King Arthur

Welcome to our guide for King Arthur. In this following guide, we provide some basic information to give you an overview of his power, active skill, and the most suitable partners for him in Infinity Kingdoms. Our goal is to help new and experienced players play King Arthur effectively to earn as many advantages as possible in any fight.

King Arthur

King Arthur

Title: King of Camelot
Troop Type: cavalry Cavalry
Attribute: wind Wind
Position: defense Defense
Rarity: Epic

King Arthur Introduction:

King Arthur, who is the Ruler of Camelot, is a Wind Immortal in the Infinity Kingdom. He excels at controlling cavalry troops and being a defender in the front row, to a certain extent, offensive side depending on your decision and strategy. He is definitely an Immortal who you can trust to protect your resources, kingdom, and clan members due to his powerful skillset. Not only it can reduce the damage taken of all types of damage, including magical and physical, but it also gives him the ability to reflect the damage to the attackers. Because of that, King Arthur is your best choice to counter any strong opponents in a large-sized battle.

king arthur infinity kingdom

There is limited access to King Arthur’s fragment, which means that you can only find his shards through using the Philosopher’s Stones, using gems in the Lucky Spins, or getting them in the Mysterium. Although the chance is quite low, these options are the best way to collect his fragments in the game, even if you are willing to spend some money.

King Arthur Pros & Cons:


  • A powerful tanker.
  • Can easily do a ton of damage.
  • Awesome Immortal for holding the frontline.
  • Has a high energy restoration rate.
  • Extremely helpful in PvP.
  • Can be used to counter Lightning element


  • Vulnerable to magical damage.
  • Difficult to collect shards.

King Arthur Skills:

Wind Ruler

After activating the ability, King Arthur will receive less damage from any sources. He also has a 60% chance to reflect the damage to the attacker for 6 seconds.

Upgrade Preview:

  • Damage Reduction Rate: 10.5%/ 14%/ 17.5%/ 21%/ 24.5%/ 28%/ 31.5%/ 35%
  • Damage Reflected: 15%/ 20%/ 25%/ 30%/ 35%/ 40%/ 45%/ 50%

Wind Ruler is a powerful defensive ability since it provides King Arthur additional damage reduction to both physical and magical damage. It is extremely useful to use against strong nukers or damage dealers since it can mitigate a portion of incoming attacks. It also gives him a high chance to reflex half of the damage dealt back to them at a max level. Wind Ruler is no doubt a sweet and great skill!

Recommended Passive Skill:

Since King Arthur plays a very important role in the frontline, it is our priority is to find abilities that can help him survive during a fight. It is also necessary to improve his energy regeneration rate to maintain active skill uptime. The more times he can use his active skill, the better chance that he can help you win the fight.

  • Fighting Master: A great defensive skill that both gives King Arthur Immunity to crowd control skills and extra damage reduction.
  • Will of Angels (optional): You can pick this skill if you want some extra support for your team. A nice skill to help the weakest troops in your team.
  • Sacrifice: It is an aura ability that gives bonus damage to 2 random ally units in exchange for some of your damage. It is a decent skill since it can improve the overall damage of your main damage dealers.
  • Cleave (optional): If you want to improve King Arthur’s physical damage, you should invest in this skill. It gives him some extra utility when dealing with multiple enemies.
  • Adrenaline Rush: A must-have skill because you want Arthur to use his ultimate ability as many times as possible during the fight.

King Arthur Pairing Partners:

  • Saladin: He is one of the strongest conquering Immortals in the game due to his powerful active skill, which can deal tons of damage to multiple enemies at the same time. If you regularly take part in open-field fights, he is the best option.
  • Qin Emperor: A great support that can provide many useful buffs like attack speed and additional damage. He also has a debuff that can prevent the enemy target’s from being healed – very effective against any healers.
  • Baldwin IV: He is our main damage dealer in the Wind team. A powerful wizard that can easily shred the enemy team with his magical strength. His ability allows him to hit multiple targets with insane damage.
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