Welcome to our guide for Mulan. In this following guide, we provide some basic information to give you an overview of her power, active skill, and the most suitable partners for her in Infinity Kingdoms. Our goal is to help new and experienced players play Mulan effectively to earn as many advantages as possible in any fight.



Title: Heroine of Wei
Troop Type: cavalry Cavalry
Attribute: wind Wind
Position: attack Attack
Rarity: Elite

Mulan Introduction:

Mulan is an Elite Immortal in Infinity Kingdom. She comes with the nationality of China and incredible powerful conquering ability, which focuses on offensive and city-attacking tactics. Her special ability allows her to deal a huge amount of damage to a single target, it also enhances her power with a superior defensive effect which can help her avoid getting hit from any type of damage, whether magical or physical. It is very useful since it can notability increase her survivability in some contents, such as open-field battles or any PvE events.

Mulan Infinity Kingdom

To collect her shards, you will have to mainly use the advanced summon in the Hall of Immortals. It is the best place to gather her fragments due to her rarity. After fully summoning her, you can start purchasing them in the Market by using the Soul Crystal. There are also some special events where you can exchange special currency for Commanders’ shards, but it does not happen regularly.

Mulan Pros & Cons:


  • An awesome Elite Immortal with high damaging active skill.
  • Amazing defense buff ability.
  • Has strong attack capabilities.
  • Great PvP and PvE Commander.
  • Quite strong in the early-mid game.
  • Has a high energy regeneration rate.


  • Vulnerable to magical damage and Fire element.

Mulan Skills:

Breaking Attack

Wu Lan launches an attack with her spear, causing physical damage to an enemy target. The attack also grants her a dodge effect. It lasts 6 seconds and it does not stack with other dodge bonuses.

Upgrade Preview:

  • Damage Rate: 153%/ 204%/ 255%/ 306%/ 357%/ 408%/ 459%/ 510%
  • Dodge Rate: 5.7%/ 7.6%/ 9.5%/ 11.4%/ 13.3%/ 15.2%/ 17.1%/ 19%

Breaking Attack is a very powerful active skill. At max level, it has a damage rate of 510% which can quickly eliminate an enemy in the early-mid game. Although it is not an AoE attack, it is still a deadly skill if you choose the right talent for her. It also gives her a 19% chance to dodge which is extremely helpful during a fight since it is one of the strongest stats in the game. It lets Wu Lan evade normal attacks and skills, which is nice to have when facing strong nukers.

Recommended Passive Skill:

Since dodge is a quite good mechanic in this game, Mulan’s defense will mostly rely on it. Sadly, the dodge chance from the ultimate ability does not stack with other sources so we can’t further increase it. Therefore, it is our priority to focus on pushing her overall damage, especially the ability to deal with multiple enemy targets.

  • Chaotic Blade: A great skill that allows Mulan to inflict physical damage to 3 random enemy units every 6 seconds. It also causes a bleed debuff, which doing continuous damage for 6 seconds. You can switch to Cleave later for better damage.
  • Adrenaline Rush: It is the best skill for every damage dealer, it grants them additional energy with their normal attacks.
  • Anger: A passive skill that can increase physical damage of Mulan’s active skill.

There are plenty of more abilities that you can choose but since she is an Elite Immortal, she can only equip 3 skill slots at a time.

Mulan Pairing Partners:

  • Arminius: He is a great tanker in the frontline. He possesses an ability that has a massive amount of healing as well as the bonus physical damage reduction. Although it can only buff himself, it is still a great skill since it can help him hold the frontline steadily against all kinds of enemies.
  • Robin Hood: A great archer who has a powerful attack. He is also capable of reducing the enemy’s attack speed in combat, which is extremely helpful since it can reduce the damage dealt and their energy restoration rate.
  • Jebe: Another strong-range physical attacker just like Robin Hood. He can cancel all enemy buffs with his active skill.
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