the end of a battle, unused cards get turned into bonus gold!
  14. Join a Team to face off against other Teams from around the globe in a Domination!
  15. When you flee from a wolf, you run into a bear.
  16. You can research a bonus defense if you’re in a Team.
  17. Exploding barrels don’t damage your own troops. Phew!
  18. Airdrops don’t damage your own troops.
  19. Storm Area 54, they can’t stop all of us.
  20. Free Boxes are delivered to your camp every few hours. Sweet!
  21. You gain every Star you defend at your Gold Mine.
  22. Commanders have special abilities that can be used multiple times during a battle.
  23. Upgrading your Chopper allows it to travel farther and take your troops to new locations!
  24. Gotta go fast.
  25. The Log knows what’s up.
  26. You can save troops and airdrops to deploy DURING a battle!
  27. Have you noticed those suspicious-looking hazmat dudes hanging around?
  28. Coach’s special ability boosts your units’ attack speed and movement speed.
  29. Lady Grenade’s special ability serves up a volley of grenades in front of her.
  30. Bearman’s special ability makes him charge forward smashing through and into things
  31. Mothers special ability hires a couple of loyal Henchmen to do her bidding.
  32. BIG ‘s special ability allows him to jump forward and land with a S.T.O.M.P
  33. Rumor is… The Dummy’s mustache is actually a croissant.
  34. Be excellent to each other.
  35. In team Domination, you can attack as many times as you have troops left to use!
  36. In Team Domination, the key to victory is being efficient with how many troops use per attack.
  37. Get the Chopper!
  38. You can store a second bonus defense, ready to be placed while you still have one active in your Gold Mine.
  39. Every bit of damage you deal to a Star Building adds to the gold you get at the end of the battle!
  40. You can remove obstacles, such as exploding barrels, from your Gold Mine and Domination bases.
  41. When removing obstacles from your Gold Mine or Domination bases, sometimes you will find Gems.


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