All Infinity Kingdom Codes

Below we have the complete list of all working Infinity Kingdom Codes.

All of the codes are up-to-date and double-checked before getting shared here!

Infinity Kingdom Codes (Full List)

  • godson
  • sweethug
  • ayeyahzee
  • loserfruit
  • rifty
  • bordie
  • messyourself
  • oompaville
  • grothe
  • returngift
  • merlinday
  • nozdrin
  • tgiafd
  • noharm
  • aprilfools
  • gorgeousday
  • omniarch
  • lastswagger
  • shinchi
  • fleisch
  • stridox
  • jeffo
  • legendrhony
  • samsung
  • beakerslab
  • sumsangus
  • tribegame
  • ojgame
  • natwithaheart
  • carbonfin
  • censor
  • nagatogame
  • echogame
  • infinity
  • clashwitheric
  • chiefpat
  • rey
  • kairostime
  • lex
  • iferg
  • noraverse
  • eroshov


How to use Infinity Kingdom Gift Codes?

Follow these simple steps to redeem the IK Giftcodes we shared above:

1. Tap on your avatar locating at the top left of the screen.

go to account avatar to redeem gift codes

2. Next, go to the Settings menu, being located at the bottom right of the screen:

go to the settings menu to redeem codes

3. Tap on Redeem to go to the Gift Redemption menu.

redeem code option

4. Enter the gift codes you got from the list at the top of this page:

enter infinity kingdom gift codes

5. Press Confirm and receive rewards:

infinity kingdom gift code rewards

The amount of rewards might seem not a lot to you, however, if you use all of the redemption codes above, you will definitely receive a huge amount of free resources that definitely help you in the long term of the game.

Keep coming back to this page for more gifts in the future. We will do our best to update the list every day!

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