Domination Guide (Clan Wars)

Domination in Rush Wars

domination button rush wars

Domination (or Clan Wars) is indeed one of the most attractive parts of Rush Wars. It contributes a lot of cards to the long-term gameplay and definitely helps you intertwine with the other members in your team easier.

You can easily navigate to the Domination page via the button located above the Attack button, on the left side of the screen.

During the Clan Wars, there are 2 main phases:

  1. Preparation Day: Set up 3 defense bases. Troops and defenses are preplaced but can be adjusted.
  2. Attack: Attack until you have no troops left to use.

Only Leader/Co-Leader can choose the participants and launch the Domination. To start the Team Wars, a Team needs to have at least 5 people.

rush wars domination

Preparation Day

  • Each Team Member is given 3 random defense bases.
  • Defensive structures/troops are also randomly given.
  • The number of defense units you receive is based on your HQ level.
  • Levels of cards are based on your own card level.
  • Defensive bases are freely to adjust during the preparation day. Layouts are locked during battle days.

Best Tips for Preparation Day

  • Check the information of the enemy team by having a member leaving your own Team, searching for their Team and check for HQ levels, chopper levels etc.
  • Adjust your bases with the given defense units.  Check out the Tier List to see which are the best cards in the game.
    • In case you are lower than the average of the opponents, or you get low tier defense units, focus on defending 1 ⭐️.
    • In case you are slightly stronger or equal to the majority of the enemy Team, or you get good defense units, try to defend 1-2 ⭐️
    • In case you are way stronger than any of them, or you get top-tier defense units, do it in practice.
  • If the enemy team has some HQ5+ and you are able to handle Paratroopers, prepare to deal with them. If you are not able to handle them, just set up the defense as normal.
  • If there isn’t any HQ5+ in the enemy Team, no need to worry about building things in the back. You can put defense units in front.
  • If you don’t have any anti-air defense, just set up the base normally.
  • If you have only 1 anti-air defense, put it in a safe position, protected by others.
  • If you have multi air defense units, spread them out and place them closer to the front.
  • Do not upgrade every single card you have, especially If you are free to play players. This will hurt your long term gameplay by a lot. Only upgrade the best Rush Wars cards.

domination overview

Battle Day

  • Players receive random troops and airdrops to attack the enemies. If you already have a Commander, you will also get a random Commander based on your HQ.
    • The number of cards you receive is twice the capacity you have.
    • The number of troops you receive is x4 the capacity you have.
  • Each player has 3 chances to chance one of the cards to get another random card which has the same type.
  • Card levels are based on your own card levels.
  • As long as you have unused troops, you can attack as many times as you want.
  • The troops/airdrops/commander you used in the battle will be removed afterward.
  • You will not lose any card If you don’t use them in the battle.
  • You can only attack unlocked enemy bases. The direction of the war goes from the bottom base to the top base.
  • You can only attack non-3-starred enemy bases again only after your Team gets at least 1 star on every base they have.
  • The winner gets extra Gold + Gem.
  • Depending on the number of stars each team achieves, the rewards might vary.

Best Tips for Battle Day

  • Uses 3 chances of changing your cards to build the best possible team compositions.
  • A good attack composition should have:
    • Ranged Units such as Bazooka, Laser, etc. paired with tankers like Boxer, Gorilla, etc.
    • Swarms like Troopers, Henchmen paired with Shields and Coach.
    • Jetpacks (situationally).
    • Use Airdrops accordingly based on your compositions.
  • Scout the enemy bases. Pick the suitable ones for the composition you have.
    • For example, If you have Jetpacks, focus on ones that don’t have or have few anti-air defenses. Take all of those anti-air defenses out then release your Jetpacks to get 3 stars.
  • In case you do not out-level the enemies, do your best for 3 Stars because you don’t usually get this chance.
  • If you out-level them, try to grab as many 3-star wins as you can so that your Team members will have the second chance to attack the non-3-starred bases.

domination chest

Other Domination Tips

  • Communication is the key. Create a group chat using Discord, Whatsapp, Facebook or any.
  • Always let your Team members know the cards you have, the bases you will attack so that you can easily see who are suitable for attacking which bases.
  • Check all bases before the battle. Leave the non-air bases for Jetpacks.
  • All players shouldn’t draft for cards at the same time. Do it one by one so that your Team can make the best army compositions for the remaining bases.
  • The best trick to avoid bad matchmaking in Clan Wars is to avoid doing big-sized wars (more than 10 participants). Good Teams always go for 20 Vs. 20 wars.
  • It’s okay If you perform not really well. You do not always have good team compositions.
  • Do not blame your Teammates.
  • The Domination Rewards might be not too much but they contribute to the long-term gameplay a lot.
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