Shadow Dragon Guide

Welcome to our Shadow Dragon guide in Infinity Kingdom. In this following guide, we will cover all basic information about him, including where to find him, upgrade cost, and how to upgrade his ability.

Shadow Dragon

Infinity Kingdom Shadow Dragon

First of all, we have to mention that Melanthios, the Shadow Dragon is a heavily P2W unit in the game. If you are a F2P player, it is impossible for you to obtain him, even if you are a low-medium spender or plant to spend years playing this game. The reason for this is because the only way to obtain the egg is to purchase the privilege chest which is only available for VIP 15. It will cost you tons of money just to reach VIP 15, purchase the chest, and a lot more just to unlock his full potential.

However, he is certainly worth the price since he is the ruthless, deadliest, and most powerful Dragon in the game. He possesses a destructive power that can easily eliminate any enemies who dare to face him on the battlefield. When pairing him with shadow Immortals, they all get a huge stat boost through element affinity.

His active ability allows him to deal a massive blow to an enemy’s unit. Although it is not an AoE skill, it has twice the amount of damage as the Fire Dragon, and it also casts a debuff to 1 random enemy unit. The debuff is called Mental Decay, every time an enemy unit on the battlefield takes damage, the unit under the debuff effect will also take 10% of that damage. It is an insanely strong skill since it can drain the debuff target’s health quickly and eliminate them out of the fight in no time when you have a heavy hitter on the team. It is quite easy since most Shadow Immortals own an enormous strength, more powerful than any other faction. However, to obtain them and max out their skill is quite difficult since the Shadow is a P2W faction, after all, spending gems on some special events is the only way to get their shards.

Melanthios’ 2nd ability is an awesome crowd control ability that can silence 3 random targets during the fight, preventing them from gaining energy or casting skill in a certain amount of time. It is a very effective skill to use against strong nukers since it does not allow multiple enemies to perform any ability to damage your troops or gain any healing. It is a skill that can help turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Shadow Dragon Shard

Finding the Shadow Dragon Crystals is quite tough since there is the only way to get them, which is through Theia’s roulette. The event has only appeared in the game recently and it normally lasts 3 days. In this event, you will have to spend gems to spin the wheel and it is also the best opportunity to find Shadow Immortals’ shards.

Shadow Dragon Skills

  • Dark Breath: Melanthios releases a deadly breath, causing true damage to 1 random enemy unit and leaving them under the Mental Decay effect. Whenever a unit on the battlefield takes damage, the debuff makes the targets receive 10% of that damage.
    • Direct Damage: 83,000/ 167,000/ 250,000/ 375,000/ 542,000/ 750,000/ 1,000,000/ 1,290,000/ 1,620,000/ 2,000,000
  • Eclipse: Melanthios has a chance to silence 3 random enemy targets, making them unable to cast any skills or restore energy for 8 seconds.
    • Silence Rate:5%/ 54%/ 58.5%/ 63%/ 67.5%/ 72%/ 76.5%/ 81%/ 85.5%/ 90%
  • Force of Evil: All Immortals gain additional dodge and crit rate. When all Shadow Immortals’ strength is higher than 60%, they gain bonus damage.
    • Crit Rate: 12%/ 14%/ 16%/ 18%/ 20%/ 22%/ 24%/ 26%/ 30%
    • Dodge Rate: 12%/ 14%/ 16%/ 18%/ 20%/ 22%/ 24%/ 26%/ 30%
    • Bonus Damage: 8.25%/ 9%/ 9.75%/ 10.5%/ 11.25%/ 12%/ 12.75%/ 13.5%/ 14.25%/ 15%

Shadow Dragon

Dragon Phases

Egg Phase:

As mentioned above, you need to buy the privilege chest that is only available for VIP 15 to gain the Shadow Dragon Egg.

Infancy Phase:

At first, Melanthios comes out as a shy little Dragon and likes to hide in the shadow. You can add him to your Shadow team for the extra stats. Since his specialty is a damage dealer, his offensive stats which are physical and magical are high compared to other stats. They can significantly improve the output damage of all Shadow Immortals.

Adolescence Phase:

He has more power and can now use his 1st ability. In order to unlock his skill, you will need to upgrade his level to 5 with 20 Shadow Dragon Crystals and a small amount of gold.

Adulthood Phase:

His power is further increased by unlocking the crowd control ability. It can silence multiple enemies, leaving them fear and struggle to gain energy.

Elder Phase:

This is when Melanthios reaches his final form. He gains a massive stat boost and the 3rd skill, which improves the fighting capability of all Shadow Immortals.

You will need to prepare tons of gold and 80 Shadow Dragon Crystals to reach this final phase.

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