Best Team Compositions for New Players

Hey guys, in this article, we are going to put all of the best team compositions for new players together here.

Hopefully, after checking out this article, you will find it a lot easier to raid goldmines and become super rich!

Best Team Compositions for New Players in Rush Wars

Best Team Compositions for New Players

3 Shield, 2 Hotshots, 1 Bazooka, 1 Heal

Shared by FilthyFreshman

Excellent Vs.:

  • Bases that have small melee troops such as troopers, shields etc.
  • Bases that have close/exposed Mortar.

Bad Vs.:

  • Laser (Too OP! Supercell please nerf him!)
  • Huge cluster damage such as Pitcher, Rockets etc. However, they can take them out quickly If they are close enough.

How to use?

It’s best to place them like the gif shown above. However, you can absolutely place the troops differently based on the enemy base.

Use the Heal Spell when the Hotshots start taking damage. The Shields have tons of HP so no need to heal them too soon.

You want to have most of your troops targeting a weak area of the enemy base and they can start dispersing from there. This can be either ineffective or very effective depending on the rest of the base (is it Mortar, splash damage dealers. etc.)

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