Welcome to our guide for Abaoji in Infinity Kingdom. In this following guide, we provide some basic information to give you an overview of his power, active skill, and the most suitable partners for him in Infinity Kingdoms. Our goal is to help new and experienced players play Abaoji effectively to earn as many advantages as possible in any fight.



Title: Snake of the Prairie
Troop Type: bowmen Bowmen
Attribute: lightning Lightning
Position: range Range
Rarity: Elite

Abaoji Introduction:

Abaoji appears as an Elite Immortal in Infinity Kingdom. If you want to play the Lightning element, he certainly is one of the best choices to start with. He possesses an ultimate ability that can hit multiple enemy targets. It also has a debuff effect, which is the famous trait of Lightning Immortals since most of their ability all come with a status ailment. The debuff can reduce the enemy’s magical defense, which makes them exposed to magical damage, especially to the physical Immortals, who don’t have much resistance against it.

Abaoji Infinity Kingdom

There are many ways to collect Abaoji’s fragments since he is only an Elite Immortal. You can use the advanced summon in the Hall of Immortals, daily sign-in, and exchange event where you must complete a certain number of assignments to receive points to trade.

Abaoji Shards

Abaoji Pros & Cons:


  • Amazing Immortal for beginners to start with.
  • Has a powerful AoE skill that can penetrate the enemy’s defense.
  • Has a decent base stat.
  • Very effective in PvP and PvE.


  • Has a low energy restoration rate.

Abaoji Skills:

Starry Pearl

Abaoji launches an arrow that blows up when it hits a target, causing physical damage to all enemies within the range. It also reduces their magical defense for 9 seconds.

Upgrade Preview:

  • Damage Rate: 75%/ 100%/ 125%/ 150%/ 175%/200%/ 225%/ 250%
  • Magical Defense Reduction Rate: 13.5%/ 18%/ 22.5%/ 27%/ 31.5%/ 36%/ 40.5%/ 45%

Starry Pearl is a pretty good ultimate ability because, at a max upgrade, it allows Abaoji to do 250% of physical damage to all enemies and penetrate their magical defense by 45%. The magical defense reduction is extremely useful when you have a magical Immortal in your team. It is quite odd since all Lightning Immortals’ main damage source is physical. However, it is still usable in the early game when you don’t have many Immortals, and you can easily switch to more powerful Lightning Immortals when reaching the late game.

Recommended Passive Skill:

  • Abaoji is a physical attacker that can do a lot of damage as well as support magical commanders by reducing the enemy’s magical defense. Since you mostly use him in the early stage of the game, you should focus on offense abilities to maximize the damage output. Additionally, you can pick a healing ability to provide support to your team since the Lightning formation is lacks healing.
    • Onslaught: A passive skill that is very to access because it only requires level 1 on the Tower of Knowledge. It increases the physical attack of your Immortal.
    • Silence: A very nice skill to have due to its effect. It can silence a random target, preventing them from casting skill for 4 seconds. It also causes physical damage to that target.
    • Support/Grace: You can choose 1 of 2 healing abilities. One is a single target healing (350%) and the other is an AoE healing (200%).

Pairing Partners for Abaoji:

  • Niels Ebbesen: An Uncommon Immortal, very easy to find fragments. He can deal a ton of damage to a single target. A nice Commander to have in the early game.
  • Bedivere: A Rare Immortal. Just like Niels, he can do a serious amount of damage to a single target. If the target is under the Silence effect, he will deal additional damage. It is very suitable when equipping the Silence ability to Abaoji.
  • William Wallace: A great tanker. He has an AoE ability and can silence multiple targets. Definitely worth using.
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