Welcome to our guide for Yoshitsune. In this following guide, we provide some basic information to give you an overview of his power, active skill, and the most suitable partners for him in Infinity Kingdoms. Our goal is to help new and experienced players play Yoshitsune effectively to earn as many advantages as possible in any fight.



Title: Legendary Samurai Commander
Troop Type: Bowmen
Attribute: Water
Position: Range
Rarity: Epic

Yoshitsune Introduction:

Yoshitsune, the Legendary Samurai Commander, is the name of a Water Immortal in Infinity Kingdom. He is a very powerful range Immortal that is capable of dishing out massive damage to multiple enemy targets. He specializes in controlling archers and excels at utilizing his combat abilities on the battlefield. Additionally, he has an ultimate ability that has a unique effect that is to do additional damage against weak enemies. It is a very powerful effect since it allows him to quickly eliminate the enemy targets from the battlefield.


To find Yoshitsune shards, you can do the normal way which is to use the advanced summons in the Hall of Immortal, the Lucky Spin event where you must spend lots of gems and some luck, or you can slowly collect them by doing the Mysterium content, which will open every 2 days, so make sure you don’t forget to do it. You can purchase his fragment in the Alliance Shop with 6,000 Alliance coins daily, but your Alliance will need to reach level 9 to use this option.

Yoshitsune Token

Yoshitsune Pros & Cons:


  • A very powerful archer.
  • His active skill has a huge amount of damage, it also has an interesting effect that can help him easily get rid of weak units out of the fight.
  • Can be used in both PvE and PvP.
  • Can counter Fire Immortals at ease.
  • Has high physical stats.


  • Has a low energy recovery rate.
  • Vulnerable to magical damage.

Yoshitsune Skills:

Sky Feather

Yoshitsune shots 3 arrows, each of them will hit a random enemy target, causing physical damage. If the target’s troops are less than 50%, the amount of damage will increase by 50%.

Upgrade Preview: Damage Rate: 123%/ 164%/ 205%/ 246%/ 287%/ 328%/ 369%/ 410%

Sky Feather is truly an amazing ultimate ability. At max level, it can nuke a full health unit with 1230% physical damage. That is an insane amount of damage that no other Immortals in the game can do right now. It also comes with an effect that does 50% more damage to any enemy unit that has less than 50% health. Therefore, no one wants to face him in fights, especially in the long one.

Recommended Passive Skill:

Since Yoshitsune is an Epic Immortal, he has 3 skill slots to equip with. The first skill that you certainly want to add is the skill that can improve his energy restoration rate. The other 2 are the skills that can improve his fighting capability and can push his overall damage during a fight.

  • Adrenaline Rush: A must-have skill for every physical damage dealer, it can restore a significant amount of energy with every normal attack.
  • Duel Master: A passive skill that increases physical attack, it also grants immunity to the Wound effect. You can change to Anger if you want to improve the active skill’s damage.
  • Berserk: It is an aura that increases the attack speed, which is quite fit for Yoshitsune since he has a high physical attack stat. It also adds some extra healing with every successful normal attack. The bonus HP is a quite nice effect but it can’t compare to the Water Dragon’s healing ability, so you can change to Cleave when dealing with multiple enemies in a fight.

Pairing Partners for Yoshitsune:

  • Dido: She is an Immortal with powerful defensive skills. She can give her ally teammates a shield that increases physical defense. It also casts a chill effect that can slow down the enemy’s attack in the fight. She can play a very important part when you have to deal with any physical damage sources.
  • Attila the Hun: A physical attacker in the front line. He also has the ability to silence multiple enemy targets, preventing them from casting any abilities. It is a crucible factor that helps Yoshitsune deal with powerful nukers.
  • Harald III: He is a tanker that possesses a hefty active skill. It can deliver high damage to the enemy in the front row and lower their defense.
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