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Hey guys, this is the very first Rush Wars Tier List for kinds of cards in the game, including troops, commanders, airdrops, defenses, and F2P upgrades.

The Tier List is created and shared by leonardliulg. All rights go to leonardliulg. (Thank you a lot for sharing this outstanding list with us!)


  • Tier S > Tier A > Tier B > Tier C > Tier D > Tier F
  • In the same tier, all cards have the same weight.
  • Tier S: All cards in this tier are literally overpowered. Focusing on using them gives you the best chance to win the battle. It’s always worth it to spend your Gold on upgrading them.
  • Tier A: Excellent replacements of Tier S cards when the Tier S cards in your inventory are not high-level enough.
  • Tier B: Only use these cards when you don’t have any better option.
  • Tier F: Never use these cards!

rush wars tier list

Rush Wars Tier List v2.0

Attack Tier List

Tier Cards

Super versatile, can fit in any comp.

shields rush wars

Great options, core attack troops.

hotshot rush warsrocket truck rush wars

Excellent at some aspects.

bazooka rush warsSneaky Ninja Rush Warsboxer rush warslaser rush warskungfu Rush Wars

Can perform well in specific situations or with some comps.

rush wars trooperspitcher rush warsjetpacks rush warshelipod rush wars

Not good enough to be built in comps.

Gorilla rush warsplumber van rush warsblaze Rush Wars

Complete trash. Don’t use them.

tank rush warshenchmen rush wars


Defense Tier List

Tier Cards

Can be used on every single map.

mortar rush warswalls rush warsdummy rush warsfreeze mineTesla Rush Wars

You will never go wrong with these cards.

pitcher rush warscannon rush warslaser rush warsrocket trap

Providing great value with a good defense design.

shields rush warsplumber hole rush warsgatling rush warsBox Ninja Rush Warsrocket truck rush wars

Can be used if you know what you are doing.

rush wars troopershotshot rush warsbazooka rush warsbomb rush warscluster cakeplasmagunkungfu Rush Wars

Avoid using even if you are a big fan of them.

tank rush warsGorilla rush warsboxer rush warsblaze Rush Wars

Why do you even consider using these cards?

mines rush warsjetpacks rush warsplumber van rush warsSneaky Ninja Rush Warshenchmen rush warshelipod rush wars


Airdrop Tier List

Tier Cards

Supercell might be crazy if they don’t nerf this.

Invisibility Rush Wars

Providing good value/great mechanic

satelitte rush warsparatroopers rush wars

Good with some comps.

heal rush wars

Invisibility = infinite radius fridge.

fridge rush wars

I haven’t used them since reached HQ 5

arcade rush warsBoost Rush Wars


Commander Tier List

Tier Cards

Coach = 3 star

coach rush wars

Underrated, actually doing well.

mother rush wars

She’s here because of the glitch / a better version of bear.

lady grenadeB.I.G Rush Wars

I use him to bait mines and traps only…

bearman commander rush wars


Rush Wars Tier List v1.0

F2P Upgrade

Tier Cards
S paratroopers rush warsshields rush warspitcher rush warsmortar rush warscannon rush wars
A Invisibility Rush Warshotshot rush warsbazooka rush warsplumber hole rush wars
B laser rush warscoach rush wars


Commanders Tier List

Tier Cards
S coach rush wars
B lady grenademother rush warsB.I.G Rush Wars
F bearman commander rush wars


Attack Troops

Tier Cards
S laser rush warsbazooka rush warsshields rush wars
A boxer rush warsrocket truck rush warsGorilla rush warshotshot rush warsrush wars troopers
B   jetpacks rush warspitcher rush wars
F henchmen rush warshelipod rush warsplumber van rush warstank rush wars


Defense Troops

Tier Cards
S laser rush warspitcher rush wars
A bazooka rush warsrocket truck rush warsrush wars trooperstank rush wars
B shields rush warsboxer rush warsGorilla rush warshotshot rush wars
F Sneaky Ninja Rush Warsjetpacks rush warshenchmen rush warshelipod rush warsplumber van rush wars



Tier Cards
S paratroopers rush warsInvisibility Rush Wars
A heal rush warsfridge rush wars
B arcade rush warsBoost Rush Wars


Rush Wars Defense Buildings

Tier Cards
S mortar rush warswalls rush warsfreeze mine
A cannon rush warsplumber hole rush warsBox Ninja Rush Warsplasmagun
B bomb rush warsgatling rush warscluster cakedummy rush wars
F mines rush wars



Those are only personal opinions, feel free to let me know your points of view and discuss in the comments.

HQ5 is the best level for f2ps at the moment. Paratroopers, Boxer, Invisibility and Rocket Truck can help you get 3 stars way much easier. I recommend rushing to HQ5 and stay at the level for a while. Farm gold and upgrade your favorite cards to a decent level (tbh, I don’t really know, maybe 13-15).

Don’t be afraid to push your trophies (or stars), the trophy road rewards above 3000 can be collected again every season.

Additionally, I feel like the star count for stars above 3000 you get every season may have some uses in the future, like they did in Clash Royale.

Remember the games is still in beta and it’s only been 2 weeks. We all know how long Brawl Stars was in beta. Supercell is listening to the community and making improvements. We will see how they are going to fix all these issues. Let’s hope the best.

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