Lightning Dragon Guide

Welcome to our Lightning Dragon guide for new players. Including basic information, and tips on how to utilize his strength for maximum efficiency on the battlefield.

Lightning Dragon

Infinity Kingdom Lightning Dragon

The name of the Lightning Dragon is Taranis. If you want to play the Lightning team, he is certainly the best choice here since he can provide lots of stats through his abilities and element buffs. His specialty is to deadly attack and to reduce the enemy’s fighting capability. In terms of damage, he is considered the second-best dragon, right after the Shadow Dragon.

His active skill allows Taranis to release a lightning attack that deals true attack to the entire enemy team. It is a very dangerous attack since true damage can bypass magical and physical attacks, which means that there is nothing to defend against that skill. Additionally, any enemies are under the Stun effect will receive double the damage, which makes him, and Richard I are a deadly duo. Together they can easily wipe out the battlefield in no time.

Taranis’s highest attribute is magical attack, it is not quite fit the Lightning Immortals since most of them specialize in inflicting physical damage. However, he still has a decent number of stats compared to other Dragons.

Just like every other Dragon, he must go through 5 phases in total to reach his final form:

  • Egg Phase
  • Infancy Phase
  • Adolescence Phase
  • Adulthood Phase
  • Elder Phase

In order to upgrade his level and his skill, you will need gold and Lightning Dragon Crystal. You can find gold in dwelling buildings or the Forge, and defeat the Giant Breaker boss to obtain Crystal.

Lightning Dragon Skills

The Lightning Dragon has 3 skills. The 1st one will be unlocked when his level is 5, the 2nd when it is 15, and the third is 25. The better the ability, the more Crystal you will need to upgrade. Therefore, you will need to develop your Kingdom quickly to farm high-level Giant Breaker.

Here is the list of his abilities:

  • Lightning Shriek: Taranis unleashes lightning damage that causes true damage to all enemy units. If the target is stunned, they will receive double the damage.
    • Damage: 38,000/ 76,000/ 114,000/ 171,000/ 247,000/ 342,000/ 455,000/ 588,000/ 740,000/ 911,000
  • Lightning Cage: Taranis casts a debuff on 3 random enemy targets, causing them to deal less damage with normal attacks. The debuff lasts 12 seconds.
    • Damage Reduction Rate: 49.5%/ 54%/ 58.5%/ 63%/ 67.5%/ 72%/ 76.5%/ 81%/ 85.5%/ 90%
  • Ghostly Drumming: On the battlefield, all allies Immortals receive bonus Crit, and dodge rate. Additionally, whenever an Immortal casts a debuff on the enemy, all Lightning Immortals will receive more damage. The effect can stack up to 5 times.
    • Crit Rate: 12%/ 14%/ 16%/ 18%/ 20%/ 22%/ 24%/ 26%/ 30%
    • Dodge Rate: 12%/ 14%/ 16%/ 18%/ 20%/ 22%/ 24%/ 26%/ 30%
    • Bonus Damage: 1.65%/ 1.8%/ 1.95%/ 2.1%/ 2.25%/ 2.4%/ 2.55%/ 2.7%/ 2.85%/ 3%

Lightning Dragon Egg

Egg Phase:

When completing Chapter 10 in the story mission, you will get a Lightning Dragon Egg. You can hatch it in the Dragon Cave.

Lightning Dragon Infancy Face

Infancy Phase

In this phase, Taranis will break the egg and come out as a cute baby dragon. You can now add him to your team formation. However, he cannot do many things in this phase besides giving bonus attributes to all ally Immortals.

Lightning Dragon Adolescence Phase

Adolescence Phase

He is 2 times bigger and faster than before. By reaching this phase, he can now cast the 1st ability, which causes true damage to all enemy units.

To reach this phase, you will need a small amount of gold and 20 Lightning Dragon Crystals.

Lightning Dragon Adulthood Phase

Adulthood Phase

This is where Taranis reaches his ultimate form. He will learn a new ability which is called Lightning Cage. It is a very good defensive ability since it can reduce a significant amount of damage to multiple targets for 12 seconds.

To reach this phase you will need quite some gold and 40 Lightning Dragon Crystals.

Lightning Dragon Elder Phase

Elder Phase

This is the final stage of Taranis. At this stage, he reaches his true power. Not only providing a huge number of stats to nearby Immortals, but he can also further increase them with the unlock of the 3rd ability.

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